Metavault.Trade is a new kind of Decentralised Exchange

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Metavault.Trade – Cryptocurrency is a data string coding representing a currency unit. Peer-to-Peer Networks, called blockchains, monitor and manage cryptocurrency transactions, such as purchases, sales, and transfers, and are used as a safe classification account for transactions. By using encrypted technology, cryptocurrency can be used as currency and accounting systems.

Cryptocurrency is used to exchange numbers or virtual currencies. This is very similar to the real currency, except that without physical reflection and uses encryption functions to run.

Because cryptocurrency works and is spread independently, there are no banks or central authorities, so new entities can be added only when they meet certain conditions. For example, in Bitcoin, miners get a Bitcoin prize after adding a block to the blockchain. Only in this way can only be produced. Bitcoin is limited to 21 million; After that, Bitcoin will no longer be produced.

Today, I think I find a jewel, and I like to share it with you:, a new type of decentralization exchange (dex), can seize a small portion of cryptocurrency every month.

Metavault trade is a decentralized attraction and permanent exchange. The transaction costs are low, and the price affects inactive transactions. This transaction is supported by a multi-asset pool, and the pool is supported by liquidity providers in turn.

This transaction is supported by a multi-asset pool, and the pool is supported by liquidity providers in turn. Liquidity providers will get prizes from autumn fees and markets to make money, return, and use transactions. MVX uses a large number of scattered chains and swap prices for dynamic prices.

This Metavault project has a successful trip, and I hope for the best in the future. My audience is encrypted and I always support such good projects. is a new type of decentralized exchange, which aims to provide various transaction functions and deep liquidity on many large hat crypto assets.


MVLP consists of an index of the assets used on the platform for swaps and leverage trading. Users can mint MVLP by adding any index asset to the liquidity pool (LP) while MVLP is burned each time a user removes any index asset from the LP.

MVLP holders earn rewards in the form of MATIC and esMVX tokens.

The MVLP token is designed to supply the liquidity required for leverage trading. As such, MVLP holders are the liquidity suppliers and they make a profit when leverage traders make losing trades. On the contrary, they make a loss when leverage traders make profitable trades.


The cost of casting or redemption of MVLP will be consistent with whether the operation at that time was consistent with the request for the agreement. For example, if the index has a large proportion of ETH and a small portion of USDC, the inner index will then increase the number of ETH indexes will get a high cost.

Adjust the weight of the token to help the MVLP holder hedge in accordance with the open position of the trader. For example, if many ETH traders for a long time, ETH will have a higher token weight. If many traders are short, it will provide a stable weight.

If the price of tokens rises, even if many traders have a long position on the platform, the price of MVLP will rise. The part ordered from the long position, can be considered stable in accordance with the value of the US dollar, because if the price increases the profit, it will be used to pay traders, and if the price is reduced, the loss of the trader will maintain the same as the US dollar value part of the reserve value.

About Metavault.Trade

Understanding why I think is a great project, I want to describe it as part of: “Decentralized Division Trade”. If you already understand everything, you can miss this section!

Decentralized transactions
I think all my readers know what transactions are concentrated. This is the behavior of purchasing/selling assets on centralized exchanges (such as binance, kucoin, or coinbase). This platform has advantages and disadvantages: they can provide low transaction costs and provide large flexibility through fire and robots. But they also need a different level of use of KYC as a good thing, until they are hacked and your personal data can use every bad actor’s imagination. Sometimes they freeze you from your only reason. Asset. In the worst case, they are attacked by hackers and you will lose everything on the platform. “Not your key, not your cryptocurrency!” As the saying goes.

Diversified Applications (DAPP) solve some of these problems by transferring transactions to the blockchain and providing decentralized transaction solutions. Uniswap may be the most famous decentralized exchange (dex). You don’t need KYC, you can use it anywhere in the world. However, Ethereum costs maybe 10 to 100 times higher than similar transaction prices on CEX, especially for those who have a smaller size. Decentralized prices on high power! is a new generation of Dex that carries a lot of innovations and very low costs.

Futures contract
When people start transactions, they usually start with “spot transactions”, which include directly buying and selling assets in the market. However, there are more complicated tools called time-term contracts or “futures” in short:

A futures contract is an agreement that buys or sells goods, currencies, or other tools at a scheduled price at the price specified in the future.

Unlike the traditional spot market, in the futures market, transactions will not soon be “completed”. Conversely, the two opponents of the transaction define future settlement in the contract. In addition, the futures market does not allow users to buy or sell digital goods or assets directly. On the contrary, they trade the contract representatives of these people and will conduct actual asset transactions (or cash) when running a contract [reference] in the future.

These contracts are found, so they can protect the changes to changes in the market, but futures transactions also provide more possibilities than spot transactions:

Traders can “make short”: they can even bet on assets without having any assets.
Traders can use leverage: they can enter the rest. But in this way, they risk the risk of losing all balance towards the market, even a little. Using high-level leverage (10 times, 20x … 100x!) Very dangerous. If you are not an expert trader, you will definitely avoid it!


List of Metavault.Trade contracts.

Polygon Token contracts:

Trading pairs
Core contracts:
Oracle contracts:
Peripheral contracts:
Referral contracts:
Reward contracts:
Staked + Bonus MVX (sbMVX): 0x295818E13208d81c40E884Cc52720c45155Fdd93
Staked + Bonus + Fee MVX (sbfMVX): 0xaCEC858f6397Dd227dD4ed5bE91A5BB180b8c430
Fee + Staked MVLP (fsMVLP): 0xA6ca41Bbf555074ed4d041c1F4551eF48116D59A
Staked MVLP Distributor: 0xaf26dBF99bA3bBD758002a4BfB53762eaf1bd7F2
Staking contracts:
Protocol owned Bots
Protocol own keepers/bots are running time-delayed and redundant (different clocking as well as RPC provider) in order to guarantee a smooth process and execution in case of failures or high network congestion.
MVX Fastpricefeed Updater 1 0xd494Ca46f70C1bFdd6b67E8a9691b0cfa1Ec850f
MVX Fastpricefeed Updater 2 0x90fbC4e2542DEdcaE4C1D5cE7baCC192429140C5
Chainlink Limitorder Keeper
Back-up Limitorder Executor 0x81359c7c5B3B79f947466603d3b2FccE13f98Ba2

Summary is probably one of the best solutions I’ve seen in the past year. Therefore, if you have the desire and ability, you can easily become part of a powerful project, the token is hosting the IDO and will continue to this day.

But for more details about the project, I invite you to see the next part of the article where you will find all the official social links to the project. With your help, you will not only be able to add information about the aspects that I have talked about, but also understand all the subtleties and nuances. I hope this article was useful to you. If so, write about it in the comments.


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