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3 min read – When you are in a state of cryptocurrency, you will get used to the term “metaverse”. This has been there for a while -in the game. We just didn’t call it Yuan. After Facebook changed its name to Meta, we began to call it Metaverse.

Why is Metaverse the next big problem? Meta (former Facebook) will invest $10 billion in Metaverse, which is five times what they pay for the Oculus VR business in 2014.

JPMorgan believes that because it is the first bank to be opened in the virtual world, evaluation of elements is an opportunity for $ 1 trillion per year.

Because we are encrypted fans, the virtual world is not new to us. However, some parts of our encryption world are still physical. Things like mining POW (work certificate) require hardware to carry out mining.

Mining may be challenging for ordinary people like you and me. This requires special hardware to make mining which is quite expensive. It’s also expensive to run and maintain physical mining. There are only a few players in the world that can be mined in a profitable way.

Egold Offers The Solution

eGold is replacing physical miners with a new class of virtual mining machines built utilizing ANFT technology. Thanks to the underlying smart contract technology eGold mining is:

  • Autonomous
  • Transparent
  • Verifiable
  • Traceable

What is ANFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFT is a unique digital asset on the Blockchain. It is nonfungible because if you exchange one NFT for another, you will have a totally new asset. Bitcoin is fungible. If you exchange one Bitcoin for another, you will have the same asset with the same value.

ANFT stands for Algorithmic Non Fungible Token. ANFT are a lot smarter than regular NFTs which are basically images and files.

ANFTs have programming or business logic coded into them by default.

Egold ANFT Mining Logic

  • The mining logic behind ANFTs is very unique. Every ANFT represents a mining machine in the virtual mining city.
  • The eGold smart contract is minting 6849 tokens per day, which will be distributed across all ANFT owners.
  • Example: If there are 6849 miners in the network, every miner will earn one eGold token a day.
  • The eGold tokenomics will remind you of Bitcoin with a 21M maximum supply.

In the eGold virtual mining city, every ANFT represents a virtual miner.

eGold Miner G1

  • Price: 20$
  • Hashpower: 20 Meta Hashes

eGold Miner G2

  • Price: 100$ (98$ in pre-sale)
  • Hashpower: 100 Meta Hashes

eGold Miner G3

  • Price: 500$ (480$ in pre-sale)
  • Hashpower: 500 Meta Hashes

eGold Miner G4

  • Price: 2500$ (2350$ in pre-sale)
  • Hashpower: 2500 Meta Hashes

Here is what will make eGold a very sustainable asset:

Before you can claim your eGold rewards you have to pay 50% Meta Fuel which is paid in eGold.

So first, you have to buy eGold on PancakeSwap, then you have to burn them. Only then do you receive your eGold mining rewards?

This logic will do two things: Create demand and reduce supply. Exactly what is needed to support the value of eGold.

The second logic is even more powerful. A 5% depreciation per claim is built into the ANFT. In other words, anytime you claim rewards from your miner, you lose 5% mining performance.

eGold mining can be explained as an upgraded version of yield farming. Regular yield farming protocols have a major issue. Members claim earned tokens every day and dump them.

This will not happen with eGold mining since ANFT owners will carefully plan their claims since the mining performance reduces with every claim. This will take the selling pressure off the eGold token.

There is also a 1% warehouse fee that has to be paid with every claim.


Egold Mining Production Cycles


How to join eGold

To join eGold mining you will need a decentralized wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network. We recommend MetaMask.

To download and install MetaMask please go to:

Go through the setup of the wallet and write down the recovery phrase on a piece of paper.

Ethereum network will be set up by default.

To add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network please go to settings (top right in the Google Chrome Add-On and top left in the mobile app).

Egold.Farm – World’s First Mining Ecosystem in the Metaverse

Then go to Networks and Add Network.

Egold.Farm – World’s First Mining Ecosystem in the Metaverse

Enter the following data:

Network Name: Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:


Miners will be paid in BUSD. Please have some BNB on your balance to pay the blockchain fee. You can buy both assets on Binance. Please make sure you use the BEP20 Network when sending BUSD and BNB from Binance to your Metamask wallet.


How to Register for EGOLD Using WEB3 Wallet. Make sure you are ready with BUSD based on the price of the EGOLD Mining and BNB package for a gas fee worth at least USD 5 in your

Step 1 – Open your Web3 wallet (Metamask, trust wallet, token pocket)
Step 2 – open *DAPP Browser*
Step 3 – Type and search website: * * in the space *Search DApp or enter a link*
Step 4 – on the landing page Select and Press *ENTER APP. *
Step 5 – Select and Press (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Token pocket) depending on your wallet.
Step 6 – * Enter An Invitation Code * (Enter/paste the Invitation Code received from the friend who invited you). Press *Submit. *
Step 7 – Click *BUY MINER. *
Step 8 – Select and Press the mining package either G1/G2/G3/G4.
Step 9 – Press *Approved BUSD *and press *Transfer */Confirm. Enter your Password. Wait for confirmation to complete.
Step 10 – Next Press *BUY NOW *and press *Transfer */Confirm. Enter your Password. Wait for confirmation to complete.

eGold Invitation Program

eGold Mining is an Invite Only opportunity. You will need a referral code from your sponsor to join the ecosystem. The referral code is basically the wallet address of your sponsor.

You will be rewarded with an 18% direct sales bonus if you refer a member to eGold.


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