Limoverse – A Metaverse Everyone Can Benefit From

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Limoverse – A Metaverse Everyone Can Benefit From

Limoverse – Newly launched a soft start by introducing the Limoverse website and application on Google Playstore. Initial users, whether they are looking for health, encrypted fans, or health practitioners, can register restrictions through websites or applications

When it comes to Yuan’s evaluation, most people’s ideas are easy to live in relevant things that live in a substitute reality. In this fact, we buy virtual land, build/process and play games in it to distribute time or collect virtual skills. This metaverse stage began in 2003, and the appearance of The Second Life and The Virtual World is similar to him.

A fast forward to 2021 made us witness blockchain-connected metaverses like ‘Decentraland’ and ‘The Sandbox’ emerging to fame, and their tokens MANA and SAND becoming mega multi-baggers, rising in value by 150 to 300 times in a year.

Last year also we saw a key development when Big Tech, which had largely ignored the blockchain & crypto movement for over a decade, suddenly sensed gold in the metaverse. Yes, we are speaking about FB’s rebranding into Meta.

In 2022, each cryptocurrency or betting technology analyst on the meta code and its practical tokens connected by the blockchain will be governed in habitat 2022. However, even in the face of a broad consensus in the yuan blockchain, there is no consensus that has not been achieved, and all This has not reached consensus. The Yuan dynasty will dominate. Of course, everyone will repeat the names of verification like sand, but no one knows besides that.

The reason why no one knows is simple and cannot be understood. Most blockchain connections and practical tokens are not real in everyday life. Most of them are still repeating the theme of large-scale games in production, and no one knows how many of them will last before the game begins and gets the appeal.

This is why most analysts and investors in finding projects with sustainable cases. These cases can surpass their games and virtual real estate. Forgotten analysts and investors, but even real users must give them something, so they can try this crowded innovation.

This is a great gap between Limoverse to bridge in the most effective way -strong practical cases attract millions of users as the core of the blockchain connection. In the case of ordinary people, this case provides a peak or superhuman performance for each user. Who does not want to perform well at the peak potential of the biggest success? There isn’t any.

However, Superman’s performance brought to the population is not only incentive conversations, but even the coach is living. This goes beyond the fields of science and real research, where you can safely attack physiology and psychology through a good diet, sports, yoga, meditation, supplements, and other lifestyles.

In addition, this lifestyle modification is indeed personalized because they are based on each person’s genetic difference and metabolism, in 250 public lifestyle diseases, this change is precise and prevented. Easy to be inherited.

This biological metabolic screening can easily use Limoverse because the Eplimo nucleus is one of the few plans for modification of the Geno-Metabolic lifestyle in the world. This has changed thousands of lives to improve health since it was launched a year ago, productivity, and life span.

However, limitations are not only Eplimo, because not only unites healthy people but also unites doctors, expert doctors, psychologists, advisors, child parks, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and anyone in the health care industry who provides services for millions of Limoverse users. Essence, Therefore, health practitioners and health care can grow and grow globally and increase their income and reputation.

Activated funds will provide such medical maintenance services through Limoverse Original Luxury Token cars. This function alone can firmly increase the needs and value of luxury sedan tokens. This is one of the most complicated cases of using tokens that appear in the world connected to the blockchain.

1. What is Limoverse and what are the revolutionary transformations it can bring?

For a long time, the core of our company has always been the core of our company. We have worked with researchers, doctors, and economists. Limoverse is Metaverse. People “live, contact, recover and become good. The most important thing is to contribute to the world outside the Yuan group.” This has become a keyword in this industry, and organizations like Facebook work hard. Our founder Sajeev Nair has shown that “Metaverse will be the next big event.” After the research -Depth about health and health research. In short, the revolutionary method he brought was “beyond time and space, because the obstacles for everything were connected.”

2. What was the inspiration behind such an innovative intervention?

Our founder Sajeev Nair is a strong gospel missionary and biological hacker. He has inspired people to be responsible for their own biology. He has built a very scientific process to cut his body and mind, called Eplimo (Eplimo). This provides a very personal lifestyle management plan based on genetic and metabolic analysis. Data is associated with AI to provide eplimo reports. Many health care practitioners and health care have found that this process is very effective and can personalize its services. Although nutritionists can use Eplimo to formulate a very personal diet plan, fitness coaches can practice personalized exercises, and doctors can use the same information for personalized drugs.

Here, we have seen a good opportunity to bring all these healthy and healthy practitioners and institutions into decentralized ecosystems. When customers access their data, practitioners can provide a very personal solution.

To give high-security customers personal health data and provide a decentralized environment to practitioners, we decided to build an ecosystem in the blockchain. This is the way to be born. In addition, we see the possibility of making this platform really globally and has the possibility of users and practitioners from all over the world, so people have choices. This allows us to think, why not create a “global health and health village” that is more united and united, because we live in a global digital village?

3. Can you cite a real-life example of how it will work?

Imagine a doctor or researcher who conducted senior research at foreign universities. He wants to learn more about ancient science, meditation practice, and the practical effects of practical experts, experts who have been practicing for years. Instead of listening to general conversations and content that is not determined on the internet, this content may not be useful for his research work in -depth, but can directly contact Doyens who can be directly connected to the domain name within limits.

All experts and masters will share their insights about minor differences, contact researchers, directly, and become part of a research work separate from thousands of kilometers.

Limoverse also instills direct meetings, increasing reality and cutting technology, which will be able to illuminate ideas. You can use a luxury car token to give awards to the master. This is an “asset” that can enter the ecosystem to enter limits and meaningful participation.

4. Would you share details about EPLIMO?

Eplimo represents the best medical treatment 5.0. In this 5.0, in this case, personalization, accurate and preventive lifestyle modifications try to avoid disease and then carry out comprehensive development or management. Research result. Eplimo’s proposal is suitable for sophisticated concepts such as nutrigenomic to explain how your genes affect your metabolism and how food affects genes. Likewise, genes determine whether certain movement solutions are safe or suitable for your pursuit, and Eplimo is also included. The result is fun is that Eplimo provides a diet and exercise that is very useful for you and will not prove risk.

5. Can you elaborate more on the Limo Tokens?

Limo tokens are ‘Utility Tokens’ that have value inside the ecosystem. Its value is generated, enhanced, and multiplied by the interaction and exchange happening inside the Limoverse.

One can earn Limos by spending time, sharing expertise, and supporting with skills to enhance the eco-system. The core of this eco-system is EPLIMO, a highly comprehensive health data derived from genetic and metabolic analysis stored in highly secure private blocks. One can get rewarded with Limo tokens, even by sharing this health data with credible universities and researchers. Limoverse is built on a decentralized blockchain, and users will have absolute and final authority on their genetic data being used.

However, so far, Eplimo has always been a centralized solution created by Bangladesh’s health technology startup. Vieroots Wellness Solutions, Limoverse will use the spread of this new method mold and expand its scope throughout the world for doctors so that doctors can make doctors and expand their scope throughout the world for doctors so that doctors can make doctors and doctors, expert doctors, psychologists, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, fitness experts, fitness trainers, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, teachers, yoga teachers, teachers, yoga teachers, teachers, teachers, teachers Yoga, teacher, teaching yoga, teacher, teacher, teacher, yoga teacher, teacher, yoga teacher, teacher, yoga teacher, teacher, yoga teacher, a healthy food chef teacher, etc. In this case, anyone in health care workers can be a part of it, and increase the scope, income, and global reputation. Users will be able to include restrictions and personal consultations, personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans, etc. From the experts they choose.

Limoverse Reward Program (Ending March 10th, 2022)

In an attractive gift plan, Vieroots barely provides amendments to the support of the upcoming global health and health ecosystems. Limoverse’s plan is to start global health and healthy ecosystems in the blockchain provided by public coins; namely luxury cars. During the pre -activation period, Limoverse provides prize programs for Viepartners based on various parameters in the Vierooots business model. Vieroots will give luxury sedan points to Viepartners based on the following terms and conditions. This gift plan can be changed or stopped at any time.

1. For any purchase done with Vieroots, the Viepartner gets Limopoints at a ratio of 1:3; which means for every three rupees purchased, he/she gets one limo point.

2. For all the commissions a Viepartner receives, he/she gets Limopoints at the ratio of 1:1; which means for every one rupee earned as commission, he/she gets one Limo point.

3. EPLIMO sales – Those who sell the EPLIMO program will get 1000 Limo points for every EPLIMO sold personally. One who buys the EPLIMO gets 10,000 Limo points anyways.

4. The Limo Points you earn as a reward during this promotion period will get converted into two types of LIMO tokens once Limoverse officially launches its blockchain ecosystem.

  • a. Tradable Tokens – 50% of the Limopoints you earn can be converted to tradable LIMO tokens, which could be used as an asset that could be traded in the exchanges in which LIMO tokens would get listed, as per the vesting conditions
  • b. Non-Tradable Tokens – 50% of the Limopoints you earn can be converted to Non-tradable LIMO tokens, which can be used only for availing the various services inside LIMOVERSE, including activation of your private eplimo block. This also will comply with the vesting conditions.

5. When the Limoverse mobile app is launched, Viepartners can claim 40 Limo points for every app download using the respective reference code of the Viepartner. For instance, Viepartner ‘A’ sends the Mobile app link with his Reference code to a few people, and 5 people registered after downloading the app using A’s reference code, ‘A’ gets 200 Limo Points. A person who downloads the app also gets rewarded with 40 Limo Points.

6. Suppose B registered on the App using A’s reference code. B further made 4 people register on the app using his referral code. He gets 200 Limo Points. If B decides to upgrade himself to ‘LOKA,’ by redeeming those 200 Limo Points, ‘A’ gets additional 80 Limo Points.

In addition, you can not only get a health practitioner in a luxury sedan token. All users will be able to get a luxury car because the function that is built-in can be used to improve the genomes of each user and other health data in this private blockchain video block, and selectively. Data was replaced by the use of luxury sedan tokens instead of the use of medical research institutions.

Another way to get a luxury car in restriction is the gaming service. In this service, users can create fitness challenges based on fitness tracking that can be used (such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) to exchange.

Limoverse has recently made a soft launch by introducing its website ( and its Limoverse app at Google Playstore ( More details about this innovative metaverse, including its core FAQs, are presented on both the website and the Android app. Early users, whether they are health seekers, crypto enthusiasts, or health practitioners, can sign up for Limoverse now through either the website or the app. The full rollout of Limoverse on the blockchain is expected within two to three months.

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