The BitGold — A Secure NFT-Based Digital Gold

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The BitGold – The developers have used many NFTs to develop digital assets that are safe and can be used for user transactions. Because this is a very safe protocol that can be used to make real assets and not deleted, it is suitable for digital gold. By using the NFT protocol, digital gold can be traded safely and repeatedly. The NFT protocol will make the digital gold system smarter and safer. This will make people all over the world easier and faster.

The NFT protocol can be applied to digital gold because it will create a smart and safe system for users. Therefore, The BitGold plans to use a safe NFT protocol to launch digital gold. Bitgold itself is a gold exchange platform that can easily and quickly provide sales and sell digital gold. By using the NFT protocol, The BitGold will be able to provide the same digital gold as physical gold, but users are more likely to store and trade because it is an NFT token card that can be stored by users in their encryption wallet, and they can store and trade. Trading at any time. The method used by Bitgold itself is very innovative, because there is no digital gold provider to provide digital gold for NFT protocols, and that is a new number for The BitGold. Therefore, Bitgold is proud of the gold products provided by them.

About The BitGold

Bitgold is a platform that launches digital gold in innovative NFT. Bitgold provides NFT -based digital gold, which means that digital gold provided by Bitgold is very safe, and is not permitted to be manipulated or repeated because of the use of NFT protocols. Bitgold is an innovative platform because it uses the NFT protocol to support creating safe digital gold and can be owned by everyone around the world. Therefore, by using the NFT protocol and using a smart system, Bitgold will be able to provide safe digital gold, that cannot manipulate, and can be transferred as the user likes.

The Problem

The problem that is often faced by people when they want to buy gold is that they have to go through various things to buy the gold needed. Not to mention that when they want to save it, they must be able to store it in a safe place so that their gold will not be stolen by irresponsible people. Therefore, many people now begin to invest in digital gold, because with this digital gold, people will be able to buy and store it easily. Digital gold does not require a repository, users can store it in their accounts, or now users can store them in encrypted wallets. The presence of digital gold is very helpful for users.

The Solution

For this purpose, Bitgold launched a platform, which provides digital gold that everyone can have around the world. Using this NFT protocol will allow bitgold to launch safe and reliable digital gold. The NFT protocol is also considered the best protocol such as Bitgold, because it is not permitted to manipulate or repeat, and it will also make it easier for users to store digital gold in a wallet based on Ethereum. The drill system itself was initiated by Mr. Hoshni Asiri. I hope this will be a safe system and a digital gold standard in the future.

Bitgold provides digital gold in the form of NFT tokens in various versions, with prices starting at $ 1.59. Bitgold opens payment channels through Ethereum, USDC, and several other popular cryptocurrencies, and through visas/mastercard. The more types of payment channels provided by Bitgold will allow everyone to buy Bitgold, not limited to the area. Therefore, Bitgold will be an alternative for users who want to invest in gold-based gold.

Blockchain is the main foundation of Bitgold because it is the only very appropriate technology that can be applied to the Bitgold system. Using this blockchain technology will allow users to use a smart contract system to ensure that this will not be permitted to control transactions. And all transactions will be open and transparent, but still don’t know the user’s identity. Therefore, blockchain technology is very compatible with bitgold.

Competitive Advantage

From the products they provide, you can see bitgold’s competitive advantages. They are unique and very affordable because only 1 US dollar can buy gold. This can also be seen from the various functions provided by him:

  • The Gold Exchange Platform Security: The BitGold provides a kind of exchange that allows users to safely and quickly trade digital gold.
  • Payment Gateway Support: Bitgold supports several payments, such as visa/MasterCard or crypto. Users can pay freely.
  • Holder Competition: The BitGold organizes holding competitions, if lucky, they will be able to get prizes.
  • Safety and High Privacy: The BitGold itself uses the NFT protocol, which will not be allowed to repeat, security and high privacy, so when users trade or hold Thitgold, their identity is unknown.

The BitGold Market

Even for a long time, the price of gold is very stable, which is the main tool for long-term investment. The price is stable, tends to increase, and many people want to invest in gold, so gold investment has great potential. The BitGold realizes this, so it hopes to provide gold products that are easier, safer, and very personal. With the benefits given by Bitgold, it will become digital gold, compete in the market and attract many people.




When buying gold, users usually find it difficult, because they have to go through various things and save them. This is also very risky. Bitgold can be a solution by providing digital gold that can be easily bought by users. Use the NFT protocol to allow digital gold provided by Bitgold to be safe and not permitted. Users can also store their digital gold freely in the wallet based on Ethereum. All functions and benefits provided by Bitgold are very helpful for those who want to have gold but do not want to be complicated.

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