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Zenome – Genetics On The Blockchain

Zenome – Public awareness is still developing genomic medicine is quite low, even in developing countries worse. This means that people in general, may benefit genome has been poorly understood, and the possible risks associated with it. In many countries caused the too complex system of development programs, to prevent the possible misuse is, on the other hand, impeding scientific progress of genetic information.


Zenome project database of genomic information spread blockchain driven. Zenome platform support to manage your genomic data while maintaining privacy and the possibility of a different part of the genome of the profitability of the sales entry. Zenome sets the conditions for the development of drugs and advances in science and medical technology.

Gene targeting customers mainly genetic information Zenome interested in, such as Google, Facebook, companies Unilever and pharmaceutical companies.

Zenome DNA (ZNA) is a utility token on Zenome platform

Platform users are in the system Zenome plurality of different types of interactions. These interactions happen at different levels of the system, do not interfere with each other, which involves the interaction of different modes. Therefore, they should be represented as different roles of different entities.

Who runs the network resources Zenome participants receive tokens to pay for it.

Zenome Platform

Zenome platform to raise awareness of genomic medicine so that users can make conscious decisions about their data. Zenome to ensure that the platform is based on the basic principles as follows:

  • All private property rights of personal genome information for each participant has a personal genome data.
  • Free choice of each participant must decide how to use personal genetic information. A decision may be scientific studies / clinical whether to participate.
  • Participants can give the right to share access to genetic information to third parties a way to limit the replication of data.
  • Encryption of personal data privacy is not possible to access personal genetic information is no explicit user consent.
  • Distributed data storage distributed database architecture to provide high availability and fault tolerance and the ability to expand outwardly to copy.
  • Distributed data processing data processing at the same time a number of network nodes. Each user can be a node CPU time and disk space by providing to the network.
  • Be the architecture scalable platform capable of great flexibility and scalability of the system.

The International Human Genome Project

International Human Genome Project1 conducted under the supervision of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1990, to determine the complete sequence of the human haploid genome. The initial project leader is one of the inventors of the structure of DNA, the human genome sequence Nobel laureate James Watson sketch was completed in mid-2000 and was published in early 2001 in the journal Nature. Completion of this international project with public funds cost about $ 3 billion in 1998, a private company, Celera Genomics company, joining the race to sequence the human genome. private project, which is parallel with government agencies, is a leader in the development of well-known scientists and entrepreneurs.

Craig Venter, who managed to collect $ 300 million private investment project of Celera. By using the shotgun sequencing approach to new, more efficient methods of calculation, Craig Venter genome sequence was published almost simultaneously with the international consortium on the data for the year 2001 in the journal Science which produced. “All” of the human genome was published in 2007, it is very difficult to sequence the human genome in some areas are still missing.

Development Of Genome Analysis

Many investments, a large number of participants that circulated in the scientific community, and genome analysis technology competition between private institutions and the public have been developed to provide a lot of power.

Consequently, the sequencing technology of modern, like NGS (NGS) has a new branch of science known as bioinformatics, research in mathematics, information technology and biotechnology, which is the intersection of technology and the development of algorithms appear young revelers were analyzed with an effective way to generate datasets major biological and calculation.

Genetic Databases

Reduce the cost of sequencing, resulting in exponential growth of existing genomic data. For example, the complete human genome called “raw data” 50 GB 2 represent the data (depending on the depth of the desired sequencing) TB. To store such a large amount of genome data, genome-specific databases established include various types of data, such as ( “read” or “read”) of the sequenced genome, sequences of genes and proteins, a group coding region obtained genomic exons are set outside the original data is called and the whole genome (stent) even sequence; database contains the relation between the number of clinically relevant information as well as a genetic trait and disease. Most of these databases are managed centrally and is funded by the government or large corporations. Scientists around the world are involved in adding new data to this database, enables rapid updates and synchronization.

Most of these databases are held in developed countries, and centralized management and control of the government. Restricting access to multiple databases, even though the scientific community, either through commercial subscription limit. Although the founder genome databases have said they will safely store data anonymously genomic, genomic information is based on the reality of their data storage only pseudonyms, in some cases, people have been identified

Genetic Services Market

As the market for genetic services is currently being developed in the following areas:

  • Applied research and technology to market.
  • To provide a genetic diagnosis.
  • Certified Government of genetic technology.
  • Develop a legal framework. In particular legislative measures to protect the genetic information;

The Near Future Of Genomics

In conclusion of this chapter, it is necessary to explain some assumptions, but it is technically feasible and the risk point of view, the genome can be faced by the industry and society as a whole:

  • Cost analysis of genomes and gene sequencing equipment miniaturization to reduce the rate of phone plug;
  • The explosion of genomic data and storage growth and “genome hackers” and the issue of privacy (data protection);
  • Drug distribution coverage genomics and telemedicine;
  • Changing the food industry involves the implementation of genome-based personal nutrition;
  • Develop individualized drug therapy;
  • Designation based on the compatibility of the genome;
  • Personal identification using genomic information, including payments, and the ability to get service;
  • In all countries to actively extend the longevity of the increase in life expectancy, senior crowd, late pregnancy and the birth, the rate has a strong bias;
  • The development of genome editing technology;
  • Design for the future of children, it is difficult to imagine other development aspects. For example, healthy children and determine their future looks good in the embryonic stage through fetal DNA technology and the possibility of obtaining the blood of pregnant women already exists.


  • July 2018
    Opened a private round for crypto funds
  • August 2018
    Publication of the Zenome network protocol. Preparation of a scientific publication on the development of a method for safe and open storage and transfer of genomic data
  • September 2018
    Start the public token sale – stage 2
  • October 2018
    The launch of the product’s alpha version
  • November 2018
    API publication for connecting a wide range of service providers
  • December 2018
    The launch of the product’s beta version
  • May 2019
    A release of the product’s final version with full functionality; the end of the start-up period; the beginning of building business processes

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