ZEEW – “UBER” In Blockchain For All Delivered On Demand

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ZEEW – “UBER” In Blockchain For All Delivered On Demand

ZEEW – The general process of sending so-called distribution, research and organization of transport of goods and people is known as an effective professional commercial product supplied from the focal point of sale production or storage logistics. Companies are commonly known as dealers, and those that are sent shipments to customers are called services. Post, courier and shuttle services also provide commercial goods and personal.

Shipment was delivered supplies these goods or physical goods from origin to order destination. There various types of transport is the main transport process from land, sea and air connections. Some particular road and rail projects through other networks, such as pipes, for liquids, power supply line and a computer network or the internet, for example, the transmission network electronic information is transmitted.

ZEEW by commercial demand distribution platform MVP, has been in the country in the last three months running 58 companies for our daily use, pharmacy, cosmetics shops, printers and more in Europe and now we ZEEW (zeew.eu) plan to move forward, including formation of a series of blocks in the B2B infrastructure, so that a plurality of positions each company can monitor, monitor, and provide products that will be delivered in the whole world in a few minutes, always and everywhere.

Our Service Are:

  • Courier notified of your smartphone. This is easily achieved by applying the same website or mobile application.
  • The explicit consent order and ship the item.
  • When the recipient minute walk from the barn to the clarity and precision of the representation

So we have a whole reputation service, by considering the competition, which is very important to reflect the higher product quality and timely delivery Blockchain intelligent application of technology contracts for services offers tremendous opportunities. According to the developers themselves, because of this technology.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Can identify the user and courier services.
  • The transparency and security of the payment system by the customer – shop, shop – Courier
  • The platform of logistics, it is easy to interact with the courier company
  • Assessment of integrity and system vendors courier, you can select only the best, elimination of fraud
  • KYC Procedure (KYC)
  • Real-time tracking of orders and delivery time

Zeew change of goods with our customers respecting revolutionary blockchain Hyperlocal demand. Our logistics platform in the cities and local courier companies that might in any store or restaurant.

supply ZEEW goods must develop to achieve this vision is based on a combination of chat robotics artificial intelligence from the latest innovations in the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots and infrastructure, businesses and existing businesses, Zeew re-ordering and delivery experience chain blocks, to improve the company with people, these inefficiencies due to technical problems usually occur.

What is its potential?

In preparation for the delivery interruptions market demand.

It is undeniable that the economy needs to change the way people use the service or treatment. Think about the concept of Uber, Airbnb think to make this service
The attack in the commercial environment, and how to use smartphones to facilitate customers.

Zeew will perform on-demand delivery of the same. With the fulcrum of sustainable development and technology innovation chain block, we believe we are undergoing significant changes, which would affect the $ 2.15 million US dollars in the market to deliver.

Zeew development is to change our choices, orders and deliveries goods. Today modern lifestyle needs a more comprehensive way of tools and services, almost everything can be quickly ordered, and by the application and directed the messenger, but the shipping industry is too slow to adapt to this change this is the reason for creating a ZEEW program to address the issue of the procurement process.

90% of retailers do not have experience in IT, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, robotics chat, application, logistics and marketing. The following companies Zeew itself adds all the features of the platform in-one solution.

Zeew believe the technology chain block, a clever combination of contracts will be a key factor in the long-term supply industry.

ZEW make token is to create incentives and reward systems to increase network effects Zeew first step platform.

Use ZEEW Features

  • ZEEW customers as payment, and express delivery business
  • Token ZEEW is the only way of implementing platform. Business discounts and premiums need an access token to receive a bonus payment ads. Couriers mark.
  • ZEEW In return customer and courier
  • Zeew ZEEW tokens for people who contribute to the platform, and bring people.
  • ZEEW stations to customers, merchants and couriers
  • ZEEW mark may charge ZEEW features exclusive access token access.

Token gave us encourage participants to generate net social forces. They put our interests orientation, incentives of all parties: the company provides the entire community benefits immediately. (Scalable), designed to assess the company token. We aim for the effect produced by the network token.

Token Details

  • Tokens Type : ERC20 Ethereum
  • ICO will offer : 12.000.000 ZEEW
  • Token Supply : 20,483,871 ZEEW
  • Price of 1 ZEEW Token is 1 USD and Increasing over the 4 rounds.
  • Price Token : 1 = 1 USD
  • Tokens not sold during ICO Campaign will be destroyed.We will not emit additional tokens,we will do our best to list tokens on crypto exchanges.

ZEEW Token Allocation


ZEEW Roadmap

To know the latest information about ZEEW project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://ico.zeew.eu/
Whitepaper: https://ico.zeew.eu/ZeewWhitepaper-V2-D4.pdf
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ZeewApp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeewApp
Telegram: https://t.me/zeewgroup
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zeewapp/
Ann Thread BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2934537.0

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ZEEW team, I just give you the latest ICO info”