Zan – Develop As A Legal And Very Successful Consulting Company

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Zan – Develop As A Legal And Very Successful Consulting Company

ZAN – At the moment, you want to know why if this platform is only intended to motivate developers and investors, why not use another cryptocurrency bitcoin. The truth is that Bitcoin will not do this. This is limited by the speed of payment. In addition, there are tax issues that need to be considered.

Since the goal is to involve people in the platform business and connect the value of money with the success of the platform, the best way to achieve this goal is to hold money. By storing tokens in the developer’s pocket, they feel safe because their efforts are rewarded every month. They also have confidence in the knowledge that each sale will bring them more profit.
To better understand how Zan Coin works, you need to understand the life cycle.

ZAN coin life cycle

After the early coin purchases, about 70% of the tokens will be shared by developers and investors. This is a way to reward them for being the most important contributor to project success.
Another 20% of coins will also be used to start paying developers. Think of it as a slow coin to a loyal team with two choices. They can keep their stocks as savings, or dilute them.
It is expected that investors will start to receive dividends when the project payment is completed. When the platform is paid by customers in cash, the platform will be converted to Zan Coin and distributed to all investors involved in the project, including retaining the developers of Zan Coins. However, this depends on the percentage of their shares.

Now, you want to ask another question. Do you want to know what happens when you run out of coins, right?

This is where things get interesting. After each sale, buyback options will be provided to investors. This means that the platform will offer to buy coins from anyone willing to sell on the open market. Why offer this option, you ask? The simple answer is to increase the price of coins.
Now you want to know which company repurchased your own token? Types that need to be reused are used as payments to people.

This is an interesting thing in the whole process. If people do not want to sell, the price of coins will rise. This will push up the price of coins. High-priced coins can be used as a source of power. Therefore, by increasing product quality and platform sales, this will lead to a further increase in the value of coins.

The purpose behind the ZAN coin:

The main goal is to develop as a legal and very successful consulting company. Not only do they want to grow their business, but they hope that all freelance developers and freelance investors will succeed. With this important goal, the life cycle of ZAN will allow everyone to participate successfully. Investors will create more funds to improve project development. Developers will work more efficiently, harder and faster to create great products to increase sales. Therefore, it creates higher sales and creates more profits for all holders of ZAN Coin.

Buyback Option

They will buy ZAN to keep coins in circulation to achieve cash flow and price increases. Dividends from the sale of each product. They will receive more than 50% of product sales, pay ZAN coin developers and coin holders. All ZAN Coin owners will receive dividends paid by ZAN only to hold these coins. According to ZAN’s current investor participation, they pay proportionately when ZAN pays dividends.

ZAN Coin is a real project that solves everyday practical problems through proven solutions. By using Ethernet technology square blockchain and ERC20, ZAN coins will solve their problems and create a timely payment system.

The Main Purpose Of Zancoin

The ultimate goal is to grow into a legitimate and highly successful consulting firm. Not only do they need business growth, but all freelance developers and their investors grow. With this important goal, ZAN’s life cycle will enable everyone to participate successfully. Investors will create more funds to improve project development. Developers will work more efficiently, harder, and faster to create amazing products that drive sales. This will help you increase sales and create more profits for all ZAN Coin owners.

Solution from Zancoin

To protect investors’ interests as soon as we start working with ZAN Coin, we will immediately pay our developer tokens for existing projects. You can decide if you want to save or redeem a token for your own investment. On the other hand, every time our product sale will be converted into a uniform token between our ZAN coin holder.

The purchase option is a way to keep the coin in circulation and protect its growth. The software solutions we produce are sold separately to a large number of customers. Each sale will be purchased by the current owner generating or using our reserves converted into ZAN coin revenue. The total revenue of the company is 50% separate and 50% for each token holder. This will create a residual income for owners who help improve our business and development.

ZAN Coin Team

  • Henrik Madsen
    (CEO) 21 years of consulting experience originally from Denmark living in Sydney Australia.
  • Todor Boyadzhiev
    (COO) Todor is with 13 years experience in IT as PM and QA. He is leading our operations.
  • Rali Ralev
    (CTO) Developer and avid blockchain supporter, before founding ZAN Coin he worked for the corporate giant SAP as well as Funding Circle.

Advisory Board

  • Kristiyan Marinov– Development Architect and Senior Developer.
  • Paco Saez– Marketing Professor in Universidad de Manizales. Paco has a vast experience in EU, US, and Latin America
  • Bjarne Kris Haug– Owner, Manager, Founder of Stilio and IMOTO +20 years of experience.
  • Chris Harmour– (CIO) More than 12 years experience in IT, mostly in consulting services Chris is taking care of our project.
  • Stefan Dimitrov– Freelance Developer, Online Marketing, and SEO Specliast.
  • Dimitar Apostolov– Java Developer with JEE and Android development experience.
  • George Pavlov– George is a developer with 17 years of experience. He has Delphi, C++ and Java knowledge.
  • Ina Andreeva– Ina is pure Java developer with 4 years of Java coding experience. She likes new trends and the new technologies.
  • Monica Brown– Monica has 12 years of experience as a senior policy analyst, providing communications, writing, and research.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ZAN team, I just give you the latest ICO info”