ZAN Coin – Software Development LifeCycle For Crypto Token

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ZAN Coin – Software Development LifeCycle For Crypto Token

ZAN – Hello everyone, today I will introduce a new article about it and think that the latest version of this project (Zan Coin for developers and IT investors) provides an excellent concept that attracts us. Continue to the next discussion:

The Benefits of ZAN Coins

  • These coins are intended to be sold or owned by the developer in their original currency.
  • The advantage of these backups (HODL) is that the software sends 50% of the profits first, sold under the holder’s trademark. In other words, developers can only invest for a period of time, or for certain tasks.
  • On the contrary, as the software business grows, developers want to do more to earn some of their income. In other words, software developers are not only familiar with the existing software, they are also interested in future projects.
  • In other words, when the ICO completes, this means that the token is available and sets a request for the token. Token owners enjoy the same benefits as developers.

Developers around the world will win between developers and investors when developing software coins. One of the challenges is not only to pay for state banking but also incentives and incentives.

What is a ZAN coin?

This is a consulting company that hires Freelance software developers to perform certain project work for them. In return, they pay independent software developers for the services they provide for each project. The various “freelancers” who have set up/reside in various countries overseas have set up barriers so that they can access many of their freelancers in a timely manner. So they become rich, join their minds, and create solutions to problems they face in their existing models, structures, and business processes. As you know, for any company to be successful, they must adapt to a changing environment, provide solutions to existing problems, and always reduce the cost of owning/managing the business. To solve this problem, they came together to develop a solution for the problems they faced. So, the ZAN coin becomes.

ZAN coin’s goal:

The ultimate goal is to grow and develop into a very successful law and consulting company. Not only do they want to develop their own business, they also hope that all freelance developers and investors will thrive today. Due to these important goals, the ZAN’s life cycle will make all participants successful. Investors will create more funds for project development. Developers will create superior products to increase sales with more efficient, more complex and faster work. As a result, it creates higher sales and profits for all holders of ZAN Coin.

Zane coin concept summary

  • With the creation of ZAN coins, they not only solved the problem of timely payment but also focused on the other three key points.
  • Freelancers’ motivation is to provide them with the best software development for ZAN Coin’s important projects.
  • Repurchase options. They will buy ZAN to keep the coins in circulation so as to realize currency appreciation and price increase.
  • Dividends from sales of each product. They will receive 50% of ZAN Coin’s sales, paid developers and coin holders. All ZAN coin owners will receive dividends paid by ZAN simply because they hold coins. When dividends are paid, they will pay ZAN’s existing deposits on a ZAN basis.


ZAN Coin is a real project that solves real everyday problems through thoughtful solutions. By using Ethereum Blockchain and ERC20 technology, ZAN Coin will stop the problems they face today and create a timely payment system.

Details of Zan Coin ICO

Zan Coin token sales will begin on May 15th. You will be able to purchase 1,500 ZAN Tokens in pre-sales, one of which is ETH, 1200 for the first round and 900 for the second round. Surely if you buy, you will get more profit for them soon. Recommendations can also give you a 5% reward. Its Bonnet is 2500 ETH and its hard hat is 10000 ETH. You can only use ETH payments.

Token info

Token : ZAN
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 ETH = 1,500 ZAN


Pre-sale 15-22 April 2018 : 1500 tokens per 1 ETH
ICO round 1 25 April-2 May 2018 : 1200 tokens per 1 ETH
ICO round 2 5-12 May 2018 : 900 tokens per 1 ETH
Tokens for sale 12,003,870

ZAN Coin Specs:

Ticker – ZAN
Contract Address – 0xbef51888af40d73db76a7716c98bdfe979040f8d
Decimals – 18
Platform – Ethereum
Type – ERC20

How to buy ZAN Coin?

Currently, the only way to purchase ZAN Coin will be through their ICO. The ICO begins May 15, 2018.
Presale: 1 ETH=1500 ZAN, Presale ends May 22, 2018
Round 1: 1 ETH=1200 ZAN, end time, TBD
Round 2: 1 ETH=900 ZAN, end time, TBD
5% Referral: Users are able to see their referral links on user profile pages.
ZAN Coin supply: 17,148,385

Distribution of ZAN Coin:

Investors – 70% allocation: 12,003,870 Coins
Affiliate and Bounty – 10% allocation: 1,714,838 Coins
Founders – 15% allocation: 2,572,257
Reserve – 5% allocation: 857,419


  • February 2017 Started the first project
    We launched our initial project and our first product was created. We sold the rights entirely to a company that bought it with the intention to sell it.
  • August 2017 Initiation of Our Second Project
    This time we started working on our own product which we considered selling ourselves. This is when we were faced with the issue of the freelancer payments.
  • November 2017 Registration of ZANFAU Ltd
    We registered our new company with the idea of gathering a team and tackling problems. At this point in time, we also started completing our first sales.
  • January 2018 Token Design and ICO Plans
    We designed the token and put forward the idea of a new payment system for our developers. In the process, the idea for dividends cropped up as well.
  • April 2018 ICO Sale
    The date planned date of the first ICO sale which will boost our business and get many new people involved.
  • May 2018 First payments to DEVS
    In early May, we shall make the first payments to our developers in ZAN Coins.
  • July 2018 Sales and Dividends
    We have another product in the pipeline and it would be out in July. Our intention is to convert the sales into ZAN coins and start distributing the profits accordingly.
  • December 2018 Buy-Back Initiation
    By the end of the year, we will start buying back some of the tokens in order to have a fresh flow of them. The reserves can be used too but buying back to pay to devs will close the circle and keep the price high


The Token ZAN has 17,148,385 tokens, many of which will be sold during the initial currency, but most of these tokens will be used as the next company profits. Dividends will begin to be issued in July 2018. Those who do not want to hold tokens will buy back in December.


This is an investment that relies heavily on the product, not necessarily what the company seems to sell. Zan Coin will obviously sell your token, but the value of this token will depend on actual product sales, so if you want to invest in this company’s ZAN token, be very careful.

To know the latest information about ZAN project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ZAN team, I just give you the latest ICO info”