WONO – A Decentralised P2P Marketplace

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WONO – A Decentralised P2P Marketplace

Wono – P2P service is significantly cheaper than the company P2B, like. At Airbnb, accommodation, on average 60% cheaper than staying in a hotel. This is the main reason that many people choose to use Airbnb production.

However, the reality is that even a 60% discount on the price is too high, it can be reduced more. The reason was overvalued because of high levels of commission brokerage firms, Airbnb and Uber as production costs. 30-40% of these companies charge a commission of the average transaction. They can charge so much commission as they do not have a monopoly and competitive industries. This will force the service provider or the owner of the asset is significantly overcharged fees to offset the high commission rates.

Wono proposed their own solutions to this increasingly centralized. As the project Blockchain, Wono will only charge 1-5% commission, aimed at reducing costs, suppliers and users deeply. It can charge so low, because as blockchain project, all valid transactions through intelligent contract, so that they pass through intermediary companies (such UBER or made Airbnb), and allows customers to connect directly with the property owner.

According to the 2015 report PricewaterCooper, to share revenues of $ 15 billion generated in the economy in 2014, which is expected to rise to $ 335 billion by 2025, so this is a huge market has a lot of potential for development.
firm Juniper Research also reported shares based on the most promising industry in the current economic rental housing (eg, made Airbnb), transportation (like Uber) and services (such as freelance work). So this is Wono focus on core business.

Another benefit of the project Wono blockchain like is that it runs in cryptocurrency, not Fiat.

In most countries in the world, cryptocurrency still regarded digital asset instead of money. This means that all Wono token exchange system until converted to a non-taxable legal.

Moreover, if the exchange of the sign of bags, purses do private, and leave no centralized trading, there is no way to get the income tax authorities to monitor.

This means that, during the sign Wono holding personal wallet, not yet translated into Fiat. This person’s income will not be taxed. In some countries, such as Australia, the tax rate can be as high as 40%, making it another great incentive to cut costs and expenses that cost the lowest in the world Wono.

In order to ensure a good use case Wono token, Wono platform designed for multiple industries together, including a reference to the rent, transportation and above us, this is the most promising P2P service industry, basically what other assets. Potential users can even rent out his guitar day or fitness equipment if they really want to.

What Is Wono?

Wono provides rental and leasing of tangible and intangible assets, as well as ordering and implementation services based on Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFs) environment. Does not affect the position of the next goal of the project is to use minimal transaction costs, facilitate communication between users, set up ideal conditions.

Wono cryptocurrency bridge between the community and the real world. This allows consumers to use a physical asset leasing and hire freelancers cryptocurrencies.

Token practical in different jurisdictions, different legal status. In some countries, any transaction involving a token is determined to be the acquirer is obliged to pay income tax for income and taxable event.

Wono focus on the following points:

  1. Space Sharing
    We work with the family concept of P2P exchange for rent (for example, make Airbnb);
  2. Sharing Transportation
    We use TURO / model GetAround where one can rent or lease the vehicle for any desired;
  3. Other Asset Sharing
    Users can use any kind of assets and leased to them (eg, gym memberships, tools, instruments);
  4. Shared Services
    We combine Model oDesk freelance/work remotely and work TaskRabbit micro.

Wono Platform

  • Every user on the platform can play four different roles in the system.
  • Customers obvious that this is the party who pays rent or lease Wono decorations.
  • Suppliers asset owner or service provider.
  • Arbiter, as a judge, to resolve the dispute. Most transactions on the system will be very simple, but if there is a dispute, the quorum deal.
  • The system itself has the ability to perform automatic arbitration simple case. For example. no financing Protocol, commitment after.

WONO Platform

But it is a very simple thing, this case will go to the “Open arbitration.” And the voting process in the arbitration case is open there is another sign holders were allowed to review the results. Any arbitration will only have a 24-hour window period.

Arbitrators will be required to pay to buy some of their tokens they think is the right decision stock. In the end, the greater the number of tokens bet to be the consensus judgment of the community. That arbitration right to choose, it would be great, will get back the cost of their mark, and the resulting royalty incentives.

Although this may sound daunting share your token, it really is a mechanism to prevent people from manipulating the system. Because Ethereum on the entire network transactions, transaction open and free access to information, in many cases, the decision will be very clear. Glued only to prevent the deliberate malicious behavior.

4 guarantor, the guarantor is a neutral third party, the warranty or guarantee suppliers and customers, the special role of the successful completion of the transaction. Each transaction will be an additional guarantor who tries to ensure that the transactions are carried out smoothly.

To understand that, in this case, the guarantor is not the same as the guarantor of the secular business is very important, because in the company as a guarantor of bank loans means that they ensure that the value of the assets. But in Wono, the value of the assets insurers, but to ensure that the transaction will be successful.

Guarantor role is very important because it ensures that, although the entire system is run by the intelligence contract, there have been human beings under the supervision of a variety of situations. It’s like a security blanket for each transaction. First, the main reason why some people are afraid to use P2P services because they feel they can not trust the commitments made by the supplier. But Wono denies the risk, but in place to give the guarantor.

the guarantor shall mark the beginning of the stock as well. However, when the transaction is completed successfully, they will get their stock back and charge a commission of 1-5% of the cuts.

Wono Reputation System

It is caused by several different factors, including approvals and ratings from others, reliability, moving platforms, with different weights installed in various roles re-established reputation, playing, and so on. This reputation will affect transaction volume users receive a commission.

WONO reputation system

If you’re a gamer, that is to level up your account, to obtain greater profits.

Again, this is a smart feature to filter out malicious users or of poor quality and promote good behavior on the platform to ensure the security of a good user experience.

As mentioned above, the entire network using Wono blockchain Ethereum, and in addition to the user’s critical information, all other information is open but secure. All assets are listed on the platform must be proof of ownership of the process through.

Wono Protocol

Wono potential Protocol only drawback is insured physical assets like homes or rent a car. Wono system can guarantee a transaction, not an asset. In other words, they can guarantee that the transaction will not occur, but they can not guarantee protection or renting a house or a car is not damaged.

WONO Protocol

To offset this risk, Wono will work with third parties Baoxiangongsi, ensuring this risk.

Insurance Partners has not been announced, but in the white paper, they say they are moving more and more insurance discount of 25% on the job, but they will also ensure that there will be a small file, to ensure a smooth release policy. Keep your eyes on this space.

For more information tokens

  • Token code: Wono
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Special token: Token 47.5 million

Crowd Sale

  • Tokens Offer: 60% (47.5 million Wono)
  • The team and owner: 20% (15,833,334 Wono)
  • Consultants: 3% (3,958,333 Wono)
  • Reward: 3% (2,375,000 Wono)
  • Reserves: 12% (9,500,000 Wono)

In token 79,166,667 will be made there, and the price will be the US $ 0.5. In a hard salary cap is installed at $ 20 million, well-fitted hats $ 7,000,000.

Team And Advisor

Their CEO Alexander Esaulov, an entrepreneur, and marketing experts. He has established a successful start-up, such as Greeder (product market), Alex and burn the game to get (fitness reality show) and SPB fight (MMA reality show).

Wono Team

COO Andrea Chepelev they are still Koelsa.ru Editor, editor and project manager. In four years, he made a monthly audience site and develop it into a No. 5 Russian AUTOMATIVE media sites from small regional media layer of 700000-200000000 viewers. He also has accepted the job and burn Alexander Alex game.

You can go through the rest of the team resumes its own, this is a young team, but a good balance between the role and experience of marketing and technology developers. In fact, they may be the project leader blockchain more marketing/business is too heavy, I have seen. This may blockchain in the current space, which is often overlooked sales success.

Wono Advisor

They have five advisors, which have a range of accommodation from blockchain marketing and tourism professional legal advice on a broad range of expertise. They are people, there is a lot of experience and success in their various fields. advisors are apparently solid plate.


Wono Roadmap

To know the latest information about Wono project you can visit the link below:

Website: http://wono.io/
Whitepaper: http://wono.io/assets/i18n/en/wp.pdf
Facebook: http://facebook.com/wonoworld
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wonoworld
Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/company/wonoworld/
Reddit: http://reddit.com/user/wonoworld
Telegram: http://t.me/wonoworld
Github: http://github.com/wonorepo

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Wono team, I just give you the latest ICO info”