WELL – Making Healthcare Borderless

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WELL – Making Healthcare Borderless

WELL is a decentralized medical platform based on blockchain technology. The platform aims to globalize health services and eliminate boundaries to connect patients with physicians, therapists, psychologists, and the world’s best healthcare professionals.

As the official website explains, the medical industry is currently decentralized on international borders:

“We created WELL tokens to address the world’s biggest health concerns of cross-border payments, data access, and payment risks. We provide services to anyone, anywhere, to high-quality healthcare providers.”

In other words, patients around the world can communicate with medical experts everywhere. Well it aims to eliminate limits and open up high-quality health care services around the world, providing multilingual services 24/7/365.

Fortunately, California already exists. In fact, the company has the largest therapeutic network in California and works with major medical institutions, including Medicare, to connect patients to the network. The WELL will is to migrate to blockchain technology while extending internationally.

In addition, to clarify this issue, we can take China and its medical system as an example. So far, the cost of treatment through the use of existing systems in the country is expected to increase substantially in the future, and by 2035, costs will increase from about $ 52 billion to an alarming amount of $ 2.35 trillion.

How does Well Health work?

This is a global medical platform built on the blockchain. This platform allows patients to spend WELL tokens to access medical services from global providers. At the same time, medical service providers such as doctors and experts can obtain WELL tokens by communicating with patients around the world.

Other key members of the Well ecosystem include charities, borrowers, employers, lenders, verifiers, and translators. The end result is the world’s first decentralized global healthcare market, built on blockchain technology to eliminate builders and connect healthcare professionals with patients around the world.

Today, Well is the largest network of therapists in California. This platform has provided more than 13,000 patient treatment visits to more than 1,600 patients. In 2016, revenues exceeded 800,000 US dollars. On the demand side, we work with Medicare, Optum, Century Pacific Medical, and myMatrixx and work with thousands of healthcare professionals.

In addition to the normal WELL token, there is also a WELL charity token that allows users to donate. You bought a visit on the WELL platform, then WELL calculates the total number of visits made and contributes monthly to a nonprofit partner to cover the cost of carrying out the visit.

Users will interact with the Well platform through the mobile app on iOS and Android. This app is already registered in their respective app store.

Who’s behind?

Founded by founder and CEO Ildar Fazulyanov, a serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience in healthcare, financial technology, and venture capital. Before founding Well, the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur founded Greener Ventures, LLC and operated the company from 2006 to 2015.

WELL Services Are

  • Reduce costs:
    Through the flow of the entire medical process, Well aimed to reduce overall maintenance costs by more than 30%.
  • Multi-faceted support:
    Another important aspect of the service is its ability to treat a wide range of patients including travelers, foreigners, etc.
  • Digital record management:
    Although using blockchain, it is possible to maintain a fully digital “digital medical record system”. This not only makes patient data more accessible but also accelerates diagnosis and treatment.
  • Second opinion:
    Another major advantage of this system is the use of “global network planning” to allow patients to get in touch with doctors and get a second opinion.
  • Digital links:
    Can be used as a link between many service providers, including pharmacies, translators, patients, etc.
  • Community support:
    The platform can also serve as a social tool for patients to gather and communicate with each other.
  • Group purchases:
    Well underestimated is that it can help users get a blockchain-compatible insurance policy.

WELL Token Distribution

According to the company’s official white paper

  • 40% of the money collected will be released to the public during the Crowdsale
  • Another 40% is used to promote “business and network development.”
  • The remaining 20% has been set aside for use by core development teams and platform launches


WELL’s CEO is Ildar Fazulyanov, born in Russia and studying chemical engineering at Bowman University in Moscow. He then studied for an MBA at Tucker Business School (New Hampshire, USA). The white paper also mentions experience in healthcare, accounting, and business development.

Co-founder Alex Prokhorov is one of Russia’s national alumni, BYU and Fintech. He was a financial advisor to Ernst & Young in New York and quickly became an investor. That is, this information comes from their white paper. There is a link to his biography on white paper. This link is anonymous and has no additional information.

Other members of the team include:

  1. Dr. Matthew Lefferman — Clinical Director (Only Medical Doctor in the team)
  2. Dmitry Semenov — Development Team Lead (Worked at Qvolta)
  3. Josh Fonger — Process Architect
  4. Yetkin Timocin — Developer
  5. Dr. Istvan Csatari — Designer


  • Q1 2015
    Ildar, Founder, re-breaks his leg, WELL platform software design begins
  • Q2 2015
    Well, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware
  • Q2-Q3-2015
    WELL platform is launched first customers and revenue
  • Q1-Q2-2016
    The release of WELL platform on a limited trial
  • Q2-Q3-2017
    WELL receives Medicare License
  • Q3-2017
    WELL trademark is approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Q4-17
    WELL successfully sells out $3 Million in Private Pre-sale
  • DEC-17
    White List Sale
  • FEB-18
    WELL telehealth platform release
  • Q1-Q2 (FEB 25 – MAY 15)
  • Q2-2018
    WELL telehealth platform deployed with self-insured employers and clinics in the US
  • Q4-2018
    WELL blockchain is released for testing in sandbox and bug testing bounty campaign
  • Q4-2018
    Release WELL blockchain platform for medical tourism, second opinion, and charity
  • 2019
    Partner with Government medical agency (example, Estonia’s healthcare system).
  • 2019
    Launch of blockchain group buying plan. Work on WELL Health Savings Account in the US
  • 2019
    WELL blockchain integrated with all major insurance providers in the US
  • 2020
    Goal: 1 Million visits conducted on WELL blockchain per month
  • 2020
    Continued worldwide integration with insurance and governmental healthcare systems

To know the latest information about Well project you can visit the link below:

WEBSITE: https://joinwell.io/
WHITE PAPER: https://joinwell.io/docs/joinwell-whitepaper-en.pdf
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