WatchUGot – A Social Challenge Blockchain-based Platform

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WatchUGot – A Social Challenge Blockchain-based Platform

WatchUGot – Challenge has grown from just a fad to now talk about the whole world all the major news and social media channels. In the early 1990s and the 21st century, the challenges we are only short-term events that occur every few years, that the pieces of the challenge. Today, however, the challenges involved in the campaign of the music media marketing (Kiki and ILoveIt), all charitable donations (a bucket of ice, lemon leukemia, and burpees baby), of course, pure entertainment (yoga, dance, and challenge ramen spicy) of creating a comprehensive global social impact. However, after doing some research, WatchUGot dedicated team realizes that there is no challenge that must be faced by the growth of the platform beyond challenge, one image can be in today’s social media channels. A platform for people to do, and contributed to a challenge in the same place, with a little effort, to promote the actions of others, go out and do impact on the world and compete to win prizes, gifts, and more to increase the real return money.

That really shows the impact of a single global challenge will have an ice bucket challenge. 2017, ice bucket challenge caused more than $ 220 million worldwide, more than one billion views on YouTube, viewed 1 billion of 4.4 million videos posted on Facebook and Twitter [1] refers to more than 220 million times. People like Dwayne Johnson, Justin Bieber, Eva Langgeliya, Jack Black, Justin, Oprah Winfrey, Luke Bryan, Chris Pratt, LeBron James, Tyler Perry, Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Zhakeboge, Bill Gates, Miley Naples game, Wiz Khalifa, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Afulaike, Palin, Martha Stewart and former President George W · Bush take part in the challenge to support ALS. The video has been posted 4.4 million, only about 1% of the participants contributed to a career. WatchUGot estimation, designed to challenge the platform may get a contribution rate of 10%, so the Ice Bucket Challenge has also raised $ 2.2 billion and WatchUGot platform.

The growth of social media market, and according to statistics, there will be 290 one billion users of social media, 2020 Social media has become a large population on a daily basis, content, people produce only become more valuable with time all part of a network of more connections.

About WatchUGot

WatchUGot is a social challenge blockchain-based platform, promote the development of society in the form of reward and capital cryptocurrency participants exchanged through social charities. This white paper describes the application WatchUGot and revenge overview of our current blockchain our platform and system integration challenges. Integration and provide compensation to stimulate charitable donations difficult task requires skilled developers and monetization of high utilitarian value system, to maintain the vitality of the economy.

WatchUGot and wug tokens provide such a system, by combining traditional aspects and applications tokenized versions incentive models and virtual commodities, physical and irreplaceable (badge/project) transparent reward community involvement and charitable organizations. User-generated, the virus has been linked to inquire about the contents of personal reasons, resulting in more than $ 1 million per year. In addition to providing the necessary knowledge, these activities also included direct drive medical breakthroughs, including the discovery of science as genes.

Who Are We?

Our developer and philanthropist, who believed that decentralization innovations that will improve the quality of life in the world of products. To achieve this goal, we change our life products (now available on iOS and Android) and open charity fund-raising activities, the goal is a booming blockchain landscape, with a vengeance. The WatchUGot environment blockchain supports three (3) unique standard mark Revenge utility: one (1) standard ERC-20 (wug), standard ERC-20 (RIVL) and one (1) ERC-721 cannot be used as a token of alternative products. The main currency of the game (wug), the principle of integration and fair market economy, aspects of the game to encourage community participation. WatchUGot challenge mode to provide participants with the tools, while having fun and rewarding user’s goals, while helping to generate funds for the charity of others.

WatchUGot Platform

Unique new WatchUGot gaming lever is provided with the ability Revenge menthol, non-interchangeable signs of inflation (ERC-721) of the virtual objects (similar crypto kitties [7]). The compatible signs direct interaction wug (ERC-20)

Token and is designed to offset the curate, the development of sports, the number of moderate and concrete actions of individuals (upvoting, meeting fundraising threshold) by (ERC-20) and this wug RIVL given token phase content, or participate contribution. These aspects, combined with wug monetization models to provide the necessary platform for blockchain create innovative fund component of the product.

WatchUGot Multi-Token Wallet

WatchUGot requires, simple user-friendly way to integrate traditional wallet revenge. As users get wug, RIVL badges and tokens they are stored in a secure, blockchain handbags, wallets of the view label → (manual) pages of my account. Our simplified process allows users to automatically generate a verification token registration bag a unique address, and then apply the access function; manage, store, and buy the exchange of the sign.

cryptocurrencies knowledge is not required, we token and user interface design to accommodate users as small as a wallet or not before the technology experience blockchain. teach the account setup we provide quick and easy, step by step, token management, the use of a project-based mechanism to guide and wallet functions. Users can maintain total control of their own tokens, ease of use through the main level of security WatchUGot.

The Three Tokens

Irreplaceable token (ERC-721) – and gives users complete challenges and achieve the sales team and mint, unique items (badges / virtual goods) associated with the token. Token is a unique individual, in a variety of rare (ie common, uncommon, rare, very rare), and can receive FIAT (USD / EURO) currency, WUGs RIVL or token exchange.

Wug token (ERC-20) – WatchUGot major currencies, given the goals, challenges, achievements and promotions to participate. Another exchange of encryption / FIAT currency and participation in the secondary market. Wug pins can also be unique, irreplaceable commodity (rare items, badges), as well as the conversion of physical items (shirts, clothing, gift cards and more) in line with the market exchange (swap encryption).

RIVL mark (ERC-20) – inflation, to mark wug. RIVL token challenge given as a sign along with wug maintain cash value and can be purchased tokens to use the events of air, task management and operation (new registration user, friend referral, upvotes, etc.) to complete the application in the business by paying / ought to select the bottom layer ( common / ordinary) irreplaceable exchange of goods.


In Revenge official coin token (ERC-20) wug used with shops WatchUGot and the game environment. Virtual and physical wug major project, the local currency is exchanged for WatchUGot application. It is also a currency exchange exclusive contribution to charity and a unique token cash value. wug design, intended to improve by providing meaningful value and returns the user to actively participate in the user experience.

the user is entitled to buy directly from the store wug and RIVL WatchUGot or receive them as a token of appreciation for completing the work and participation in social activities. Users can choose in our stores, in exchange for the cash value of their tokens, encryption, virtual goods / physical, or directly to their charitable foundation.

We agree with that, It is not how much we give, but how much love we put to -Mother Teresa. In this way, a token wug victims to donate to charities medium and monetary value and maintain a nominal value of retail. We are very interested and like the Ice Bucket Challenge initiative of the virus, but noted the lack of structure and can not donate directly to the cause of significant shortcomings. Token wug, together with a platform that WatchUGot provide local currency, public administration and supervision format, charity events that managed to avoid the pitfalls of the host.

Wug ERC-20 uses the updated token format most widely used as a practical criterion for universal integration wallet and the secondary market. Unlike RIVL token, can be transferred to cryptocurrency wug exchange (like Binance, HitBTC or Huobi) for users who live outside the United States, China and South Korea have qualified.

Token Sale Term

  • Name: WatchUGot (WUG)
  • Fixed Limit: ±7,286,000 USD (36,200 ETH)
  • Soft Cap: ±785,058 USD (3,900 ETH)
  • Exchange: 1 ETH = ± 1,340 WUG
  • Currency: ETH
  • Min Purchase: 0.2 ETH / 268 WUG
  • Starts: January 4 (12:00 AM)
  • Ends: March 8 (11:59 PM)

Supply Distribution

  • $0.15 – WUG Retail Value
  • 100 million available
  • 40 million Pre-ICO
  • 60 million Tokens ICO
  • 1 billion Tokens Total

Token Distribution

  • 5% Advisors
  • 15% Team
  • 25% Reserve Fund
  • 20% Community Grants
  • 10% ICO Participants
  • 15% Charity Reserve
  • 10% WUG Promotions

Funds Allocation

  • 20% Marketing
  • 20% Admin operations
  • 3% Bounties-Audits
  • 17% Charity Grants
  • 15% Development (R&D)
  • 10% Legal
  • 15% Reserve


  • May 2018
    Blockchain analysis and project development.
  • Jun 2018
    Concept development. Corporate and marketing analysis.
  • Jul-Aug 2018
    Whitepaper development. Gamification strategy and logistics.
  • Sep-Oct 2018
    Project finalization and corporate restructuring. Pre-sale & ICO structuring.
  • Nov 2018
    RIVL token development. WUG ICO phase begins.
  • Dec-Jan 2019
    ICO initiation and marketing. Wallet integration and closed beta begins.
  • Jun 2019
    Open beta completes. QA/C followed by initial launch release.


  • Erman Koc: Founder, CEO
  • Kevin Moran: Co-founder, President
  • William Madison: Full-Stack Dev & Distributed Systems Engineer
  • Kristen Temnyk: Product Requirements Manager
  • Jessica Segoviano: Operations Manager
  • Raju Prasad: Web Developer
  • Ogulcan Gencler: Gamification Design
  • Nolan Nguyen: Team Analyst
  • Sukhchain Singh: Senior Project Manager
  • Jagger Czajka: Team Member
  • Mehmetcan Gencler: Gamification Design
  • Vijay Sharma: Senior Android Developer

To know the latest information about the WatchUGot project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0xEDDbb1aFc2439FeA77B19c44bEac8556313dA822

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the WatchUGot team, I just give you the latest ICO info”