W12 – Blockchain Protocol With Oracle Network

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W12 – Blockchain Protocol With Oracle Network

W12 – When someone decides to invest in this project is good even because there is no trust between the shadows of this or that team cannot guarantee that everything will be alright. This is a big problem. At the same time, sometimes you can also find surprising ideas and implementation (at first sight) project, but in fact nothing more than trying to make money. This means that there is no protection for their own investment decisions – which is why the W12 has destroyed this injustice.

With the ICO attractive financial model, which requires a power source for the discovery of electronic money created by the developer. They have sold some have not made a lot of people spend money to develop the money. In attracting a large number of investors, it reminded initial public offering (so the first public offering), hence the name. The term “ICO” now refers to the sale of tokens (digital assets secured by encryption) to raise funds for the project purpose. Most tokens are being released Revenge (platform to create intelligent use of online services blockchain-based contract). The smooth platform can be used to create the logic needed to remove the smart label contract.

About W12

W12 create a distributed architecture, where the parties do not need to trust each other.

This protocol uses blockchain technology, to ensure transparency and transaction processing, contract and secret intelligence, the ability to ensure the implementation of control at a critical stage of the roadmap project. W12 solution also includes a platform for projects to raise funds through the sale of tokens, without the need for start-up costs or special technical knowledge.


Today, rapid technological advances and the Internet, people can easily access the information, and even lead to such a charity fund-raising, fundraising and ICO. However, the current system still many defects has not been able to solve a variety of problems, such as:

  • The possibility of scam projects and project possibilities.
  • A project of the current business model is not perfect, because it is still hampered by regulations.
  • The use and allocation of funds by the control center
  • Management fees charities spend 50% of the donation,
  • The lack of transparency and trust


W12 is an open protocol for the establishment and implementation of milestone-based intelligence contracts. The agreement includes a contract template smart (no programming skills), DAO Oracle administration and decentralized network, which controls the execution of the project roadmap.

This protocol is designed for the W12 can be easily integrated into existing services, or platform means. W12 in the ecosystem, the party can easily manage the required types of DAO. In addition, the W12 provides a platform sale sign.

A project can choose from three types of project funding for token sales business, will be used.

Contracts digital signposts confirmed by the buyer.
In the digital contract, milestones were confirmed by independent W12 oracle network.
In the digital token contractual milestones determined by the buyer of 51%.

W12 Mission

Creating a distributed environment and infrastructure, which is established between all types of agreements and all issues that do not need to trust the parties can be quickly resolved and should be transparent.

W12 Vision

It will turn into a centrally established attractive financing, which is currently subject to geographical and political framework limits the maximum global platform. In order to give every investor in the world, decentralized solutions that will build the future of the global world.

This platform will provide investors with the principles of the digital economy and new power to create a task based on decentralization. W12 blockchain agreements allow investors to increase the fund roadmap for a reasonable contract after completion of basic phrases. The implementation stage is confirmed by the sound of the investor.

ICO Markets

ICO turnover in the market is showing rapid growth. According to the ICO 2017, ICO project has attracted $ 6 billion and $ 9.4 billion in 2016 (not including the amount proposed by the DAO crowd of USD $ 1.68 million). ICO provides an opportunity to invest in new ideas and products to raise funds thousands of investors from around the world to do. According to Coindesk, the risk of capital projects over blockchain related blockchain amount mobilized by the ICO investment market. Model fundraising ICO from the traditional capital and community mobilization, which in exchange for illiquid investments and financial benefits of purchasing tokens have a distinct advantage.


ICO Market Development Prospects

Although the ICO market is growing rapidly, and now, there is no easy way to buy a free card project phases ICO significant risk to investors. At the same time, increasing the cost of an increase in project funding, marketing, consulting and technical support costs significantly from the ICO, a high negative impact on their ability. The main idea of which is the philosophy blockchain, it’s about building trust through a contract between intelligent entities, eliminating the middleman. However, the relationship between the project and ICO investors are still not accurate. Our goal is to create capital strength around the world blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure solutions. W12 technology will create trust between the project and investors will not ignore the project, but increase profits, reduce the risk of investors and the world to create a large number of excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs from anywhere, to recognize their projects. CheckICO List More about ICO.

W12 Oracle Network

Oracle is from various fields (lawyers, notaries, financial advisors, etc.) is sent to verify the information from the outside world and take action to blockchain to confirm the contract program in leading the intelligent scene.

Oracle randomly scattered W12 choose to perform intelligent network contract.
Oracle decided to implement landmark auditors and decides to data provided by the auditor and project roadmap.
W12 to pay for fuel and maintenance functions of the Oracle network. The higher fuel, attract the best professional Oracle is the possibility of the project is higher.

Token Details

Token Delivery

After the end of the token W12 through every stage of the ICO, the smart contract is sent to the customer. You can see immediately after purchase except for the token, trade confirmations following in your account

Emission Tokens

Limited to 400 million tokens. There is no mining or other methods, which allow increasing the number of tokens that can be applied W12.

Hard Cap

The hard stamp is set in the number of tokens for each round of sales token


20 million tokens (5,000 ETH)

Private Sale

14,500 ETH


80 million tokens (25,000 ETH)


Each round of token sales starts at 12 noon. UTC + 0

  • Start: May 20, 2018
  • End date: July 20, 2018
  • Discount: 25-15%
  • Price of tokens: 0,0002625 ETH – 0,0002975 ETH
  • Hard cap: 20 million W12 tokens
Private Sale
  • Start: August 1, 2018
  • End date: October 15, 2018, or when the hard cap is reached earlier
  • Discount: 15% – 5%
  • Price of tokens: 0,0002975 ETH – 0,0003325 ETH
  • Hard cap: 14,500 ETH
  • Start: July 27, 2018
  • End date: September 27, 2018
  • Price of tokens: 0,000315 ETH – 0,00035 ETH
  • Hard cap: 80 million W12 tokens


4th quarter of 2017
  • Customer development, market research, project development
  • Collect teams
  • Development of platform architecture
  • Develop the terms of reference and start developing the market
First quarter of 2018
  • Alpha version of W12 market
  • Development of terms of reference and protocol prototype blockchain W12
  • Published more than 100 projects in the market
  • Create a project rating system
The second quarter of 2018
  • Create a W12 community
  • Start signing up for a W12 token whitelist
  • Developed the smart contract for W12 crowdsale
  • Start of W12 Presale Token
Third quarter of 2018
  • W12 advertising and PR campaigns and sell W12 tokens
  • Speech at the conference
  • Started W12 crowdsale
  • Develop additional functionality of the W12 protocol
4th quarter of 2018
  • List W12 tokens on trading platforms
  • Additional projects on the W12 platform
  • Ads and PR campaigns for the W12 platform
  • Speech at the conference
First quarter of 2019
  • Additional projects on the W12 platform
  • Ads and PR campaigns for the W12 platform
  • Test and test the security of the W12 mobile app for Android and iOS
  • The first version of the mobile app market for Android and iOS
Second quarter 2019
  • Additional projects on the W12 platform
  • Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
  • W12 conference
  • Full-featured mobile app market for Android and iOS
Third quarter of 2019
  • Additional projects on the W12 platform
  • Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
  • W12 conference
  • Continuous development of PAMM and swap accounts, adding new features to mobile platforms and applications.
4th quarter of 2019
  • Additional projects on the W12 platform
  • Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
  • W12 conference
  • Implement internal exchanges and platforms to create PAMM accounts (transfer money into trust management).


The solution can protect the intentional and unintentional damage SCAM contribute any funds, so as to bring trust and transparency between the project and the buyer sign.

the fundraiser may be of any type: Charity, ICO – whether it is practical and safe, mass fund-raising and fund-raising and management of any other crowd-sourced.

Fundraising organizes a DAO, released a roadmap, and based on the work the oracle inch or inspection activities buyer signs in the community to achieve the milestone and partial disbursement of funds, only if milestones are met.

To know the latest information about the W12 project you can visit the link below:

WEBSITE: https://tokensale.w12.io
WHITEPAPER: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425.0
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/w12io
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GITHUB: https://github.com/w12-platform

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the W12 team, I just give you the latest ICO info”