Volare Network Is A Blockchain Network Dedicated To Games – Volare Business White Paper 1.0

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Volare Network is a blockchain network dedicated to games and releases Volare Business White Paper 1.0 with Volare’s public sale announcement.

The current blockchain platform is much slower than the client platform. This blockchain platform has low scalability due to structural defects, which have a negative impact on the entire network. EQBR Holdings Co., Ltd. Blockchain developed (EQBR Holdings) Overcoming such problems through (i) new non -competitive consensus algorithms (equalize) and (ii) increased architecture of microservice (micro-architecture). , MCA). In other words, when MCA overcomes restrictions consisting of rapid network expansion, transaction speed increases.

The VOLARE project is a large ecosystem based on the blockchain network (“Volare Network”), which proves the commercial feasibility of the new balance technology. VOLARE NETWORK released the first White Paper 1.0 on August 1, 2022.

VOLARE network can have a small independent network (micro-chain) that suits each independent service domain. Based on balance, every network that runs on the Volare network can provide stable service users to increase speed and scalability. This is a free token transaction for millions of mini volr (ie, for free tokens for airdrop). This test operation supports this test operation, this is provided by A. Users of 5 million Whisper Messenger (namely, Volere Network Wallet).

In the VOLARE network, VOLRARE (VOLR) will be the main currency network, which will be exchanged for other micro-chains and used for other support applications, such as that, the VOLARE network.

Public sales of VOLR will be held from September 12, 2022, to 24 September 2022, which gives the public the opportunity to buy Volr and start various ecosystems from the start. See here, involve the latest schedule for public sales volr.

It is hoped that those who apply volrons who subscribe directly must use the Metamask Wallet to match the number of volr values, so they must have the ether before using the VOLR. You can access the complete steps of steps for how to participate in Volare public sales. Another method for buying volr (if any) will be announced separately.

With a balanced distribution plan, including various mechanisms to protect the initial participants, the VOLARE project will be a new model of digital token, which is completely different from other blockchain projects.

In June, we learned about the Volare project homepage, and then carried out several airdrop activities, including keyword activities, testing activities, and empty activities to entertain and promote the user base.

In July, the game contest is ongoing, and the Volare Business White Paper 1.0 will be carried out in the final review and will be released quickly.

In August, the Volare Network will officially begin. This will explore the Volere Launchpad, and then release the Volare Business White Paper 2.0.

In September, VOLARE will be officially registered at Volare Native Dex and will be distributed.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, the VOLARE game center will begin with the Contract Library and VOLARE documents.

In the first quarter of 2023, the expansion of all infrastructure and user bases will be completed.

What is Whisper MSG?

Whisper MSG is the final Messenger application, which has successfully applied blockchain technology for consumers centered.

Under its global slogan “Your Privacy Is Our Priority”, MSG Whisper So far is the safest blockchain-based communication service and has a digital wallet function that is built, which can effectively transmit and manage various types of various messengers on digital messenger assets.

Whisper does not store information on the central server and automatically deletes and deletes messages through the self-destruction function to ensure the anonymity of messages and other information exchanges.

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Grand Opening of VOLRSCAN

Volare Network has launched the beta version of VOLRSCAN, the network’s blockchain explorer. VOLRSCAN is a network ledger lookup web service for users to conveniently search and view transactions and block information that occurs within the Volare network. As an open distributed ledger derived from the blockchain concept, the Block Explorer serves as a very important criterion in the marketplace.

VOLRSCAN provides transaction details for a specific wallet address, including:

  • Signature
  • Transaction amount
  • Send and receive addresses
  • Transaction fees

Differentiated from other traditional Block Explorers, VOLRSCAN provides convenient search functions for each user, block, and transaction to easily check and verify transactions by developers and ordinary users alike.

Why Volare Network Needs Block Explorer

The VOLARE project is the first implementation of the target blockchain platform that is operated commercially that we can actually build and has received support from advances in equilibrium technology in the speed and scalability of the system. The basic technology of the VOLARE network is a balance machine, reaching 4,500 TPS, and the creation of blocks and confirmation time is less than 3 seconds. Therefore, the new blockchain platform can match the operating speed of the existing financial system that is built on the central server structure.

VOLRSCAN provides participating developers with a useful tool to run their services with a competitive edge. VOLRSCAN can be found at (volrscan.volare.network)

About EQBR Holdings

EQBR Holdings is a pioneer of web infrastructure provider 3.0. EQBR Holdings was founded in 2020 in the Republic of Korea. It has developed the main technology used by Volere Network and continues to release a complete blockchain application lineup. Whisper Messenger, etc., EQ Hub, etc. Hispermessenger is a messenger combined with the function of a wallet that can use household access to any blockchain network including the VOLARE network. EQ Hub is a tool that easily builds a blockchain network by providing GUI -based interfaces to easily build web 3.0 into real-life tools without a complex encoding process. EQBR Holdings’ technical achievements have been recognized by the Korean government. The government has chosen EQBR Holdings as a general R&D partner in a five-year national project to set national standards for blockchain. EQBR Holdings have two subsidiaries: EQBR network in Singapore and my Flex in the United States. Both are commercial base camps to help EQBR Holdings in the Asian Maritime and United States businesses.

Volare Technology

Since the release of the open blockchain platform era, ethical release, many efforts have tried to overcome the inherent Ethereum defects, such as cruel costs, not flexible smart contracts, and undertrial interoperability. However, these efforts have not shown clear results. Ethereum is still the basis of most of the leading blockchain networks, and creativity which is the main network of new blockchain seems to decline.

However, this does not mean that the future of the blockchain business is still in the balance, or Ethereum will continue to maintain its current status. We believe that the future of Blockchain and Web 3.0 is still bright (even if the new global economic recession is considered) because the sustainable commercialization of blockchain technology has changed sharply in our lives and the economy.

We also believe that the main position of Ethereum will sooner or later version 16. The successor to Ethereum will compete with each other to be a new standard for the web era 3.0. The ability to balance other competitors’ blockchains makes it in the main position occupying the coat. Because balance has become increasingly famous in the market, we think it will continue to be the main pillar of a decent business network.

Volare Game Contest FAQ

We thank everyone for their continued interest and support for Volare Game Contest. Here are some of our explanations for a few selected questions that have been asked frequently. Again, we are grateful for your patronage.

Q. What is the objective of holding the Volare Game Contest?
A. Volare Network is a blockchain network dedicated to games. The network strives to become a participatory network that supports game developers of varying degrees of experience to easily and freely distribute and operate their own gaming content, thereby creating a self-developing gaming ecosystem. The main objective of this contest is to encourage developers of all walks of life to freely enter the contest to showcase Volare Network as a dedicated gaming network and further lay the ground for the growth of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Q. What types of games can participate in Volare Game Contest?
A. All types of games regardless of genre, including applications (desktop or mobile) and Web (e.g. HTML 5), are eligible to participate in the contest.

Q. What comes after Volare Game Contest?
A. We expect to support selected games from the contest to be distributed through Volare Game Center to be launched subsequently. Moreover, we plan to continue to hold various events in the future to attract various game content to the network. We thank you and urge you to continue to support our network.

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