VIVA – New Business Style Property Using Blockchain Smart Contract

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VIVA – New Business Style Property Using Blockchain Smart Contract

Viva – The biggest problem occurred in the banking system of 2008 when a cryptocurrency solution or better known as BTC emerged that year. A blockchain network with decentralized financial systems has emerged. Local financial systems are beginning to be abandoned due to unsafe, inefficient financing, becoming a classic problem in all areas of finance. In 2017, it bears witness to the glory of money that users start coming. Through the use of the blockchain base, many revolutionary platforms have sprung up in various fields. Of course, this is good news. The shooting industry is no exception, and many offer revolutions in the home industry. Today, I will be discussing VIVA, the family’s industrial revolution based on the Ethereum blockchain. Where VIVA will make it easy to own a house.

No matter how you imagine and imagine, through blockchain technology, we can bring us dreams, like luxury homes, luxury cars, and more. Imagine that the development of blockchain technology is now growing rapidly and everything is using this technology.

One of them is VIVA. Viva is a company that provides real estate services and loans through its smart contract using blockchain technology system Viva’s financing system uses intelligent contract technology to directly connect home buyers and lenders, introduce free markets and eliminate the need to rely on large corporate finance & home buying!

VIVA Network, at least we believe in a free and fair market of all of us. The VIVA network also has better powers – to fix a bad or unfair credit system, imagine that big banks have been in control for centuries. The use of VIVA networks here usually triggers large monopoly banks and returns benefits to society. Home financing systems will be better, faster and more inclusive – with your help, it can be a new standard for the future.

VIVA’s Mission

VIVA’s mission is to break the global mortgage / mortgage industry by $ 31 trillion by introducing faster, cheaper, and more transparent home purchases. Viva pioneered exclusive mortgage / mortgage finance technology. With a smart contract infrastructure, Viva’s financing system connects direct buyers with private lenders around the world – no need to rely on banks for mortgages.


VIVA Token (“VIVA”) is a cost-based blockchain ERC20 Ethereum designed to provide utility services through the exclusive application of the Viva network platform. VIVA will initially be distributed to our initial followers of vision on the Viva network platform, recognizing the contribution made during the token generation event. If we successfully illustrate our vision for Viva’s network platform, we plan to provide VIVA token holders with many valuable features, as described in the white paper. We continue to create an internal economy within Viva Network and its timeless development plan, and VIVA will serve as an “in-app currency” as an indispensable driving force for incentive-based ecosystems.

Blockchain Viva Crowdfunding house

  • Viva uses exclusive contract technology and smart extrusion technology, which will allow home buyers to earn domestic currency loans.
  • Unlimited and fragmented home loan financing will eliminate the need to rely on intermediaries such as banks and other financial intermediaries
  • Viva has created a free market in the mortgage industry – reducing inefficiencies and allowing more affordable homeownership.
  • For the first time, Viva will allow private investors to get high frequency killing and asset-backed frequency (FMS).
  • Innovative applications are also available to improve the current and outdated credit assessment process as well as the credit assessment process.

VIVA Technology

VIVA has a team that can create technology (hierarchical + leading) and bring their platform. This technology is developed through investigation and research, so VIVA technology has the characteristics of adapting to the time. The technologies they provide include:

  1. Blockchain Directed
    Blockchain technology will support mission data, transactions and critical assessment. Our central Ethereum and BigchainDB smart contracts enable deployment in a highly secure, resilient, transparent, and trust-free environment.
  2. Support AI / ML
    Embracing the machine’s learning abilities provides insight and advice.
  3. Robified Micro Service API
    RESTful service-oriented architecture will give Viva Network the flexibility to adapt to changing industry trends and opportunities.
  4. Cloud Scalability
    Designed to leverage the elastic cloud scalability to prepare for large-scale consolidation adoption, which will allow trading from the low partial mortgage, high-throughput, high-throughput
  5. Third Party Fintech Integration
    The goal is to accelerate alternative financial trends by working to integrate with free service providers with decentralized credit ratings into common blockchain portfolios.
  6. Large Data Ready
    The Viva Network platform will leverage AWS to build platforms that can handle large transaction patterns, mortgages and data sets for machine learning analysis to develop unique intelligence platforms.


VIVA Application In addition to complex web-based platforms, VIVA will also develop applications for Android and Apple to provide users with unparalleled ease and efficiency. From ERC20 wallets to mortgage lists to portfolio buildings, Viva Network has adopted the first mobile design – essential for developing countries with critical mobile Internet access. VIVA also implemented DApp Hybrid Stage Viva DApp in Solidity using an intelligent Ethereum contract developed in collaboration with Truffle and Ganache. No VIPA DApp lags behind the abstraction layer between a user-oriented VIVA platform application and the EthEREum blockchain. Viva DApp encodes a set of static rules / conditions approved by the parties concerned.

Token Generation Event

*Hard Cap Generation Token Generation: 3,000,000,000 VIVA tokens

*Hard-cap ETH: 6,870 ETH

Presale Round 1
*Bonus Token: 40%
*ETH lift hard-cap: 500 ETH

Pre-Sales Round 2
*Bonus Token: 35%
*ETH lift hard-cap: 2,570 ETH

Pre-Sale Round 3
*Burned Bonus: 30%
*ETH removes the hard-cap: 6,870 ETH

Burned Distribution

  • The total number of characters ever existed is 4 billion VIVA
  • 75% – Event Token Generation Distribution
  • 7.5% – Team allocation
  • 3.75% – Assignment Advisor
  • 10% – Fund Resource Allocation
  • 3.75% – Award of Marketing Contribution, Bounty, and Private


Beginning in May 2016, starting with the initial idea, and then in June 2017, the team explored the blockchain ecosystem to determine the right core technology. High-end service-oriented architecture planning for the Viva platform in July 2017. In August 2017, the team scoured data and feasibility analysis. In November 2017, the team developed Real Estate Value Assessment Algorithm 1.0. Here is a 2018 road map plan.

Viva Roadmap

Viva Roadmap2

  • May 2016
    Commencement of original idea.
  • June 2017
    Exploring the blockade ecosystem to identify relevant core technologies.
  • July 2017
    Planning a high-end service-oriented architecture of Viva Platform.
  • August 2017
    Analysis and feasibility analysis data.
  • Nov 2017
    Development Value Evaluation Algorithm 1.0.
  • Q1 & Q2 – 2018
    Beginning of Generation Token Events and MVP Development. Start a large-scale marketing campaign.
  • Q3 – 2018
    Develop Real Value 2.0 Application. Get legal and regulatory licenses.
  • Q4 – 2018
    Start the Real Value 2.0 application. Finalization of exclusive ML algorithms.
  • Q1 – 2019
    Start the gradual launch of the Viva Network Platform.
  • Q2 – 2019
    Start Viva Network Platform and successful first home loan fund with Viva mortgage financing system.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Viva Network team, I just give you the latest ICO info”