VinChain Solution – The Whole Truth About Vehicle History On The Blockchain

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VinChain Solution – The Whole Truth About Vehicle History On The Blockchain

VinChain is a data-based blockchain based on decentralized data designed to extend the all-inclusive list of all previous automotive history. Customers will be able to obtain a credit history review, even including VIN tokens. Fees can be assigned to one of the stages of Vinchain and also assigned to participants of your information.

Vinchains’ key customers soon became consumers of consumer investment cars. Thousands of cars are sold once a year, and some of them can take car history, which means that the buyer’s market must be large.

This may not be the current market for Vinchains. There is also a B2B market. The insurance business will soon be able to use the Vinchain blockchain recommendation until they create a premium. This can help you ensure that the vehicle is secured in its true state and identifies a vehicle in bad condition.

Automotive dealers will be able to use the Vinchain blockchain to provide a more accurate vehicle market value recognition. Once they promote the car, they have the ability to provide more complex information associated with it, which benefits the customer.

They can use their own advantages to use used car databases. The most important goal of VINchain is to add important players in all the automotive industries to this stage, where they can communicate with data in an understandable way. VINChain can use tokens to reduce the information market for vehicles.

The purpose of the project

Make global market changes by making the global car market honest, transparent, reliable, and equally accessible to every participant.

1. Create blocks with different levels of access and protection information. The level of data security must meet the needs of government agencies.

2. Consolidation of participants in the automotive industry (producers, insurance companies, distributors, seminars, developers of navigation systems) into one ecosystem for data exchange.

3. Create infrastructure and database access for each market participant directly.

How to run

Upon request, the information corresponding to the requested VIN number will be searched and selected in the blockchain. Each note will contain information about the data provider, date, VIN, and car usage.

Stability of VinChain

Blockchain is derived from SSL authentication provided by consumers to consumers through blockchain. The engine supports certification credibility and email signatures stored in a decentralized community. Smart scheduling affirms visibility by evaluating all hash signals. After the information is given, the first hash code is generated. Then ask the second hash in VinChain. Each car proposal has a unique VIN quantity.

VinChain Mechanics

Any buyer or user can lead to a petition in blockchain technology. The machine will use vendor permissions to search for specific requests and suggestions. The registry will earn money by providing information. Customers who later get all the data about the goods are reliable. The owner must be able to sell the goods at the first price.

Both economic and trade take place with VinCoin, a cryptocurrency used in the atmosphere of the blockchain. Individuals can protect VinCoin in the marketplace to find information sought by your individual. The long-term goal is to always use VinCoin in the VinChain end-user list, so according to traditional legal currency, cryptocurrency will have a very balanced value. The instability in this market must depend on historical vehicle statistics, and may not exist in currency speculation.

Basic use and customer economy

Vinchain intends to implement a token to speed up the processing of vehicle work request information on the VinChain system. The end user will exchange all information associated with the vin number stored in the current chain with VinCoin. Information requests are designed to rely heavily on a simple token economy for customers facing a payment system. To have a successful token system today, it is necessary to use a simple economy. Adoption of a wide system has been completed, this is easiest when the end user understands that this process is enough to trust it.

For users who want to retrieve information from the VinChain system, transaction costs are always VinCoin. The long-term goal of the project is to use economic controls because it has a value to finally reach a relatively stable token price relative to traditional national support currencies. The volatility of the market should be attributed to it.

Unlike traditional car history options, certification mechanisms and other participants in the control chain can be delivered to the car in the long run. Due to lack of insurance reports, previous information will be forgotten. Over time, more and more providers of VinChain verification information will provide more information about car history.

VinChain solves this problem with the help of blockchain technology. For each vehicle, we will issue a blockchain passport and store it in a distributed manner. The VinChain Project Registry will unite all data providers and build car history without losing a centralized database.

Market participants such as automakers, car dealers, insurance companies, banks and leasing companies must all use history, they must be transparent, affordable, reliable and honest. In addition, buyers who choose a car can now immediately order our report.

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