VinChain – The First Decentralized Platform For Storing Data On Cars

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VinChain – The First Decentralized Platform For Storing Data On Cars

VinChain – Technological developments are now increasingly sharp, even you can store data safely in a car. The used cars market is an example of a sphere where participants do not have equal knowledge of the product in question. The buyer does not have information about what happened to the car before the purchase. This information is only available to the seller.

The Vinchain platform is designed to eliminate injustice and give all interested parties equal access to information about the car. This is possible due to the blockchain technology.

In a decentralized Vinchain data network, information will be provided by anyone who has been interacting with the vehicle. These parties are the dealer center that sold the car, the service company that accepted it for service, the insurance organization that issued a policy, banks that give loans for the car purchase, etc. Developers Vinchain plans to sign contracts with all the major players related to the car market, which will ensure availability of complete and reliable information about every car.

When buying a used car, many try to ask for help in special companies or online services that provide car verification services and related documents. But almost all services have a single goal – to get money from you, and not to help with a real search for a decent car with legal frequency and without any hidden technical problems.

All these problems can be solved and for this work, the developers of the VinChain startup are taken, and they use the latest technology – Blockchain and also conduct ICO.

How can VinChain solve many problems?

VinChain develops a decentralized platform using blockchain technology, a database that will contain all the necessary information about the car: Insurance cases, data from the traffic police, information from authorized dealers, information about owners and much more. The very essence of decentralization lies in the fact that the information will be completely protected from falsified data, it can not be changed or erased. At the moment there is no such service, which would store absolutely all information about a supported car. Those online sites that position themselves as such are centralized and most of the information contained on them can be false or knowingly false.

Why do we need VIN tokens?

If you decide to buy a supported car, with VinChain it will be convenient and safe. Information on each car can be obtained with the VIN-number of the car and it will take seconds since the transaction speed in the blockchain is very high. The most interesting thing is that those who provided the necessary information will be able to get a reward in the form of VIN tokens!

Vin will be the domestic currency in the VinChain ecosystem and all transactions and rewards on the network will occur with it.

Vinchain platform algorithm is quite simple and consists of three stages only:

  • The buyer registers with Vinchain and requests information about the car.
  • The Vinchain system checks the database and provides information about the vehicle that the user is interested in.
  • If the information was useful and a decision was made to purchase the car, the buyer pays for the Vinchain services.

As the platform expands, Vinchain plans to provide more information to users.

For the convenience of users, Vinchain creators have launched the mobile app. The plan will apply to iOS and Android. The Vinchain app is available from February 2018 on Google Play and the App Store.

The Vinchain feature is not limited to this. Owners who will use this app will be able to:

  • Remote control of their car (start the machine in automatic mode, open and close the door)
  • View driving style data and make adjustments
  • Use car evacuation service
  • Check the technical condition of the car
  • Set a service reminder
  • Registration of automotive technical inspection
  • Get discount on fuel, service and spare parts
  • The Vinchain platform uses the same token for the cryptocurrency. With his help, you can pay for platform services.
  • Discounts and bonuses offered to Vinchain customers are also paid in this cryptocurrency

Vinchain’s initial coin product begins on March 22, 2018. With a plan to sell 600 million Vinchain tokens, you can buy passwords for this project for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Wave, Ripple, Litecoin, US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euro.

Crowdsale Vinchain will end on April 15, 2018. Token will be distributed among buyers within one week after ICO is complete.

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