Veryfile – Blockchain Based System Manages Sensitive Documents And Data

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Veryfile – Blockchain Based System Manages Sensitive Documents And Data

VeryFile – We all know that the increasing popularity blockchain technology. It is being implemented in various fields today. This is not only due to the fact that it has several possible advantages. However, at the same time also has its own shortcomings, and have not been repaired. Today, this particular article, we will discuss have been newly introduced to us blockchain platform. Blockchain network, we are concerned with here is a network blockchain VeryFile. If you are someone who is riding blockchain very interested in technology, then you should definitely give this article a read.

Although encryption is becoming the mainstream as well as a large number of people who do not fully understand how it works and how to use it. People who do not know how to build an encrypted wallet, money purchase, read the signs of the market, to know when to trade. The mission of the Veryfile investment is to provide a highly profitable business model cryptocurrency investment funds the most flexible and secure for users.

VERYFILE as blockchain high performance, their goal is to be the first platform to solve one of the payments industry and supply chain management. Focus on reducing costs, improving transparency and execution of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, VERYFILE form many of our products in a number of areas, including food technology, telecommunications, banking, electricity, and real estate.


VeryFile, not just a Swiss company, it is an innovative vision, which aims to provide an unparalleled solution for the company, working groups, businesses and freelancers who are concerned with the security of their confidential information.

We offer customized blockchain contract decentralization and intelligent solutions to tackle the availability of relevant and sensitive files and issue tracking, security, monitoring data. Significantly, we respect the privacy of the customer’s eyes, we do not require customers to entrust the custody of the data to third parties.

In accordance with our long-term vision, we believe our first responsibility is to our customers, entrepreneurs and all who use our products and services.

Should allow employees to make suggestions and complaints, every time we use the passion and dedication to work today in order to improve the quality VeryFile. We believe, for those who qualify, the same opportunities for a variety of cultures and technologies should be included and recognized as an important source of employment, development, and advancement. We must provide competent management, and their actions must be just and ethical. Must insist on research and formulate innovative solutions and payment errors. VeryFile product innovation is at the heart of work. When we operate according to these principles, the stockholders should realize a fair return.


“Our mission is to provide businesses and individuals the ability to virtual infrastructure and services with the same blockchain, can to a certain extent is very reliable.”

VeryFile sensitive documents will discuss the currently playing song and stores

Custom Smart contract will eliminate boundaries, a global networking company. Today, it is easy to copy or print the file, but lost a hard copy of the view. This is very dangerous, cloud servers are not safe to transfer them if this is the secret of copies.

In fact, the file transfer is not written or recorded, so there is no possibility of punishing and preventing abuse.

Veryfile services, including tracking, storing and accessing sensitive files and data monitoring and payment risk. We strive to bring our technology into the existing company, will allow the company to be really efficient, transparent and reliable.

Our Graphical User Interface

VeryFile Comp

Once you get into our ecosystem, you can manage all the files. Anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection can enjoy our service.

If you want to achieve your business intelligence contract, as a basis, know how to handle VeryFile select company. You will be able to use our customized through a friendly interface, intelligent network contract, automation, tracking tasks and have access everywhere.

Web Applications

VeryFile Web Application

Veryfile is based system management blockchain sensitive documents and data. This allows you to use cloud storage to store files and a simplified user interface to manage it. This ensures intuitive to use, and through encryption and distributed books, for each transfer of ownership, signature verification, and the ability to track customer documents.

In addition, the intelligent network to ensure that the contract with the creation of the file transfer, and the possibility of a complete business process automation and process automation of routine tasks are concerned.


  • Competitive Advantage
    We are proud to introduce VeryFile, based on documents and manage sensitive system data blockchain. It can through decentralized cloud storage to store files and use a simplified user interface to manage it. This will ensure intuitive to use, and the ability to track the ownership of the means of dispersion and encryption, authentication, and client file transfer via the signature book. In addition, the intelligent network will ensure that the contract is automatically generated, the possibility of a file, and complete the transfer process orchestration and routine tasks every day.
  • Blockchain infrastructure
    We integrate each technology node blockchain, files, and data stored unique identification and tracking. Transparent and reliable.
  • Business Process Automation
    Used to automatically shrink intelligence software code assignment is usually done manually. They can increase the speed of business processes.
  • Trust, Security Systems
    General Ledger effective dispersion and generally covers all corners provide optimal data security may Bukegaibian.
  • Zero-Knowledge
    VeryFile no user personal information, and to ensure maximum privacy for each file.

VeryFile Solutions

VeryFile for businesses and freelancers who appreciate the privacy of confidential information about their unparalleled solutions. We will provide the most secure technology, automated business intelligence services use a lot of contracts, transfer P2P files (user or entity). This material will be obtained for the control and monitoring, as well as the cost of doing so will be reduced significantly. Inevitably, there is a centralized system that will help us to become an obsolete faster hierarchical network. With transactions per second, we can with our main competitors, Oracle system speed. But we can do it, to ensure optimum safety and have a centralized repository and server maintenance without costly instability. Significantly, we do not require customers to authorize a third party to data privacy. VeryFile create a global network of high-quality management blockchain sensitive files. The customized smart contract will run indefinitely and connect businesses around the world. The VER alarm system solutions will enable on-demand tracking, security, and track sensitive files and documents, as well as addressing the problem of data access and payment risk of pressing problems.

Minimum Viable Product

If an agreement by the end of the hood ICO, based blockchain-MVP will be released with the basic features of the system VeryFile future. It will be possible to upload, manage, track and monitor the process, through the help files, in addition to military retaliation blockchain intelligent automation contract between private network users.

Veryfile web application blockchain system is based on documents and manages sensitive data. It can through decentralized cloud storage to store files and use a simplified user interface to manage it. This will ensure intuitive to use and add tracking refers to the transfer of ownership signature capabilities, and customer verification documents, contracts intelligent network will ensure automatic generation, transfer and dispersion step through encryption book. In the file, as well as the possibility of complete business processes and everyday tasks.

IOS application to upload, manage, track and monitor, it will be possible during addition, it helps Ethereum document blockchain contract between private network users of intelligent automation. Introduction and purses will be given to users, they will be able to monitor and transmit flag VER.


VeryFile will resolve current tracking and storage of sensitive documents

The customized smart contract will eliminate national boundaries and global network business.

Nowadays, it is easy to copy or print the file and lose track of the hard copy. This is a dangerous move their cloud servers are not safe if it is a copy of the secret. In fact file transfers or no written records, so there is no ability to punish and prevent abuse.

Veryfile services will include tracking, storing and sensitive files and monitoring, data accessibilità and payment risk. Our goal is to integrate our existing enterprise technologies, will enable enterprises to truly achieve efficient, transparent and reliable.

Below You Will Find Our Solutions Feature:

  • Lower cost,
  • Fewer intermediaries,
  • Lower execution risk,
  • Accelerate the processes,
  • Reliability,
  • Customization of the service/flexibility,
  • Reputation, Proof of Existence,
  • Access Control.

Token Info

  • Token name: VERY Token
  • Symbol: VER
  • Token Standard: Ethereum erc20
  • Price of VER: USD 0.20

Our tokens distributed for sale in the private and public stage, which is a token ERC-20 compatible. There are very many Gongyongshiye in the blockchain, such as exclusive access to the platform VeryFile. Leave holders to allow them to use the potential of our system phase after the ICO. Right on the platform for future capability in the implementation of the opinion, in the next phase, discount buy advanced features remove restrictions (phone, e-mail, the more storage space, etc.), and users will also be able to trade after the P2P exchanges immediate token ICO.


VeryFile Roadmap


  • Davide De Carlo: CEO
  • Walter Rizzo: CFO
  • Luca Mazzanti: Business Development Director
  • Atichai Sirithanapisarn: PR Associate Asia
  • Andrei Nikitin: UX/UI Designer
  • Alessandro Valerin: PR Associate South America
  • Tasos Oureilidis: Solution Architect
  • Sardar Veerender Singh: PR & Media Content Manager
  • Alessandro Marianantoni: IT & Business Advisor
  • Alberto Perdomo: Public Relationship Associate South America
  • Spyros Kekos: Bounty Manager


  • Jim Winett: Business Development Advisor
  • Amir Latcom: Blockchain & Smart Contract Advisor
  • Marco Sala: ICO Legal Advisor
  • Richard Zoni: Blockchain & ICO Advisor
  • Thomas Contin: ICO Legal Advisor
  • Fabrizio Barbarossa: Digital Marketing Advisor


Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded, VeryFile is blockchain network, to utilize smart to complete the contract relating to security, accessibility of data, sensitive files, and monitor and track the problem. If you want to know more platforms, then you can go through the company’s white paper is available on its official website.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the VeryFile team, I just give you the latest ICO info”