VeraExchange – Safe And Convenient Trade For Crypto-users And Traders Worldwide

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VeraExchange – Safe And Convenient Trade For Crypto-users And Traders Worldwide

VeraExchange – Today I am here again with a project-based crypto-eye big blockchain known as VERA. I will quickly make a brief introduction of what VERA is all about. VERA is based on crypto-currency exchange projects blockchain who have come into the crypto-space to revolutionize the crypto-currency trading as a whole. today’s article will only focus on the exchange platform VERA. What has been brought to the crypto-room and I will also discuss the reasons why the crypto-currency traders need to use this unique platform.

Often I ask myself where and in which direction will the world have gone to without technology blockchain and this question makes me flashing back to the way people live their life before the advent of technology blockchain. Before blockchain technology, things are very hard and transaction processing between the two parties is very slow.

Media transaction has gone through gold, paper money cowries and more. The most popular method and the adoption of the exchange are through trade by barter. These traditional payment methods have been ineffective in the years that have caused delays and processing transactions.

Since the launch of blockchain technology, has become the savior of man because it is a more efficient partner with high speed and low transaction costs in every sector where applicable.

The financial sector has become the most important and the backbone of every economy in the world which is why there is a need for the latest technology that will be adopted in this sector. Transaction costs in traditional payment methods are high and this has made it difficult for people to exchange and trade. Let us not forget that before there can be a successful transaction in the traditional platform is always a need for third-party agents and service that has made the transaction costs go higher. This is a good reason why the project VERA is the best because there would be no need for a third-party service agent. VERA project will be launched in the blockchain platform and intelligent use of contracts that will help automate every transaction in the trading platform VERA.

Blockchain by VERA technology adoption will increase the confidence and the level of transparency. Without much discussion, I believe every crypto-currency trader understand what is meant by this statement. Each transaction records will be stored in the network blockchain that traders can access anytime they want, unlike traditional trading platform which has been stored transaction information manually. Traditional transactional details can be changed as the modern trading platform which is only accessible but can not be changed.

Traditional exchange platform security is always in question. There are many cases of manipulation, robbery, and hacks in the traditional system. It is one of the problems identified by VERA which has led it to launch a crypto-currency exchange alone will fix the problem hacks and attacks in the financial industry. All crypto-currency exchange platform of others who have launched before the exchange VERA has been trying to solve the security problems, but in all their efforts in vain.

VERA is the number one market for a security token and offers a safe and convenient trade for crypto-users and traders worldwide.

About VeraExchange

The VeraExchange security market is the world’s first token on blockchain infrastructure, means of exchanging the relationship between traders and consumers in decentralized networks, secure and private. Using VeraExchange on the platform provides several benefits to the users such as:

  1. Safe and stable:
    If you are looking for a trading platform that promotes safety and cost savings, VeraExchange would be the most suitable choice. As a powerful development platform, VeraExchange acts as a trading platform decentralization without a partner bank or depending on the institution’s financial management.
  2. Easy to use
    User-friendly interface, simple and effective. The floor has a high processing speed to reload with transaction processing fees lower than most other exchanges. In addition, they will also have an online support service to solve the difficulties of transactions and respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.
  3. Supports many different digital currencies
    The trading platform will support the exchange of most of today’s digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, … along with a lot of digital currency that runs on platforms other ERC20.
  4. powerful structure for high-volume transactions
    They expect to handle more than one million transactions per second. Thus, almost VeraExchange no restrictions on trading volume, which allows individuals and organizations to participate regardless of whether large or small volumes.

The main problem

To expand the vision of the current market, the developers did a big study on it and conduct an online survey. The number of people participating in the survey is more than 10,000 users and allows the project to identify the main problems encountered in the process of trading in the stock at this time.

The most fundamental problem and popular is security, and this is obvious, because the main hacks have done on every level of the exchange, and the consequences of these hacks have not been eliminated. Users are always afraid of losing their assets when they are stored in the wallet exchange. VeraExchange will do everything possible so that each client does not lose a penny of balance.

The Company is conducting research on security issues, taking into account all the attacks on the exchange that occurred in the past, and we were able to find out what the main vulnerabilities are found in the transport API. This API is used for the algorithm and third-party trading software, where he opened a set of connections, with the result that the connection is less secure, so the chances of a successful attack are higher.

The project team pays great attention to the security of the platform. This will positively affect the main concern of users: the safety of their wallets, and this is guaranteed by the presence of highly qualified specialists in this field. security methods including secure server infrastructure, a variety of different tests to the penetration of third-party software and servers, which ensures a high level of protection, and meet all safety standards.

VeraExchange Platform

The VeraExchange platform will be the most secure exchange platform and stable as a multi-layered security system installed. VeraExchange will be most frequently used trading and exchange platform for a simple user interface designed with the platform. There will be adopted and the second list of utilities and security token in exchange platform VERA. VERA is designed to handle multiple and large transactions in a matter of seconds are not as slow transaction experienced traders in the crypto-currency exchange platforms other.

About Token

VeraExchange our token TOKEN was designed to serve a new trend in the world of electronic money: IEO. The more tokens are stored in the wallet during that time, the more money the IEO will buy during the sale. We strive to keep our server processing speed fast enough so that people do not experience a delay in service was quick pins.


  • Token Symbol => VERA
  • Token Sales => 22nd Apr, 2019 – 3rd June, 2019
  • Tokens Offered => 250,000,000
  • Softcap => $1,000,000
  • Hardcap => $2,000,000


  • 45% Allocated for Public-Sale
  • 25% Allocated to Private-Sale
  • 12% Allocated to Team and Founder
  • 8% Allocated to Reserve
  • 6% Allocated to Bounty & Events
  • 4% Allocated to Advisors and Partners


Today’s financial world system has maintained some bubbles throughout history and people began to realize that the banks and the economy in general at this time cannot handle everything that happens in the world. , Serious lack of freedom and the rule created by some who cannot meet most of the world’s population.

We live in a great time, finally, something unique and creative can break the corruption and bureaucracy: blockchain.

Electronic money is just beginning a long and interesting story, so we are here to help is to find ways for our customers: you. VeraExchange is the exact product you are looking for – with our comprehensive approach to the first hearing, we will give you the exact results you need.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the VeraExchange team, I just give you the latest ICO info”