VeraExchange – Powerful Structure For High-volume Transactions

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VeraExchange – Powerful Structure For High-volume Transactions

VeraExchange has the pleasure to present the first security infrastructure pins blockchain with a new generation exchange for comfortable and secure versions of negotiating improved beta. The layout is easy to use has a soft, easy to use and comprehensive. dual currency and the title will be supported by the second list of safety pins/utilities, and cryptomonads. a strong structure for the high volume of our goal is to manage more than one million transactions per second. the platform for traders to open basic participant participators for our merchants can choose any merchant and sign the contract. Total trade users have access convenient for some cryptographies exchange transactions we guarantee maximum safety and storage fund investors should continue all the good information on investing crocodile with an investment company.

Low Transaction Fee

One of the main issues related to commission withdrawals from stock exchanges, but it is less affected by users who keep their assets for a long time because they rarely withdraw money. These problems face users with daily withdrawals. Such users represent the main part of exchange traders. In case the withdrawal amount may not be high, a significant portion of the amount may be charged to withdraw money.

There is also another type of trader who is affected by this nuisance who trade on some exchanges. And all that happens because there is no exchange can meet the needs of excess electronic money holders. Switching the token from one exchange to another makes you pay more and this more often happens, the more you spend. Their platform will save users’ money by having a low fee, which will surely satisfy all

Transaction Processing Speed

The processing speed of the electronic money exchange platform plays the most important role in its operational value. These exchanges are built on weak IT infrastructure that cannot cope with increasing traffic on their websites, thus resulting in the platform’s transactional speed being slowed down and eventually, things This may result in a complete shutdown. The tricky part is, it’s simply impossible to assess the performance of any platform in a small volume of transactions because it works stably.

The real problem has overcome when a lot of traffic to the site and the stability of the platform under great pressure. This leads to the transaction becoming idle and disappointing more traders, respectively, people lose the opportunity to trade in the current volatile market. With a large transaction queue, the platform tool will work best to deal with the appropriate workload and complete all transactions within the required time frames. VeraExchange can perform up to 1 million transactions per second.

To achieve these results, they use AWS infrastructure, including a combination of HPC, EC2, VPC, Lamda, DynamoDB, CloudFront, as well as Java and C ++ as an auxiliary and JS to display the interface.

Learn it and conduct an online survey. The total number of people completing a survey of more than 10,000 users and this allows us to identify the main problems faced by users during the trading process on the current exchange.

And what can we see in this table? The most basic and popular problem is security, and this is clear because the main hacking is carried out on each level of exchange and the consequences of this hacking have not been eliminated. Users are always afraid of losing their assets when storing an exchange wallet. VeraExchange will do everything it can to prevent each customer from losing a cent of their balance.

With an innovative, user-friendly and integrated GUI built, STC representatives (whether it is the CEO or CFO or someone else) will only fill in a form that can be adjusted to the dividend payment date, the number of dividends per token, the minimum holding tokens … and, voila! Every user who holds his token on our stock will receive payment through our smartly carefully developed contract. The Blockchain eliminates all possibilities to miss something: all calculations are made by the computer and no errors can be made during the process. Comfortable right?

In addition, the dividend date and the exact amount to be paid are usually announced beforehand and this creates action in the market exchange. In cryptographic space, investors may be confused and may lose the date and/or the number of tokens to be paid, so miss PURCHASE or SELL time.

With VeraExchange’s default announcement mechanism, they will force STC to do an announcement as early as possible to have all investors informed about what is happening. Will it fit your wallet with tokens or to throw it away – all investors will have enough time to make the right decision.

About VeraExchange

The VeraExchange security market is the world’s first token on blockchain infrastructure, means of exchanging the relationship between traders and consumers in decentralized networks, secure and private. Using VeraExchange on the platform provides several benefits to the users such as:

  1. Safe And Stable
    If you are looking for a trading platform that promotes safety and cost savings, VeraExchange would be the most suitable choice. As a powerful development platform, VeraExchange acts as a trading platform decentralization without a partner bank or depending on the institution’s financial management.
  2. Easy to use
    User-friendly interface, simple and effective. The floor has a high processing speed to reload with transaction processing fees lower than most other exchanges. In addition, they will also have an online support service to solve the difficulties of transactions and respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.
  3. Supports Many Different Digital Currencies
    The trading platform will support the exchange of most of today’s digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, … along with a lot of digital currency that runs on platforms other ERC20.
  4. Powerful Structure For High-volume Transactions
    They expect to handle more than one million transactions per second. Thus, almost VeraExchange no restrictions on trading volume, which allows individuals and organizations to participate regardless of whether large or small volumes.

VeraExchange Platform

The VeraExchange platform will be the most secure exchange platform and stable as a multi-layered security system installed. VeraExchange will be most frequently used trading and exchange platform for a simple user interface designed with the platform. There will be adopted and the second list of utilities and security token in exchange platform VERA. VERA is designed to handle multiple and large transactions in a matter of seconds are not as slow transaction experienced traders in the crypto-currency exchange platforms other.

About Token

VeraExchange our token TOKEN was designed to serve a new trend in the world of electronic money: IEO. The more tokens are stored in the wallet during that time, the more money the IEO will buy during the sale. We strive to keep our server processing speed fast enough so that people do not experience a delay in service was quick pins.


  • Token Symbol => VERA
  • Token Sales => 22nd Apr, 2019 – 3rd June, 2019
  • Tokens Offered => 250,000,000
  • Softcap => $1,000,000
  • Hardcap => $2,000,000


  • 45% Allocated for Public-Sale
  • 25% Allocated to Private-Sale
  • 12% Allocated to Team and Founder
  • 8% Allocated to Reserve
  • 6% Allocated to Bounty & Events
  • 4% Allocated to Advisors and Partners


Today’s financial world system has maintained some bubbles throughout history and people began to realize that the banks and the economy in general at this time cannot handle everything that happens in the world. , Serious lack of freedom and the rule created by some who cannot meet most of the world’s population.

We live in a great time, finally, something unique and creative can break the corruption and bureaucracy: blockchain.

Electronic money is just beginning a long and interesting story, so we are here to help is to find ways for our customers: you. VeraExchange is the exact product you are looking for – with our comprehensive approach to the first hearing, we will give you the exact results you need.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the VeraExchange team, I just give you the latest ICO info”