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Veil – Uncompromisable Privacy

Veil – We live in a world today where the value for our privacy decreasing day by day. It should be noted the point that many of the Institute’s elite and the government are trying to take control over us. They have spread all spy tools that they can, to know what we do? How much wealth we have? Source of income? Financial details of the transaction are we? Circle of friends and family? Etc. You may wonder why and how they know everything about us? Right! It is the Internet and methods we use to conduct our activities. There are many tools available to capture our info via IP address, cookie the site and with other techniques. The present financial ecosystem just wants to control us like slaves.

But technology does not stand still, it continues to grow and evolve. Thanks to the bright minds who have created a revolutionary piece of technology called Bitcoin (core technology – Blockchain). The main objective is to provide a new financial self-oriented ecosystem that is totally decentralized and give the authority power to the hands of every person. Thus, one can conduct financial transactions anonymously. Here the goal is to provide financial freedom from financial models obsolete present.

the world has just witnessed a revolutionary piece of technology, such as blockchain. This is a disruptive technology in the history of mankind. This allows complete mechanism and the transfer of wealth value transparent and secure. But many of us want this to happen anonymously, that’s when the concept of privacy coins appear. Privacy is a beautiful coin derivative blockchain technology. Having each priority blockchain but everything worked very anonymously.

About Privacy Coin

Coin privacy is a fundamental pillar of the crypto industry. privacy coins follow cryptocurrency core vision. They protect our privacy, hide any transaction details and everything is completely untraceable. Nowadays, many people are very conscious about their privacy and want to transfer the information anonymously. Bitcoin is the foundation of every cryptocurrency, Dandelion protocol uses to hide IP address but we can trace the IP address of the node, which is a drawback to it. progressive research and development have created a lot of coins privacy these days, but none of them are perfect. Top privacy coins as Monero and Dash had the highest market cap and provide effective privacy solutions for their communities. But without saying both have specific challenges that can not be known.

About Veil

Veil is an open-source, hybrid blockchain project, which was launched on January 1, 2019. Veil Labs is a professional team of developers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology in blockchain technology, cryptography, and privacy. They plan to implement innovative technologies in the Veil in the effort to maintain the competitive advantage of the project as leading market-focused cryptocurrency privacy. Veil Labs also encourage other projects to adopt the veil innovation in order to promote overall cryptocurrency space.

Rise Of A Perfect Privacy Coin

Veil project is a project led by the founder of privacy blockchain PIVX and blockchain development team. It aims to provide user-friendly privacy-focused solutions without compromising any privacy security. This project has put privacy protection to all other aspects. It is worth noting that this is a self-funded project and the team did not hold ICO or IEO to raise funds. Need intestine and Veil team has it.

The Principle Of Operation

Veil project is based on the core technology of this Bitcoin protocol version 0.17.1 with Zerocoin privacy. One thing to be noted here that the project has adopted the protocol Zerocoin Veil more Zerocash the main advantage. Today many bright minds who recognize that technology Zerocash are very risky and have not been proven. Therefore, it may have many flaws but we have not found them yet. But Zerocoin protocol is very strong and gives positive results over time every time it has been tested. It has been based on highly secure cryptographic protocols and adoption of this technology proves the competitiveness Veil project.

Strategy Veil

Thе Veil рlаtfоrm іѕ built fоr Use around the world cryptocurrency іn whісh аll оf thеіr privacy оf раrаmоunt сlіеntѕ’data important. Veil allows tо to develop аррlісаtіоnѕ that wіll іmрrоvе ореrаtіоnѕ ѕеnѕіtіvе dаtа аѕ security whіlѕt ѕtаndаrd. The significant cost savings аnd tо ѕрееd rаdісаl operational improvements will prove an incentive роwеrful.

Veil Development

Using a unique development and add elements of the latest achievement for the ecosystem proven cryptography, Veil balance data confidentiality and security of transactions with computational efficiency provide the high-level performance of the contract for the intelligent enterprise applications with any level while maintaining the basic principles of blockchain. This allows developers to enter sensitive data in their smart contract directly on the network without compromising security.

How To Obtain Veil

Here are some ways to get started with Veil and also get some of the veil.

  • Purse: Currently, wallet Veil can be obtained in Windows, Linux, MacOS.
  • Veil has also launched a project in which consensus hybrid approach that includes evidence and proof of work mining shares.

Those who are interested in mining can get through this Veil:

Mining software
Mining Pools

Technological Solutions For Anonymity Network

Here is a project Veil try to glory. Collect all private technology on various projects together. Which provide network users as high anonymity. Do not forget that the anonymity ended in the exchanger. Do not forget about it.

Veil team decided to use the development last year. Ice on them and gives us a unique product that can not be traced. Decision great team. Zerocoin, Dandelion, and RingCT will provide us with the complete privacy of our data with you.

  1. Dandelion Protocol
    A protocol that mixes all transaction data. What makes it almost impossible to trace the source of the transaction data and IP address. Thus bringing anonymity to a new level cannot be accessed.
  2. Zerocoin
    Well, let’s start with the main. repair Zerocoin protocol will be used in the project Veil. In simple words, Zerocoin allows you to hide traces cryptocurrency transaction. Coins anonymous Zcoin (XZC) built on its basis. For those who want to learn more about these protocols:
  3. RingCT
    The technology used in Monero cryptocurrency. Which creates a number of signatures on the transaction making it impossible to determine the original source of the shipment. It will also be used by the project Veil to protect your anonymity.

Forming The Core System Of Veil Project

  1. Confirmation of Stake:
    Thanks to the open door given by the Veil Project, you can create an automatic income in the quantity of money that you hold. For whatever length of time, it stays open your wallet, you can get the size foreordained money by asserting exchanges in blockchain Veil.
  2. Bitcoin Core 0.17.1:
    The Veil venture using Bitcoin core programming 0.17.1, the most advanced programming. This product is state-of-the-art programming the most in this framework. Moreover, a security vulnerability has been limited and the firewall has been expanded.
  3. Zerocoin convention:
    This convention is a convention that is safest for unknown to prepare cash. Because of this convention, you can play out some of your tasks silently and can not be traced. With this framework, which is a regular tendency of all coins aware security, you can ensure that your resources are advanced in safe hands.
  4. Shroud wallet:
    When you introduce Wallet Veil, you first set up the 24-word firewall. These 24 words should only be known by you and must be used again when you return the wallet. Moreover, since innovation and Zero and Base coins, your wallet will still always be difficult to achieve unless you let it. Veil purses will now be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS frameworks. Android and iOS wallet still in the stage of the product.


Veil Roadmap


It should be noted that such projects are achieving the vision Veil, Satoshi Nakamoto. Veil is one of the fundamental pillars of Blockchain technology. It offers completely anonymous transactions and eliminates any existing coin complexity more privacy. Every user regardless of the state of knowledge blockchain can perform a full private transaction, even he performed it on purpose. Veil project raises many advantages over other privacy coins on the market today. Need to pay attention that the project is fully funded veil themselves, it does not host any ICO or IEO. This gives strong confidence about the team.

This is one of those projects that increase profits when they utilize crypto coins. It already has the foundation it needed to start and it would never compromise the privacy provisions. Proper infrastructure will be provided in the ecosystem and it will be more than what has been described. Veil has taken note of insecurity of the chain block and the like that would like to make sure it continues to attend to the needs of security at a time and keep everyone protected even when it comes to doing technically to protect them from intruders or hackers. Thanks to the team that came together to provide this platform, was certainly adequate for the required solution in using crypto coins.

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