Vectorium – High Correlation Between The Actual Use And Project

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Vectorium – High Correlation Between The Actual Use And Project

Vectorium – Today, in my opinion now is the time to build our own choice and make smooth. Blockchain has been created to disrupt the world system, and actually turned into a decentralized, should be recommended, because it is a welcome development. Since it appears, we have seen that it is based on different projects, we have seen the impact on our ecosystem. Today, I want to share is called Vectorium gives us another blockchain-based project.

How Does Vectorium Platform Works

Waste to coins (WTC) or alternative energy generation system simple and coins from the Coin from Waste (CFW), the system of waste processing power and Cryptocurrency. Waste is generated by renewable energy power plants, which in turn will Cryptocurrency mine. The process of generating the most WTC Cryptocurrency and direct power and also produce a combustible fuel, such as ethanol, methane, and synthetic fuels. Vectorium focuses on providing more than three hundred islands to build alliances by the year 2024.


In fact, this problem is no longer news today is very relevant. Since the decay of many products means that those living in poor direct consequences on our environment. Thus damaging the future of humanity and the entire planet. Not only for environmental protection and conservation organizations but has also called for refusing to fight in many countries. Thus, began to appear more and more different kinds of trying to solve the problem of waste disposal and environmental protection projects in the world.

In this case, I have to tell you to project today aimed at recycling waste from landfills through the same section to solve just this problem. In addition, activities will focus on the entire range of solutions to problems. And further where most of the energy savings are sometimes used without the specific situation and needs related to a series of consequences.

Components Of Vectorium Platform

The Vectorium task will be to frame a “waste-to-coin” through the imaginative use of energy cooperation and coin recycling partners extent to which the strategic power of money and influence assembled computers from waste technologies. By influencing the coin burning garbage, creativity Vectorium and combustible fuel assembly, which has a factory good, methanol, methane, and so on. Vectorium trying to do “way of computerization of the terminal to move to alternative energy sources and log blockchain permanent all exchanges through internal growth. In addition, he wants to limit the power of sustainable ecological partners to adapt to encrypt the mining policy.

  1. Vectorium Flash:
    Vectorium Flash mined by everyone and supports the latest codebase to support the implementation of a safe winter tree. Faster time block grant you send and receive money in milliseconds.
  2. Vectorium Algo Variation:
    Vectorium integrates an important mining and POW framework requires the use of a strong stable memory without a doubt great kick-out ASIC farms.
  3. Vectorium’s Sapling & Overwinter:
    This feature permits communication sent faster than ever before, the privatization of a solitary element of the client base, and a large bag does not need to maintain the premises.
  4. Vectorium Consortiums (Islands):
    Vectorium consortium is putting the collective will generate sustainable any local power and digital currency. These spots are assembled by blockchain power dynamic values ​​and AI relies mainly on waste control technologies coins ethical framework for the integration of the wind, the stars, and waste.

Why Do We Choose Vectorium Plus Platform:

Vectorium is worth considering a good investment. It is a high correlation between the actual use and project. Vectorium will be ranked high in the world of encryption project. IEO is currently living in EXMARKET exchange. This is the right time to pack up your stock and add a successful journey.

Holding Vectorium added to your Vectorium ownership of part of the island.

The Vectorium plus sales became possible to create vector island, where the main waste generation and coins Vectorium Flash

Gives the right to keep 20% of the (interest snooping) year-end bonus

Environmental protection (no electricity)

There are evaluated each bound Vectorium Union (Island) Investment

Our Aims

• The transfer of energy from one point to the use of digital technology blockchain mode by another.
• Blockchain use of renewable energy mining processes is environmentally friendly.
• Destructive way to change cryptocurrency return to power.
• Hazardous waste into cryptocurrencies way.
• The ecosystem of the main actors.
• Passing through the distributor and save up to 55% of the final cost of your electricity bill by way of energy.

The advantage of using the new distribution system

With this system, the cost price of electricity for the following characteristics:
• Energy costs;
• Retail sales;
• Energy transportation costs;
• The cost of the system cost;
• Tax

Transmission system (TS) with Vectorium:

Vectorium Transmission System

• No cable;
• There is no intermediary;
• There is no transmission line;
• No child transmission line;
• For distribution no hidden costs;
• There are no hidden charges for sub-distribution.


It is considered the best interests of anyone in the highest ratings for sustainable development of the energy supplier.

The team revealed that there are already designed booked 15 small buttons and a consortium of seven islands top-down. The first country to be held in Brazil, Greece, Costa Rica, Colombia, Los Angeles, England, and Dubai.

As mentioned above, Vectorium flash is that it is based on the latest Zcash 2.0 codebase can be mined coins.

Applying seedlings and winter. Zcash use network features are introduced, Vectorium lightning speed flash memory intended to provide a shield blockchain transaction.

The interesting thing about the coin is that it was created by a network of support for electricity.

This project allows the user to coin ‘burn’ Vectorium flash which is one of the island’s vectors or by different power producers who Vectorium fixed value generation part of the ecosystem.

Vectorium Coin Sale

All sales of coins Vectorium will go through three stages.

  • The first stage is a pre-sale start on July 1, which will last until Jul. 21 It allocates VCTP with the price of each coin $0.70 30% discount.
  • Soft cap at this stage is set to $ 150 million. Because the initial exchange offers (IEO), the user will be able to buy currency cryptocurrency VCTP ExMarkets coins.
  • The next stage is ExMarkets by the IEO, which will take place from 21 July to 11 August and the increased target of $2.5M.
  • Here is a discount of 20% and VCTP coins will be sold at $0.80.
  • The final stage is how it is, from August 11th to go until 30 September.
  • In the first coin sales $VCTP. To 7,5M Total hard gelatin capsules. However, this is about to open further details.

Vectorium Distribution

In other words, the motivation here is that the high participation in the further development of the ecosystem as a reward and growth of the project, the investor will receive. In addition, the limited supply of #Vectorium plus coins, which from time to time to add more incentives.

More interestingly, project files revealed that in four years, those who have Vectorium Plus will be the de-facto owner of the islands based on the number of Vectorium they hold. Thus, 10% of the total supply if you have, you will have 10% Vectorium Islands once by four years.

  • Early VCTP regulated supply to 500 million.
  • The project will distribute 20% of the fixed node bonus purse.
  • It depends on the annual payment of funds invested in four years.
  • Basically, the more coins bet, the more interested investors will get.
  • The only fixed participate in this process is to maintain supervision of the project within the scope of the special coin wallet. In responsibility of the company’s prospectus explains, VCTP coin
  • Holder to provide a right to participate in the company’s results, they represent are not in accordance with European regulations the issuer’s shares are an asset direct investment.
  • Investors need to go through KYC and AML procedures spacious.

Vectorium Token

Vectorium total amount of money spent was 500 million. 40% of them will be available for pre-release and distribution of CGE and CGE purchase (coin generated event).
Will appear, which will be used to reserve 40% of additional growth and future actions. 15% of the coins that are provided to the team and founders. 5% of the coins will be used for consultants, the rising cost of capital and initial marketing.

Token Details

  • Token: VCTP
  • Type: Utility
  • Token type: Own Blockchain
  • ICO price: 1 VCTP = 0.7-1.0 USD
  • Initial token Supply: 500,000,000 VCTP
  • Soft cap: 750,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 300,000,000 USD
  • BONUS:
    Pre Sale 30/06 — 31/07: 30%
    Pre offering 1/08 — 31/08: 20%
  • ICO 1/09 — 31/12: 10%
  • Already raised: Morethan $1,811,023
  • #IEO- PHASE 1
    Date: Jul 1 – Jul 21
    Cap: $1,500,000 USD
    Price: 1 VCTP = $0.70 USD (30% discount)
  • #IEO- PHASE 2
    Date: Jul 21 – Aug 11
    Cap: $2,500,000 USD
    Price: 1 VCTP = $0.80 USD (20% discount)
  • #IEO- PHASE 3
    Date: Aug 11 – Sep 30
    Cap: Undisclosed
    Price: 1 VCTP = $1.00 USD

Vectorium Token


Vectorium Team


Vectorium Roadmap

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Vectorium team, I just give you the latest ICO info”