Vectorium – A Blockchain Based Platform Known For Alternative Energy Generation

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Vectorium – A Blockchain-Based Platform Known For Alternative Energy Generation

Vectorium – Today I decided to do a little research on garbage power plants around the world. It’s surprising, at this time, the city produced 2.01 billion tons of multi solid waste (MSW) around the year! This is according to the World Bank study. Really there is an urgent need for modern waste management infrastructure, and in the world, whether developed or developing countries.

So I came to Vectorium. Folks, this is unbelievable, how we live really have new technological advances, almost every day of an era. Vectorium waste management, because it is equipped with the technology ideal solution blockchain and artificial intelligence with the goal of waste-coin items. In today’s world, population growth is very large, and do not forget the short-lived urbanization, we must prevent this environmental disaster. I truly believe Vectorium can provide a better future on the health and economic tempting too.

About Vectorium

Vectorium known alternative energy generation platform Blockchain-based ecosystem. Vectorium is a collective project to produce a sustainable supply of money and advanced commonly known cryptocurrency. The islands Vectorium compromise produced by the energy value of the frame of mind control and artificial intelligence blockchain spoke highly joining Star, wind, waste media. Integration insight, programming, and equipment have become the planet one Vectorium type levels. Vectorium Blockchain platform, based primarily designed to produce alternative energy imaginable. Vectorium digital generated the same sustainable energy, Vectorium Union (Islands) is an area in which collectively can generate renewable energy and Cryptocurrency. This source via a virtual ecosystem and technology Blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence), which only depends on the waste management of coin combinations for wind and solar energy production waste.

Vectorium Ecosystem

Vectorium Electric

Vectorium will launch two different cryptocurrencies.

First, they are Vectorium Flash and it is a core asset encryption energy projects. It is that this is based on the newest Zcash 2.0 of the code, the mining is equihash for everyone.

Both coins Vectorium Plus and was called by the prover station is powered systems.

4 years, the plan is to be Vectorium plus equity. It also has a fixed interest rate of 20%. Let’s look more closely at the two coins and their destination.

Micro Grid

When two or more generators (Foundation) together constitute the “prosumer” the creation of an informal group. In other words, it is a combination of both producers and consumers who are interested in cooperation.

Production Vectorium flash will always only have what is called a “mine” process happens here will have a fixed number of coins per day. As part of Vectorium consortium, in addition to optimizing the production and sale of electricity, you will be able to benefit
Use your own energy, and a graphics card and/or mining Vectorium new FPGA flash device.

Vectorium consortium is in the collective can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrency place. Everyone with a small solar power station can join Vectorium Union.

Two Types Of Coins Can Be Used In This Project

  1. VectoriumPlus blockchain technology is based on the green currency, allowing you to save money quality. Building a development system stacks strong evidence. Four years later, you can go to any currency converted into equity. #VectoriumPlus
  2. VectoriumFlash mined by everyone, and do sampling and Security Assistance winter based on the newest codebase. Block-time quickly enables you to send and receive the money within a few milliseconds.


It is considered the best interests of anyone in the highest ratings for sustainable development of the energy supplier.

The team revealed that there are already designed booked 15 small buttons and a consortium of seven islands top-down. The first country to be held in Brazil, Greece, Costa Rica, Colombia, Los Angeles, England, and Dubai.

As mentioned above, Vectorium flash is that it is based on the latest Zcash 2.0 codebase can be mined coins.

Applying seedlings and winter. Zcash use network features are introduced, Vectorium lightning speed flash memory intended to provide a shield blockchain transaction.

The interesting thing about the coin is that it was created by a network of support for electricity.

This project allows the user to coin ‘burn’ Vectorium flash which is one of the island’s vectors or by different power producers who Vectorium fixed value generation part of the ecosystem.

Our Aims

• The transfer of energy from one point to the use of digital technology blockchain mode by another.
• Blockchain use of renewable energy mining processes is environmentally friendly.
• Destructive way to change cryptocurrency return to power.
• Hazardous waste into cryptocurrencies way.
• The ecosystem of the main actors.
• Passing through the distributor and save up to 55% of the final cost of your electricity bill by way of energy.

The advantage of using the new distribution system

With this system, the cost price of electricity for the following characteristics:
• Energy costs;
• Retail sales;
• Energy transportation costs;
• The cost of the system cost;
• Tax

Transmission system (TS) with Vectorium:

Vectorium Transmission System

• No cable;
• There is no intermediary;
• There is no transmission line;
• No child transmission line;
• For distribution no hidden costs;
• There are no hidden charges for sub-distribution.

Vectorium Distribution

In other words, the motivation here is that the high participation in the further development of the ecosystem as a reward and growth of the project, the investor will receive. In addition, the limited supply of #Vectorium plus coins, which from time to time to add more incentives.

More interestingly, project files revealed that in four years, those who have Vectorium Plus will be the de-facto owner of the islands based on the number of Vectorium they hold. Thus, 10% of the total supply if you have, you will have 10% Vectorium Islands once by four years.

  • Early VCTP regulated supply to 500 million.
  • The project will distribute 20% of the fixed node bonus purse.
  • It depends on the annual payment of funds invested in four years.
  • Basically, the more coins bet, the more interested investors will get.
  • The only fixed participate in this process is to maintain supervision of the project within the scope of the special coin wallet. In responsibility of the company’s prospectus explains, VCTP coin
  • Holder to provide a right to participate in the company’s results, they represent are not in accordance with European regulations the issuer’s shares are an asset direct investment.
  • Investors need to go through KYC and AML procedures spacious.

Vectorium Coin Sale

All sales of coins Vectorium will go through three stages.

  • The first stage is a pre-sale start on July 1, which will last until Jul. 21 It allocates VCTP with the price of each coin $0.70 30% discount.
  • Soft cap at this stage is set to $ 150 million. Because the initial exchange offers (IEO), the user will be able to buy currency cryptocurrency VCTP ExMarkets coins.
  • The next stage is ExMarkets by the IEO, which will take place from 21 July to 11 August and the increased target of $2.5M.
  • Here is a discount of 20% and VCTP coins will be sold at $0.80.
  • The final stage is how it is, from August 11th to go until 30 September.
  • In the first coin sales $VCTP. To 7,5M Total hard gelatin capsules. However, this is about to open further details.

Vectorium Token

Vectorium total amount of money spent was 500 million. 40% of them will be available for pre-release and distribution of CGE and CGE purchase (coin generated event).
Will appear, which will be used to reserve 40% of additional growth and future actions. 15% of the coins that are provided to the team and founders. 5% of the coins will be used for consultants, the rising cost of capital and initial marketing.

Token Details

  • Token: VCTP
  • Type: Utility
  • Token type: Own Blockchain
  • ICO price: 1 VCTP = 0.7-1.0 USD
  • Initial token Supply: 500,000,000 VCTP
  • Soft cap: 750,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 300,000,000 USD
  • BONUS:
    Pre Sale 30/06 — 31/07: 30%
    Pre offering 1/08 — 31/08: 20%
  • ICO 1/09 — 31/12: 10%
  • Already raised: Morethan $1,811,023
  • #IEO- PHASE 1
    Date: Jul 1 – Jul 21
    Cap: $1,500,000 USD
    Price: 1 VCTP = $0.70 USD (30% discount)
  • #IEO- PHASE 2
    Date: Jul 21 – Aug 11
    Cap: $2,500,000 USD
    Price: 1 VCTP = $0.80 USD (20% discount)
  • #IEO- PHASE 3
    Date: Aug 11 – Sep 30
    Cap: Undisclosed
    Price: 1 VCTP = $1.00 USD

Vectorium Token


Vectorium Team


Vectorium Roadmap

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Vectorium team, I just give you the latest ICO info”