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Vecap – Next Generation Of Smart Home

Vecap – Historically, the IOT discussion mainly focused on the smart home. For example, in 2016, 40% of all online articles about the Internet of Things covered in this case1 use. This makes sense considering the role the home plays in our lives. With the help of IOT, they will be more comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

Basically, the network device or other physical objects connected to the Internet. This technology makes automation and remote control of these gadgets possible. Examples of IOT devices can range from smart door lock for intelligent sensors on aircraft wings.

Flowers in the Internet of things and the number of devices existing IOT continues to grow every day! But security device IOT significantly lower on the rate of development of the Internet of things. According to research Ericsson, there will be more than 18 billion devices in the world IOT in 2022. At the same time, according to AdaptiveMobile, approximately 80% of the existing IOT device does not have a sufficient level of protection. Thus, it becomes clear that the security issue is very important for the further development of Internet technology terms.

What VECAP offer?

VECAP will be able to protect all of your home or office smart devices by combining them into a single decentralized network. All transactions carried out between devices IOT will be stored in the smart-blockchain on the basis of contacts. Blockchain notes will be duplicated on millions of devices IOT in tens of thousands of smart homes and offices, which will make it virtually immune network.


  • Insufficient protection
    Some devices from well-known companies and other vendors have a serious breach in their security system: insufficient encryption, weak authentication requirements (eg auto-login), the possibility of external connections via VPN. What is needed is a device that is not protected to compromise the security of your smart home. Hackers only need to find that one point of breaking to lose your entire network.
  • Fast break-in
    It takes less than a minute hacker to gain access to the smart home devices, from mobile phones and TV to the router and the console, all machines connected to the Internet. a large number of devices with zero-day vulnerabilities will be hacked soon after the breach becomes known before the manufacturers will be able to update all smart devices are vulnerable. Short terms think long-term security is compromised.
  • Plenty of entry points
    Smart homeowners on average have some intelligent devices and a single protected not enough to compromise the entire network.

But that’s not all!

Another important problem faced by homeowners is the smart device compatibility issues with each other. BCG and McKinsey found to increase the market share of the smart home, their suppliers need to develop the ecosystem and platforms for compatible devices, which will eliminate the limitations of their offerings. The original owner of smart home will be the first to understand the problem, dealing with compatibility issues the device in their home. Therefore, all devices are certified by VECAP IOT will be automatically added to the blockchain ecosystem, which will allow them to interact with each other directly or through a special VECAP module.

VECAP Solutions

VECAP protect all devices in smart homes and offices by uniting them in a decentralized network. Transactions between devices blockchain IOT will be stored in the smart contract.

A hypothetical hacker will have more than 51% of the network to hack a specific device, and the completion of this task is almost impossible: all records will blockchain IOT duplicated on millions of devices in the tens of thousands of smart homes and offices.

VECAP certified devices will be automatically added to the blockchain ecosystem that allows them to interact with each other directly or through VECAP Smart Home and Smart Office Central Module.

VECAP also will make an adapter to connect the certified devices manufactured by other companies. The adapter enables tighter integration of intelligent objects in the home through the blockchain ecosystem enables all smart devices to work together.

Our Mission

VECAP founder has a team of experts and smart blockchain contract together to find a solution. By combining these two technologies, we can secure all communication between devices on your network. If this connection is protected, so do you.

We believe that in all fields of technical, safety and efficiency should be a priority, even more so when it comes to your home and your personal information. This belief is supported by our work in maintaining your privacy. That allows us to reconcile the advances in technology and online security without compromising.

The age of smart home is just around the corner. While greed blinded IOT device manufacturer, we focus on ensuring excellence right to privacy for everyone.

Using our software infrastructure and physical hub, VECAP ensures all communications between external devices in the smart home safely. With a smart contract, deals protect the internal connection of your network, and all recorded information is stored on a decentralized ledger, no hackers will give you nightmares.

Blockchain technology stacks odds in your favor, so you do not have to choose between privacy and progress. Hope that every user must control its independent life from the threat of hackers have guided our founders and team of experts in building, faster, more reliable and powerful platform.

VECAP Central Module

VECAP Central Module will be in charge of the network device. Through the central module, users will be able to set the rules for smart homes and smart offices.

However, the most generic device must always be connected to because of the limitations of their processing power. The majority of VECAP devices will be able to interact with each other without the intervention of the central module which will make the system more resilient to the possibility of a technical problem with it.

Smart Offices

  • The central module asks for her graduation issue
  • The manager got notice
  • A future colleague received an email introduction
  • Printer prepare materials induction
  • Calendar creates the meeting with the people who are responsible for the induction
  • Screen table decorated with greetings

VECAP Ecosystem

VECAP Ecosystem will be the market where hardware manufacturers will be able to promote and sell their products, crowdfund their future efforts and communicate with customers. This ecosystem will also feature VECAP Fund to support the initiative of the manufacturer.

Vecap Roadmap


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