Vanta – Enables Real-time Network Tasks On A Decentralized Network-based Blockchain

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Vanta – Enables Real-time Network Tasks On A Decentralized Network-based Blockchain

Vanta – If you have ever played online games or types of games with the online community, you might never see a case where players communicate with each other via text or voice chat services. The question that people usually do not think about is: Is this game creator develop communication services in their game? The answer is most likely no.

Develop communication services in the game can be very time to consume and may require more labor if the company does not have the technology. API can be useful where the company needs a specific function integrated into their own services.

API (Application Programming Interface) can be accessed through the Software Development Kit (SDK) provided by the creator. SDK is a set of software development tools that allow anyone to carry out one or more APIs in the form of the on-device library to interface to a particular programming language. It also could be a hardware-specific tool that can communicate with a certain embedded system.

APIs have become common in the IT industry for a while now, but with the recent spread of smart devices and the explosive growth in the IOT sector, the demand for APIs from both mobile and web service providers is growing exponentially.

With the emergence of new industrial structures such as IOT and Big Data, businesses must focus on building and expanding their ecosystem while adapting quickly to trends in the market. Gartner, Inc., a global research and advisory firm, advised businesses the most important APIs, the basic elements of a digital business platform and stated: “API create a digital society and digital business works by connecting people, businesses and things.”

In the past, companies considered their technology to be highly confidential and keep them private sources. In recent years, however, the company has opened to collaborate by sharing technology and combine them with other companies in their ecosystem. They do this with an open API or public API, which can be used by both companies and individuals to integrate proprietary software applications or web services.

Vanta is looking to build an intelligent network for the real-time network, which allows individuals and companies to quickly develop efficient service can send and process real-time data, as well as commercializing services at lower costs without additional infrastructure. As a result, creative services will be provided and integrated into the ecosystem Vanta, and Vanta blockchain would be practical blockchain that will contribute to improving the daily lives of individuals and business operations of the company.

Vanta aims to be the first in the World decentralized network that enables rapid development and operation of low cost and scalable service that provides unlimited connectivity.

In Vanta, the participating node will compete to contribute to connect, transmit and process the data in real-time on the network, which will provide a low cost and highly available intelligent network. By combining competitive systems with randomness verified, Vanta will show a consensus algorithm that will improve scalability and efficiency.

Why Vanta?

The need for real-time connectivity between people or devices is increasing exponentially. A decentralized network that enables unlimited connectivity with guaranteed privacy is required.

Vanta will aim to provide solutions to our everyday problems. It will be optimized for the transmission of real-time data to provide unlimited connectivity among all people, devices, and information, creating new opportunities for business.


Vanta Network is a network of intelligent peers associated with peer-to-peer. All peers are directly or indirectly connected to the network, which means that the data is transmitted over the network may be vulnerable. In order to build a more robust network and reliable from a security perspective, handshake data for P2P connections are encrypted with the recipient’s public key. As Transport Layer Protocol for P2P transmission of data, enhanced security Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) is used. Moreover, as the protocol for transmitting data/media, Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for streaming media that is used as the default. This protocol using RTP Privacy Enhanced Conferencing method (PERC), which is a double SRTP encryption that enables data encryption when E2E medium that provides video conferencing functions.

Proof of Networking (PoN)

Proof of Networking is an algorithm which mandates every node that has contributed competitive for live data communications, processing, and storage to prove their workload and use the data when participating in a consensus rounds evidence. The workload of each node is verified by a verifier node selected through VRF and accounted for using the unique workload unit Vanta Net and Net prices to prove the amount of workload and the true value of it. This is what distinguishes another consensus algorithm Evidence Network.

First, workers processed knot verified the work requested on whether the work has been properly processed from node verifier. When the workload is acceptable verification of verifiers ⅔ of all nodes participating in the verification work, the worker node generates verification transaction workload to workload itself including verification workload. Node workers then immediately propagate the transaction to the network and enter into the transaction itself.

When half the consensus is initialized, all the nodes to the workload of verification data to determine whether they will participate in a round of this consensus. In order to determine participation, each node executes VRF function by using a hash of the previous block header as seeds. Then, they select only the transaction of their own workload verification of the hash value is obtained and the transaction is contained in the transaction flow swimming pool. Finally, they calculate the total value of work and use it to perform the function of consensus confirmation of participation. When a node has processed more jobs with a higher value, the node is more likely to be selected as the supporting block.

Vanta Networking Framework

As explained in the previous section, Vanta implements the “intelligent network” that enables real-time network tasks on a decentralized network-based blockchain. In addition, the customary consensus algorithm called Pon-VRBFT and unique architecture crypto economics blockchain/model allows the Intelligent Network to work together seamlessly to enable blockchain Vanta, real-time user-friendly decentralized network of services targeted for the end user. The Vanta Framework Network is a framework, a unique network that is being designed and developed to assist and/or operate the workload on the network Vanta by applying the habits of decentralization space model name and proof zero-knowledge (ZKP) mechanism based on synchronization of data, all done off-chain. This allows a pre-verification for real-time communication and data, unlike previous blockchain solution in which the only method to verify the data or transactions carried out by post-verification.

Ecosystems & Business Development

Blockchain overall value of industry and business continue to rise. Although the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate greatly, global groups research, financial advisors, and various media predict explosive growth in the technology business value blockchain.

For example, Gartner estimates that the total market value of the businesses associated with blockchain will grow to more than $ 176 billion in 2025, and will reach more than $ 3.1 trillion in 2030. Also, many believe that in 2030, blockchain technology will be implemented in some of the major systems of government agencies. Personal information, including government records, credit history, educational background, and medical information, can be easily stored and transferred via blockchain technology. Thus, everyone will have access to useful information by moving away from centralized social structures visible with the status quo and is also expected to reduce the gap between rich and poor through the reduction of corruption. No one can be sure about how technology will advance or market blockchain growth, but it is important to note that blockchain technology will continue to evolve and will continue to grow in size as well.

Efforts to overcome the current limitations of the centralized network will lead to progress and growth of the technology industry blockchain based on decentralization. Vanta platform that aims to decentralize the real-time network will be developed further by the global interest in the technology and efforts in recognition for their demand. In addition, Vanta team will continue to pursue sustainable development and expansion of Vanta Platform ecosystem.

Vanta DAPP Ecosystem Expansion

Vanta blockchain platform that aims to expand the ecosystem to collaborate with blockchain DApps build on Vanta. By focusing on real-time network specialization and allow them to come together between the different DApps, Vanta team will encourage more individuals and enterprises to participate in Vanta to participate in our ecosystem. In addition, through targeted development DAPP competition events at universities and startups, we will promote real-time creative DApps ecosystem-based network to enrich this Vanta. Vanta aims to innovate DAPP ecosystem by making it easier to develop DApps that can be used in various fields, such as communication, entertainment, education, o2o, travel, and financial services as well as enterprise-level DApps.

Video Streaming (Live & VOD)

Anyone can develop decentralized P2P-based services that can provide video streaming of real-time network between devices participating since Vanta available for use by developers and strategic partners. This means that it is possible to efficiently deliver high-quality, video streams seamlessly into the world at a low cost. Therefore, using Vanta can lead to the production of more content to the development of services and operating costs are greatly reduced. In addition to the costs saved can be invested back into content creators or suppliers. Live video streaming can be used for online lectures, broadcasting, sports, and games deliver. Vanta will create the next generation of business that will allow video streaming Video on Demand (VoD) services, in which the various contents of the film, entertainment, and music can be manufactured and supplied.

The details of ICO

Vanta principle of operation is based on the PGP encryption standard and Namecoin model of decentralization, which allows maintaining the level of transparent communication between different nodes, ensuring secure integration and synchronization.

To work with a network of Vanta, VNT sign required. once again proving to cheapen the cost of system services, such as 1 VNT = 0.00088 USD.

Token distribution is as follows:

Vanta Token distribution


2018 Q2 – Ideation / VANTA Established
2018 Q3 – VANTA Architecture and Consensus Algorithm Design
2018 Q4 – Website launch, White paper release, private ICO
2019 Q1 – Technical paper release, The ARKAS protocol development
2019 Q2 – The VANTA Testnet
2019 Q3 – The VANTA Mainnet, VNT Native Token Swap
2019 Q4 – dApp Incubation & Developer Community Expansion


Vanta Team Vanta Team


Vanta Advisor Vanta Advisor


In general, I think the idea and the concept of “intelligent network” Vanta clear to you. And you and I, I’m sure you like it. Because the world really needs an extra tool, improvements and effective way to interact with each other. If the project is able to carry out all of what the developers say, then I would just love. Therefore, I hope they implement their ideas as soon as possible in order to evaluate all of their personal gains.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Vanta team, I just give you the latest ICO info”