VANM – P2P Advertising Platform Offers Mobile Applications

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VANM – P2P Advertising Platform Offers Mobile Applications

VANM – Regards we love so much all lovers cryptocurrency, this time, we create a healthy ecosystem, celebrities can easily obtain funds to create high-quality content to participate in projects that are very promising in our business, VANM is the product of a search engine bid ad real-time local match, and with users around the requested service. Blockchain VANM technology will be used to distribute advertising revenue between users. With, creating a platform that is 100% secure, transparent, restrict advertising fraud, and for thousands of influential people and create brand advertising opportunities around the world. purpose is to build a healthy ecosystem, celebrities can easily obtain funds to create high-quality content, advertisers have access to a wealth of information. More efficient and attractive to consumers and consumers will have access to what they want quality content that is relevant.

Blockchain cryptocurrency true nature and distributed through the decentralization of decision-making authority from the central government and the big giant. A cryptocurrency more interesting features is that it can not be controlled by the middleman or the government. As Bitcoin network, wherein the frame is a partner platform, the real value of the transfer does not need to contribute to a central authority, because the exchange is approved by the existence of a set of distributed systems miners. Unfortunately, the concept of separation of powers exists foundation has not been fully adopted cryptocurrency exchange. Communications and a large volume of transactions is the dominant design within an integrated framework, rather than decentralization.

Although blockchain technology has been phenomenal, because of the level of transparency and security of business and management, but still most cryptocurrency exchange, their customers, and to protect critical information assets

I’m using a different cryptocurrency trading platform and see what most other users are often confused that exchange cryptocurrency election because some of the problems encountered on the platform. It’s a lot of problems such as insecurity, scalability, ease of use, simple user experience, more of a reason why the creation of MoonX platform. Moonx trade framework will change the password specifically trying to make all the power brokers and individual guidance and freedom.

Introduction VANM

The VANM P2P advertising platform offers mobile applications, with the goal of keeping the advertising investment in the mining process platform, a number of challenges to improve the game. mobile applications will be consumers into account their ad content to deal with the needs of free mobile data or WiFi facts. In addition, the participation of consumer platforms are also incentives to encourage more users.

VANM products and services are a unique search engine, comparing the local demand, and with nearby users online. Blocks to allocate advertising revenue between users. The VANM ad platform is a mobile application, such as feedback to improve the area, which is concentrated in the algorithm revenue. This mobile application is free to consumers, as the content is not unacceptable or illegal will be prohibited on the platform VANM.


  • Local advertising will look for deals and entertainment-on-demand interesting and useful guidance in the area.
  • The local economy will be strengthened by increasing customer awareness. VANM service allows a reasonable local advertising spending, help small firms to establish contact with potential customers.
  • We reserve the attractiveness of the city we live in.
  • Customer rewards their ad spending, sharing, and feedback, while their personal information remains protected.


  • Conventional digital advertising has lost its edge. Pop-up ads or get overlooked by consumers blockade.
  • Effective digital advertising is not effective and affordable for small businesses to reach local focus groups.
  • Local retail market tightening by competition from e-commerce platform.


  • Users can access local deals, events, and on-demand real-time quote search engine.
  • 50% of advertising revenue, along with the user.
  • Local markets may require customer awareness through advertising targeted at below market cost.
  • Local market with more customers Consciousness.
  • Anonymous data users and only agreed to pay a proper assessment

VANM Project Facilities

  • Mobile Wallet
    VANM mobile wallet will seamlessly integrate and function automatically receive reward advertising exploitation and use of QR codes in VANM application to obtain a common practice in the token transfer additional addresses.
  • VANM Token
    VANM Token can be used for goods and services can also be a unique proposition to attract new customers. If the token is received VANM each and must tell the user.
  • Social Hub
    Users can use the user of the tool, the relationship between advertising content and share with others. This allows obtaining than gifts and incentives such as the mining of each individual.

Vanm Ecosystem

Vanm Ecosystem

  • User
    Receiving data corresponding to a portion of the interest in the form of advertisements from local suppliers, VANM sign advertising revenue.
    VANM Token can be used to pay for goods and services.
  • Advertisement
    Having the opportunity at a reasonable cost to put effective local advertising.
    By accepting VANM mark as a means of payment, operators can gain a competitive advantage, and upload more content.
  • Social Media Artist
    You can use your talents and create local producers of advertising to build a community.
    Advertisers, in turn, benefit from the higher range of community and related artists.


VANM will enforce some core values set by the team, including:

  • Allow small businesses to publish a small portion of their goods and services to the local tradition of digital advertising companies charge a fee.
  • An advertisement for the P2P network without limits, which will drive traffic to the company previously unpopular.
  • Allows the company of intelligent algorithms that can connect them to the people most likely to buy their products, while respecting user privacy benefits.
  • You increase the economic strength to keep the flow of funds to the city life.

Token Sale

The VANM token will be distributed among future users of the platform in exchange for Ethereum and thus the holdings will be decentralized.
On this page, you can find out all the details about our Token Sale.
If you have any questions, please have a look at our downloads and FAQ or contact us.

The VANM Token

  • The VANM Token is the digital currency of the developing VANM ecosystem.
  • It serves to transfer value within the network quickly, securely and almost feeless.
  • The VANM token was created as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can be found at the following address on . 0x0d155aaa5c94086bce0ad0167ee4d55185f02943

Information VANM ICO

  • Token: VANM
  • PreICO Price: 1 VANM = 0.00038 ETH
  • Price: 1 VANM = 0.0005 ETH
  • Bonus: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
  • Hard cap: 64350 ETH
  • Country: Germany

The Road Map

  • 2017
    Concept phase of the VANM project
    Fundamental market analysis
    Surveying potential customers
    Detailed concept development /whitepaper
    Strategic partnerships
  • 2018
    Founding the company VANM UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    Recruitment of additional team members
    Starting app prototype development
    Smart contract development
    Start of token sale
  • 2019
    Prototype app presentation
    End of taken sale
    Community voting on the app prototype design
    Start of beta app development
    Expanding local sales activities
    The launch of the beta app
  • 2020
    Community Voting for the Beta App
    Incorporation of Community Feedback
    The planned launch of the VANM Android App
    iOS App Development
    Expansion of the VANM network
    Introduction of the Ad Mining 2.0 Phase
  • 2021
    Complete market saturation
    Augmented reality beta app / Ad Mining 2.0
    Expansion of VANM services – e.g. Free mobility
    International expansion


Vanm Team


In poor propaganda how the challenges faced by local businesses to reduce unemployment and promote the use of locally manufactured goods take some drastic measures. The introduction may kickstart VANM positive changes we want.

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