USDQ – A Platform That Makes Assets Stable And Truly Decentralized

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USDQ – A Platform That Makes Assets Stable And Truly Decentralized

USDQ – Advances in technology, and has made investors more excited to encrypt the transaction, but we can see the market trading volume encryption has been reduced, because there are a lot of negative information is encrypted from the 2018 competition in the market, due to the refusal of some to create an ad encryption social media encryption coin prices and a further decline of many scams in 2018.
However, if you look at the coin as a stable tether (USDT), then you can see the prices can not go, even if there are hackers and other things like that, then mark the price will not fall, and always follow the movement of the dollar negative information.

Trading in the secondary market as stable as usual coins. USDQ transactions can help investors to work more effectively in cryptocurrency low volatility, and maintain safe no matter what happens in the secondary market.

your mortgage and get a simple encryption stable trading assets. After the transaction, just give back, return to your password.

Bitcoin, revenge, and other popular cryptocurrencies do not guarantee a minimum. Therefore, to protect it within our ecosystem, until you are confident in their stability. USDQ holder will have a reliable coin care market volatility until ready to resume trading.

What is USDQ?

It never falls in price has been standardized by the ERC 20 token coin tokens stable dispersion. It allows the holder will not BTC or other retaliation altcoins worried about falling prices.

How special is USDQ?

Special, which contains a number of significant components of the ecosystem, considered encrypted through the acquisition of ownership of mortgage loans stablecoin USDQ. For the purposes of deposit issued stablecoin is d% d at this time is the QBOX, which are considered self-learning neural networks, and approved the final amount is determined by the management of the holder of the token. In this way, someone to lead the sustainability of loan guarantees USDQ token.

Therefore, if the encryption newest assets to the ecosystems, the resulting release of the newest intelligent USDQ contract and send it to the borrower. If the lender and try to come up with a guarantee to repay the loan, with refunds continue operating on the site, which is due to the payment of certain profitability stablecoin loan application. After USDQ with the use of plastic money, go back to the cost paid in Germany currency, and back to the borrower USDQ token and wallet on fire.

credit usdq token is assigned in the short term. If the loan continues, in this case, you have to take the Commission’s management of the QDAO token. If the loan is not back in time, in this case, in cryptocurrency guaranteed to be transferred to a stable asset inviolable. In the case of the liquidation of assets stabilization fund encryption, the primary will be executed.

How Does The System Work?

Since coins are generally stable, you do not need to worry about encryption decline in prices occurred in the encryption market, because coins USDQ is stable and all you need to know is that these coins you can make money.

Maybe you still think the benefits do not provide a stable coin, but USDQ gives you the convenience and benefits, I will show below:

  1. Exchange Transaction
    In USDQ secondary market trading coins as more stable.
  2. Credit
    Make sure your passwords easily get coins USDQ stable. Once the transaction is completed, only use encryption reward your choice to return USDQ.
  3. Search QBOX First
    Mine QDAO token, to improve their robots based on artificial intelligence, which will help you to make a prediction.

USDQ Community

QDAO USDQ community have to choose democracy who want complete control, as you can see, it is a member of all the decision-making and community members token decentralization.

Everything, everything is really determined by the autonomous community of decentralized decision-making.

Almost all people do not worry about price stability coins, coin because it really did not affect the decline in market prices, but the stability of the coins can make money by mining?
Of course, let us do anything to make money and coins stability.

  1. QDAO mine token
    A QBOX, you can easily ore QDAO token.
  2. Prediction your own
    Based on AI, we analyzed the parameters QBOX ringtones, news, and other factors, the level of cryptocurrency forecasts.
  3. Urban communities
    The help system becomes stronger and more secure. QDAO using tokens can participate in the control system.

What about the QBOX?

In encryption to protect assets, consumers do not only cover the acquisition of loans USDQ, however, the window of each device to determine the meter of probability. The plan includes self-learning neural connections can be considered as a new product in the direction of currency trading charts from the base unit of currency is expected.
This line of investigation of neural processes of adoption opinions.

The pace of teaching depends on the number of assets a user-defined encryption deposits. More than their deposits, it was investigated more rapidly and more and better monitoring occurs. In addition, users can specify QBOX in mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebook computers, to increase the speed of their teaching. The function of this program only to those times, as long as the user’s password contains a deposit of assets.

The second role of this synapse beloved not only indicate the direction of movement of the currency but in this case, for the disposal QDAO token, representing the importance of promoting the stability of token coins usdq disposal.

Q cartridge may further comprise the most important function – in the absence of the concept described dispersion B. The data presented predictive neural bonds, which cryptocurrency direction of prediction and providing solutions based on changes in interest rates on deposits.

Token Details

With transparency, everyone will feel comfortable and safe when they want to make a transaction and below is information from USDQ tokens:

  • Name: USDQ
  • Standard tokens: ERC-20 Ethereum
  • Total supply : 5,531,632.504218

How the token sale works

Tokens To Sell

Distribution of 51% of tokens (509999.49 QDAO tokens).

For How Long

The distribution will be made in 10 Rounds. Round start at 1st day every month during 10 months will be distributed 50000 Tokens during each round.

Where To Buy

We distribute 30% tokens by IEO(all tokens are unlocked) and 70% tokens by OTC desk (tokens will be locked for a certain period of time).

To know the latest information about the USDQ project you can visit the link below:



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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the USDQ team, I just give you the latest ICO info”