USDQ – Erc-20 Decentralized Stable Asset

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USDQ – Erc-20 Decentralized Stable Asset

USDQ – Today I will give a second presentation about USDQ – Erc-20 Decentralized Stable Asset, a platform for candidates and those who are interested in promoting their development. The information listed below may not be complete, does not imply any contractual relationship. Its main purpose is to provide information to people so that they can decide whether they are willing to analyze the company’s intention to get a token or investment.

It never falls in price has been standardized by the ERC 20 token coin tokens stable dispersion. It allows the holder will not BTC or other retaliation altcoins worried about falling prices.

USDQ Price Stabilization Process

How to achieve decentralization ecosystem? Means that a plurality of elements. Q Who are these boxes will be given based on the case of necessity, the encryption decision to sell assets under mathematical algorithms specified price tag down. When the interactive Q decision box to adjust the impact on ecosystems, human factors.

Always support level of $100 in the contract price. And in the secondary market can be offset USDQ sign costs $ USD 1 on the side of greater or lesser, intelligent contractual guarantee fees is 1 USDQ = $ USD 1. Therefore, if the price USDQ token in the development of the secondary market, traders have the opportunity to buy USDQ, the use of clever contract on the price, and sell them to raise prices in the secondary market. This causes the market to increase the number of USDQ respectively and diluted it to return to the price of $1.

If the price USDQ in the secondary market fell, everything was the opposite happens, there is cheaper to buy USDQ in exchange, so USDQ burning sold in the market, the contract smarter more expensive, respectively, have the opportunity to raise the price to $1 token.

It will be possible USDQ coins sold only stable master encryption contractual promise Asset Intelligence. Therefore, in order to gain popularity USDQ asset price difference should be encrypted.

Therefore, the cost of 1 USDQ in the secondary market is always stable because the number of traders and USDQ change, this action in the circle.

The second method to stabilize the cassette USDQ Q also has a sign that is connected. When the mortgage assets encryption F% start, they fall to the necessary balance between E%, until the promised amount of asset sales encryption, and make sure that the price reaches $1 USDQ = 1 stable release coins (d) the market price. Where, E, F and D – the final price, which was set up by a box Q and Q treated and token holder DAO. In the case of asset password in collateral prices fell to a key marker in front of mathematical calculations, assets and liabilities as security passwords USDQ start of payments, which will be one that will help equations burned price USDQ 1 to 1 dollar.

USDQ Receive Mortgage Loan Assets Through Encryption

The second method, in which several important factors, including ecosystems, receive credit through asset-backed encryption stablecoin USDQ. Release level stablecoin promise is d%, where d is the last time established by the Q box plus this is self-learning neural networks, and token holder approved by the government. Therefore, to achieve the required credits, which leads to stability and ensure USDQ mark.

Q DAO Token And Voting Process

By means of governance tokens Q DAO it is possible to vote and make decisions influencing all ecosystem, you can choose so that all the decisions that affect ecosystems. Each user of the neural network will be at their own pace, so they can also make different predictions to develop. If at some point most box Q, regardless of the predictions of their ability, for example, this is a decrease in the level of cryptocurrency promise, it is necessary to take measures to stabilize the stable value by increasing coin promises, then this will be a predictive solution for voice in local governance held by respective Q DAO sign will be able to choose no. If the token owner Q DAO government did not choose, his voice will automatically be pro this decision. Therefore, if the majority of users voted against it, nothing will happen, if – institutional change.

We Will Analyze And Emphasize The Positive Aspects:

  1. Competent Development Team
    technology development is done by a wonderful team and their captain, from the development, marketing, and strategic talent was taken from the field of digital currency in the field of leading experts together.
    We all know that the success of the company depends on the right team decision-making for a long time. But this team will be able to fully implement the project, and compete with other stable assets, and even surpass them. I believe.
    The team is also working to build long-term partnerships with stakeholder interests in the encryption industry.
  2. High Reliability, Stability
    USDQ is to use algorithms to provide greater security, stability, and reliability of the dispersion stable assets. Ecosystems provide fraud and hacker attacks reliable protection, full control of all operations.
  3. Big Idea
    I like what USDQ. Unlike popular USDQ more stable assets like USDT, Tosho, GUSD. The only difference is that in the popular stable assets, collateral is usually traditional currency, will be kept in battered financial institutions – Bank.
    Another difference is that the asset is dependent on the reliability of the inspection team and through traditional monetary reserves, the company’s auditor issued a report, while USDQ monitors all transactions and use blockchain backup technology.

Mission Services Scanner

All assets will be stored encrypted in the encryption system of asset control, and the private key from the wallet – stored in separate storage.

A more important factor in ecosystem services is a scanner, which helps to achieve the transparency of the whole structure. This component will be placed on the pages of your site, each user can view and monitor one of all transactions in the network. Therefore, the contract will allow the smart display, for example, only one million USDQ released, a number of security to encrypt assets. This time it will be possible to see the specific transaction, wallet and certain transactions. It will be possible to track how many assets are locked password for each transaction, how many people are in the system. Every movement, ie the payment or credit payment system will instead be displayed on the site as soon as possible. Everyone can see that those assets have passwords stored, rather than spend.

Transparent And Openness

All data is easy thanks to blockchain technical and operational aspects and provided there is no contradiction for the reserve team. All operations can be viewed by any user at any time. Smart contract to provide automated and eliminates the need for a third party.

Token Details

With transparency, everyone will feel comfortable and safe when they want to make a transaction and below is information from USDQ tokens:

  • Name: USDQ
  • Standard tokens: ERC-20 Ethereum
  • Total supply : 5,531,632.504218


In general, I like this project. In all aspects of research, I have no doubt, USDQ will grow and become an important part of cryptocurrencies. As more and more new users, the ecosystem will become more popular, there will be safe storage of backup storage for cryptocurrency.
Do not pass, and to study the project in greater detail. If you are interested in this project, please click on the link below for more information.

To know the latest information about the USDQ project you can visit the link below:



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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the USDQ team, I just give you the latest ICO info”