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Uris – Secure The Intellectual Property Rights

Uris – If you invest in this company, this is because you think Platform Uris is a good idea, the company will be able to secure the intellectual property rights of Uris ecosystem and this platform the company will have the right marketing and manufacturing rights Uris and ecosystem of platform companies, we will be able to successfully sell, Uris manufacturing and marketing platform, we can be the right price, and sell it to people who are pretty, the company will be successful. We do not sell any ship and plans to market, not contemporary commercial vessels. Moreover, we never proved beneficial, even if we raise this issue sought the maximum, we will never be profitable, we may need to be able to start the production of a variety of businesses to raise funds.

We estimate that we will need at least $ 1 million to start commercial production in the Uris Platform ecosystem of technology. We are confident that we will be able to order in advance payments to finance the commercial products on the platform ecosystem Uris. If we can not do this, we may need to raise funds from bank loans, bond future sales or some combination thereof.

Since its inception, the platform has been developed with the supremacy of the user experience in mind. We use the latest innovations top-notch security, speed, accessibility, providing technology and a simple user interface. We do not rely on white label and outsourcing. Everything in the house was built, so we will make this project happen. the work of different ecosystems and component layer integrated architecture, the operation of this ecosystem supports Uris.

We will continue the next twelve months in a sustainable manner depends on our ability to create cash flow from operations to meet our obligations, and/or ability to obtain additional capital funding from our members and third parties. We can not guarantee that these efforts because we will succeed. These factors, among others, to raise substantial doubt about our ability to survival go for a reasonable period.

This platform technology is connected to blockchain Uris. Proposed investors, such as the benefits of a new joint venture:

  • One of the advantages provided by this platform is to cut bureaucratic obstacles, which allows users to interact directly with one another.
  • Personal information blockchain (revenge) is without risk. Here, your personal information, your money, and your content remain confidential, you can keep track of your money and personal data at any time.
  • This is a transparent platform for anti-hacker.
  • It can reduce costs, ensure transparency and trust between interactive smart contract.
  • It reduces barriers to the distribution between the parties. We use blockchain, by design, it is the low cost of fraud and forgery.
  • With blockchain, we make investments and transfer of ecosystems, and the boundaries of the real world do not receive the funds.

Security System

Perform security for the entire security system platform.

• Manage and filter all requirements
• Have safety rules.
• Platform privacy.
• Infrastructure protection.
• Load balancing.
• Intrusion Detection.
• Avoid DoS attack.
• Managing user access.
• Protocol

Micro Services

The System has three main components of micro-services:

  • Official Service
    verification and validation process of the user who wants to access the platform security. Having SHA256d key encryption, password protection, and data encryption.
  • Operations Investment Services
    This service handles the investment rules on control and validation platform. This service has all the investors, what business rules platform that can be achieved. user management operations on the use of the handle platform and blockchain.
  • Wallet Services
    wallet service for investors and entrepreneurs important. It is for investors and entrepreneurs to make and receive their investment in the platform is the most secure service.

The Lack Of Liquidity

Increasing the level of risk in the political and economic fields of investment management. The main challenge comes from the fact that there is no liquidity in the market, investors can sell the stock to buy. Venture capital fundraising, and challenging, because of the difficulty in raising funds regulatory barriers. For the case in many countries, certain institutional investors in venture capital investment, since the ban on high-risk and low liquidity investments.

Which, in most VC the only achievement is even more impressive local VC managers limited to pension funds.The record a combination of other asset classes is also a drawback when the limit can be used to automatically compared with the VC, such as the United States or United Kingdom public funds of funds close to the home office or the same potential investor’s limited partnership (LP).

There Is No Secondary Market

Discount unless they sell them at the same time (because often there are no secondary market securities) to raise funds investors may not sell their shares.

Underdeveloped Startups

modern-raising began about 20 years ago, a band of fans to raise money, and since then, it has financed the insurgency. Are investors and help investors of the project and the project has been continued growth in the industry. This platform has helped entrepreneurs to expose their companies to ensure their ideas and the main purpose to raise funds.

Investors and restrict access to sophisticated investment instruments, if they do not want to buy stock, but merely a loan or other contracts difficult to find. If people want to increase the equity financing is another way to get started, or just accept their products are very complex and challenging to find a way to do it. Hard to find the vehicle into a contract to buy bonds from the start or income. In addition, when the share of equity investors has a beginning and hope to gain, how to do is to wait until it comes out (another round of financing, acquisition/merger or IPO).

URIS Freelance Platform

To support Uris’ and most of the ecosystem, and the different operations required components of the technology platform. Uris purpose the Foundation is to create a more transparent, liquid, and professional business ecosystems, in order to promote economic growth in emerging markets – where:

  • Start-up company to get funds easier and cheaper access,
  • Investment managers can raise capital and
  • Professional service providers can offer for advertising and bidding projects.

Service platform is a unique free market, suppliers can apply for open positions, and offer their skills, start-up team in the theory of the ecosystem. So, start-up companies will have direct access to market competitive services. Making it easier to find and hire freelancers on, Web developers and marketing agencies – cheap. This platform will be able to find skilled workers who provide technical assistance.

Similarly, the trading platform will provide our future investors around the world act as a grand champion.

Uris Exchange Platform

Providing all the latest features and benefits of the Securities exchange platform users expect from a modern cryptocurrency. In addition, Exchange supports cross-platform interaction, so that traders have direct access to Uris crowdfunding platform organized by ICOS and a list of future examination.

These types of users

Three types of user interaction through cross-platform functionality.

  1. Trader
    Some people who buy and store the list in Uris ecosystem goods sold.
  2. Managers
    Someone who is in operational control of, resources and expenditures for a project that began in the ecosystem Uris.
  3. Agent
    A person whose business is to provide ecosystem services is a freelance developer or marketing company.

Platform Ecosystem

The goal is to provide an ecosystem

  • Simplified User Experience
  • Transparency, security, stability, data
  • Durability, reliability, there is no central point;
  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs,
  • They will ensure diversification and investment Foundation Uris verification.

Crowdfunding URIS Platform

Uris vision of the Foundation is to provide a transparent, new startup ecosystem, international, talented entrepreneurs can easily get funds – the talented investment managers can quickly and cost-effectively fund, in which people can support the project, and the money safely invested.


  • First Start Automatically Investors
    We have done what no other investment management services, has finished in the 21st century. We will provide the initial funding, which will help professionals and increase the use of channeling funds into start-up a large effect. We first will begin to diversify. And our platform, you can start to get a boost of 10% towards their goal.
  • Buyback
    Uris is a sign of a unique advantage over any cryptocurrency else on the market. No other platform similar to ensure that the repurchase of manufacturing coins Uris a cryptocurrency truly unique token repurchase tokens genuine. It liquidating assets to provide a means investors flexible (with dividends). platform Uris will generate a continuous flow between the constant demand for coins and counterparty, will maintain the value of money. we believe that on this platform and the token, which is strong, we will buy back the token each time a user request. our will set aside plans to buy back the mark of our funds. this means that the coin holder platform that can be applied to coins repurchase and exchange of passwords or legal tender in another way, if nobody wants to buy these coins, so, all tokens have a source Uris guaranteed, regardless of any liquidation in the secondary market, things like that are, and the combat insider trading liability insurance, Hong Kong regulators encouraged. arrange the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule 10b-18 requirements in the United States repurchases.
  • Custom Smart Contracts
    This Uris crowdfunding platform providing all kinds of intelligent contracts to meet the needs of each investor. Investors will make a personal smart option contract has the power to make rules before investing. A lock including time conditions, milestones, and other requirements – without writing a single line of code!

Market Analysis

In emerging markets, raising venture capital funds both from the standpoint of financial and regulatory barriers. It seems to have the technology in emerging markets to overcome the gap. Available money is becoming increasingly concentrated in a few hands. According to NVCA (American Venture Capital Association), has a 1009 venture capital firms in the United States, under the management of $ 27.82 billion, which is 275.7 meters on average per company in 2005. 2016, 898 venture capital firms controlling $ 33.35 billion, which means every business has an average value of $ 371.4 m.

The funding gap is composed of thousands of new companies into the market, each time in a day, but the number of investors and new investment in the pool is much slower paced capital, especially in emerging markets

This process is very time consuming, distracted from the focus of the business, so frustrated, the worst of the tourism industry – the company eventually failed, not because of a lack of product / market fit / talent, but lack of funds.

Many of the ideas and thoughts never realize their full potential: wilt and die do not need to share their technology, innovation and financial experience with others. We can see the same trend occurred in emerging markets.

Token types

In the first quarter of 2018, ICO encryption provided by the organizers of the asset sales:

  • Voting Token
    This token holder are granted the right to vote and influence the project development capabilities.
  • Security Token
    With the obligation to protect the token (here we have a commitment stock dividend received, credit tokens).
  • Cryptocurrency
    new cryptocurrency (without the addition of special properties).
  • Token Rewards
    The participants have contributed to the network.
  • Voucher Service
    Internal Token money to pay for a service project can be replaced, for example, with the ETH does not damage the product.
  • Hybrid Tokens
    Payment for services + bonuses for work performed.
  • Utility Tokens
    marker protocol itself (without the actual need for tokens for sale).


In short, crowdfunding sites are difficult to be emerging markets corporate business solutions. Even the creator of the entire process, all the restrictions made it, who want their money to invest in projects that most people face major barriers to doing so. So, how the crowdfunding site, but when you try to sign up, the investor can not meet the requirements.

For investors, the fund-raising does not meet the standards. From the investor point of view, it is more complicated. Between costs and activities, they could lose 40% increase making it difficult to achieve the target of 50% of the promised funds.

Proponents of the project there is no guarantee that the investment of their own money if the creator of the capital, losing it is a high risk, they do not know. All good entrepreneurs, our goal is to address these challenges, and more.

To know the latest information about the Uris project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://ico.uris.io/
Whitepaper: https://ico.uris.io/static_files/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uris_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uris.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@urisplatform
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Uris team, I just give you the latest ICO info”