UnityFund – A Community-Focused Token Where Holders Are Rewarded

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UnityFund – A Community-Focused Token Where Holders Are Rewarded

icourban.com – Unityfund – I know you must be wondering and asking yourself now which project caught my attention, which projects really deserves to be reviewed with this great. Now having a seat and reading the entire writing line by LineuneFund is a project based on finding innovative ways to allow our users to combine their strengths to open new opportunities for generations and passive income collectivism. We have worked extra to ensure that our community knows we are here for the long term and which makes proof of the attraction of our Token carpet have become a priority in V1, and unity funds have been designed to continue to produce a refund of 4%. for Token holders from the tax imposed. on all transactions. In comparison, the long-term appeal becomes part of the ecosystem driven by LP 4.5% automatically from all transactions. In addition to being a very interesting community to become a member of, the user of the unity also directly improves damaged situations in the world in 2021 a little with little by contributing 1% of all transactions to the global charity.

About the project

There are hundreds or thousands of Crypto assets to choose from. Each of these currencies has certain functions, with some developed to be used instead of money and others for personal and direct transactions. I present a 100% project useful for everyone. You can invest in this project and can get a large amount of money just by doing some special and specific works. Unityfund is an initiative intended to find new ways for customers to combine their energy and get new opportunities for the production of passive money and unity.

Unity Fund has been designed to continually generate 4% results for Token Token holders imposed on all transactions. In comparison, the long-term appeal becomes part of the ecosystem driven by an automatic LP of 4.5% of all transactions. And this becomes an attractive community to become a member of being a member, the user of the unity also directly increases the damaged situation in the world in 2021 a little at a time by contributing 1% of all transactions to the global charity.

And not only focus on profit, but Unityfund also plans to help those in need through a charity program. Then the community can participate by choosing to choose charity and organizations that are entitled to receive charity funds. Unityfund as much as possible to make this charity program transparent to all participants, so participants can ensure that their funds are distributed to the right party.


Today, maybe there are still many people who don’t know what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are, especially those in developing countries that have limited access to the internet. Whereas by knowing Cryptocurrency, they can improve their quality of life for the better. And in particular, they can access the DEFI platform to get access to modern financial services that are open to anyone. Here, they are, especially people who do not have an account, can get loans with collateral and even get passive income every day with interest many times higher than traditional banking.


Therefore, seeing that Crypto’s penetration is still not optimal, Unityfund wants to be a Crypto tool that will unite people to create opportunities for passive income through Crypto tokens. What Unityfund has to offer is the BSC decentralized platform that includes secondary tokens, defi risking and offset aggregation, and DAO for true holder governance. With these features, participants will get various benefits by having an original unity fund token. For example, users can get passive income only by holding unity tokens.
Unityfund is a modern financial platform that cares about users. Supported by more than 100 professional marketers, designers, devs, and writers, which are fully dedicated to the Crypto and Blockchain markets, Unityfund believes in bringing users of decentralized financial platforms and help them to get passive income every day.

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  1. UnityFund Token Symbol: UNITY
  2. Contract Address: 0xbBd1FbcCBA8038bB2F3AE15a5ed301BB89A64291
  3. UNITY Token Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  4. UNITY Token Decimals: 9
  5. Total UNITY Supply: 1,000,000,000
  6. UNITY Token Circ. Supply After Launch: 420,000,000


unityfund roadmap

  • Mау 2021: Social Mеdіа Aссоuntѕ аnd Channels Sесurеd.
  • Mау 2021: Inіtіаl grоwth fundіng gеnеrаtеd amongst tеаm.
  • Junе 2021: Whіtерареr V1 аnd tоkеnоmісѕ rеlеаѕеd рublісlу.
  • June 2021: Contract lives оn BSC Mаіnnеt. Pаnсаkеѕwар launch.
  • Junе 2021: UNITY Devs Rеnоunсе Ownеrѕhір оf Contracts.
  • Junе 2021: 1ѕt Rоund оf Mаrkеtіng Push, Influencer Engаgеmеnt.
  • Junе 2021: First ѕmаrt соntrасt аudіt successfully соmрlеtеd.
  • June 2021: First dоnаtіоn made to Binance.Charity
  • June 2021: Listing оn Cоіnmаrkеtсар аnd CoinGecko.
  • August 2021: UnіtуFund.Fіnаnсе V2 Rеlеаѕе.


Unityfund has a unique liquidity mechanism that will charge 4.5% of all unity transactions. Then this tax will be allocated to liquidity and lock automatically to ensure that liquidity is maintained and the price of unity tokens can remain stable and even increase. Also, the supply of unity tokens will continue to decline over time until the supply target is reached. This means that the scarcity of unity tokens will continue to increase which will increase the price of unity tokens.

We strongly believe in the potential decentralization to improve the way almost all structures or systems work when you see it from a group perspective that represents the largest number of participants. Unityfund, in essence, is a system designed to connect the interests of our community symbiotically with the interests of millions of people who need assistance throughout the world.

Although many organizations and people have worked to alleviate so much suffering that continues to disrupt humanity, new and innovative ways to help these efforts will only help us as a global community.

Useful Links:

● Website: https://unityfund.finance/
● Whitepaper: https://unityfund.finance/whitepaper-v1/
● Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbBd1FbcCBA8038bB2F3AE15a5ed301BB89A64291
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnityFundHQ
● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unityfundhq/
● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unityfundhq
● Quora: https://unityfundhq.quora.com/
● Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnityFund/
● Telegram: https://t.me/UnityFundHQ


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