TwoGap – Protect Investors And Improve The Market

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TwoGap – Protect Investors And Improve The Market

TwoGap – More recently, keywords Blockchain continues to be the hottest technology and launch, not only in the world but also in Vietnam. Vietnam has become an important Blockchain stop technology in the Asia Pacific region. Experts say the technology chain will open in finance, education, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, etc. However, this does not prevent the application development trends as possible, the use of the modern concept of the development of the chain block as a dynamic means, through the border areas, the deployment of color, race, and religion, social activities (social responsibility) of any break through the barrier.

Encryption investor organizations and individuals as direct investment more channels in the development of bond ratings and government bonds and the countries of the Third World underdeveloped. The principle of investing does not put all your eggs in the basket, so that the investment and the risk of a lower average than hedge crypto resources, and the first in the world than from companies and government bonds higher. For the part that attracted the attention of investors, interest rates in the Third World businesses and government bonds of the highest worldwide.

Individual brokers, investors, institutions and traditional bond markets can easily approach the government and organizations to evaluate and compare the use of ODA to developing countries and Third World countries about the extent of government bonds of trust are underdeveloped and commercial investment decisions. This effectively manages their ODA will increase the bond, and vice versa confidence. ODA is a mirror of Bond, Bond is a reflection of official development assistance – in the same platform, profitable and easy. It is TwoGap to provide potential customers with a simple, good logic.

What is TwoGap?

TwoGap Encryption Platform was established to bring investors the opportunity to acquire a strong encryption and biggest scale stop-loss product. This is called TwoGap CryptoBond Platform will help bond issuers traditional encryption for CryptoBonds, which is legal in the market encryption. In addition, the platform TwoGap also protect investors and improve the market, expanding the scale and become a pillar of sustainable growth in the global encryption market)

Platform Twogap named by Hollis Chenery in the two-gap model name, published in 1962, the model assumes that, if the desired economic growth in fixed-rate investments, the investment deficit will be a major constraint on growth.

In Twogap platform, we also offer TGT sign for economic incentives. This is not a security token, but token practical. They are used to unlock all features and transactions on the platform Twogap. Therefore, they are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is. Global bond markets than the stock market (more than $ 100 trillion) large 1.6 times. Therefore, the potential demand for natural TGT very big sign.

Coinmarketcap now is $ 267 billion. Market value is calculated by the global encryption Future CryptoBond CAD market capitalization. We will introduce all the key modules of the following items in a single document, making it easier for customers, investors, donors, researchers and partners better understand the insight Twogap platform, and how to shape the future global market Cryptocurrency.

Solution Mechanism

Blockchain exchange offers extensive features of basic for encryption, distribution, transaction processing and mortgage, brokers, brokerage, sale and purchase of bonds Twogap based on demand and supply monitoring, evaluation and research, the platform Twogap, all of these functions and transactions performed by: mechanism 4.2 11 bonds have been encrypted CryptoBonds (has the most visual programmer less & GUI)

Interest TGT Token

As a sign sales will take place in August 2018, the main purpose of such tokens will be equipped with end-user then activates the function key on Twogap platform. This is to facilitate Twogap Beta version of the initialization platform in October 2018. TGT second goal of token sales marketing will attract more users to promote awareness Twogap. There are no tokens to sell three goals.

TGT Token Allocation

TGT token ERC20 maximum standard of 210 billion tokens TGT will be issued 33% ICO private sale and crowdsale 33% reserve currency (TGT incentives to encourage the parties to participate in the economy tokens) for incentive ICO + 33% 33% = 66% belong to the gift of the community 15%, 4% of R & d 15% for the team and consultants.

In particular: TwoGap platform will be based on the chain block of EOS and will attend two functions

  1. ODAeyes – management, and tracking of official development assistance, while the process – to maximize transparency, resisting corruption, improve capital efficiency.
  2. Cryptobond – bonds, warranties, transaction processing, sale and purchase of bonds – government and corporate bonds directly in the Third World approach to world capital.

Token Details:

  • Category: Finance
  • Verified team: No
  • Whitelist of investors: Yes
  • KYC of investors: Yes
  • Goal of funding (Soft cap): 10.000.000 USD
  • Goal of funding (Hard cap): 30.000.000 USD
  • Tokens for sale: TGT
  • Token price: 1 TGT = 0.001 USD
  • Minimum purchase: 50 TGT
  • Have escrow agent: No
  • Have a working prototype: Yes
  • Currencies: ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Location: Singapore

TwoGap Token Sale


Twogap is the next generation of encryption – Cryptobond platform. We are very concerned at the Cryptobond market, the market size is now more than $100 trillion. In the near future, will be the largest CryptoBonds stop-loss products to save investors encryption. In addition, CryptoBonds market will also be a powerful encryption market, which has lost their confidence in the encryption market to put confidence in investors.

Twice the volume of the bond market in the stock market. Therefore, a potentially attractive platform Twogap very large, in other words, it is an opportunity for organizations and individuals to learn and use care encryption investor of this project.

Hopefully, with the vast advancement of technology, we will not ignore the social responsibility of the comprehensive development of man. In any case, let us all participate in creating a better life for themselves to everyone.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the TwoGap team, I just give you the latest ICO info”