TVtwo – Television Ecosystem Based Ethereum Blockchain

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TVtwo – Television Ecosystem Based Ethereum Blockchain

TVTWO – The present Television Ecosystem is broken. Telecom companies the world over are mishandling their market control as guardians to expand costs for publicists, bring down payouts to content makers and drive up membership costs for shoppers. They effectively impede development in content conveyance and promoting innovation so as to support their oligopolistic position and advantages. Numerous customers are legitimately baffled by the condition of communicating TV. They appreciate the recline idea of a settled program plan, however, might want to see more premium substance customized to their survey examples and interests. In the meantime, tech goliaths like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix are hoping to manufacture their walled cultivate around the TV biological system, anxious to gain more power through information and access to purchasers. Television TWO offers the group an answer to the type of an Open Platform for the individuals who are interested in cutting the string.

A Blockchain-Based Open Platform for a decentralized Television Ecosystem. Associate your TV to the Ethereum Blockchain to gain digital forms of money. The Open Platform empowers coordinate cooperation between clients, sponsors, and substance suppliers.

Television Two is an application for Connected TVs that mixes customary TV with a customized video stream offering premium substance at no membership costs. The video stream can simply be opened with only a single tick of a catch. Second, the Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that regulates the traded an incentive between buyers, content suppliers, and sponsors. We propose another biological system, where the trustless idea of the Ethereum blockchain makes it workable for advertise members to collaborate specifically without relying on mediators. Shoppers get the opportunity to watch curated recordings while getting TTV for seeing supported messages from sponsors. Content makers are compensated by clients with TTV for their quality creations. The Token for Television will be offered to the group in a crowdsale. We will utilize the as good as ever standard of the Interactive Coin Offering as proposed by Jason Teutsch and Vitalik Buterin keeping in mind the end goal to ensure a more attractive and more straightforward task process. The TTV crowdsale is particularly significant for promoters that are searching for supported reach on the Big Screen. The Network Utility Expansion Mechanism is natural to our model. Since no extra coins will be issued after the Interactive Coin Offering and every token has the claimed authority to demonstrate promotions to a settled segment of the TVTWO client base, every customer that goes to the platform helps the utility of the token.

What is TV-TWO?

  • Platform
    An application for Smart TVs utilized as the new entryway to direct communicate joined with a customized video stream as an extra channel.
  • Blockchain
    The innovation to arrange the new TV biological community, with coordinate associations between clients, sponsors and substance makers.
  • Token
    A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV, the Token for Television, will fuel the biological community while guaranteeing security and decency.

How does it work?

Step 1: Install the TV TWO app on your Smart TV.
Step 2: Synchronize the wallet from your TV with your other devices.
Step 3: watch the broadcast and your personalized video stream.
Step 4: Check the tokens that you have collected.
Step 5: Exchange your chips for Ether, Bitcoin or Fiat.

Interactive Coin Offering

The Interactive Coin Offering (ICO), which is the method of our crowdsale, was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch with a specific end goal to transform crowdsales into a round of flawless data. They take the uncapped model and propose the accompanying standards:

  • Members of the crowdsale submit both an offer and a most extreme sale valuation at which they will take an interest
  • On the off chance that the sale sum achieves the most extreme sale valuation, the member’s offered is wiped out and the commitment is discounted
  • On the off chance that they so pick, members have the likelihood to pull back their offer from the sale until the point when a withdrawal bolt period is come to
  • A continuously diminishing rebate is given toward the beginning of the sale with a specific end goal to persuade early support
  • Singular purchasers may put various offers at various valuations

Dissemination of assets The methods gathered in the crowdsale is utilized as takes after:

  • Building and Development: 60% of the assets will be utilized to help and extend the designing group to quicken the advancement of the TV TWO application and its association with the decentralized TTV biological community
  • Advertising: 14% of assets will be utilized to expand the TV TWO client base with both limited time and TTV motivators
  • Accomplice Engagement: 6% of the assets will be utilized to obtain substance and publicizing accomplices focused on building the TTV biological system together
  • Law and organization: 10% of the assets will be utilized to cover the legitimate and authoritative expenses related to the execution of TV-TWO
  • Possibility: 10% of the assets will be made accessible for unexpected advancements


  • Jan Phillip Hofste
    Co-Founder TV-TWO, Industrial Engineer.
    Distributed Systems, State Channels, Semantic Web.
    Experience: Chief Product Officer at Minodes.
  • Philipp Schulz
    Co-Founder TV-TWO, Entrepreneur.
    Communications, Sales, Partnerships.
    Experience: Lead Business Development at Minodes.
  • Nicolas Schnorpfeil
    Chief Financial Officer, Economist.
    Quantitative Finance, Token Economy, Game Theory.
    Experience: Finance Student at University of St Andrews.
  • Jonas Schmidt
    Head of Business Development, Strategist.
    Strategy, Operations, Exchange Management.
    Experience: Intl. Management at Bocconi, Strategy& PWC.
  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Blockchain Developer, Supporter.
    Experience: IoP Token Server and Open Asset Protocol.
  • Joschka Kintscher
    Software Engineer and Crypto Investor, Supporter.
    Experience: Software Engineer at Harvest.
  • Michael Brand
    Back-End Developer, Supporter.
    Experience: Mathematics at Berlin Institute of Technology.
  • Dave Barton
    Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter, Supporter.
    Experience: Founder/Lead Writer at Startup Copy Guy.


  • David Ben Kay
    Governing Board of Ethereum (2016), Advisor.
    Experience: General Counsel Microsoft (China), Pundi X ICO.
  • Tim Wegner
    Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Advisor.
    Experience: Physics at Imperial College and MIT, McKinsey.
  • Phillip Nunn
    CEO at The Blackmore Group, Advisor.
    Experience: Blockchain & Crypto Specialist, Public Speaker.
  • John Patrick Mullin
    FTC Asian Regional Director, Advisor.
    Experience: Investment Banker, Speaker, ICO.
  • Simon Cocking
    Editor in Chief at Cryptocoin.News, Advisor.
    Experience: Mentor & Advisor in 20+ Successful ICOs.
  • Jason Butcher
    Coinpayments & Parallel Payments, Advisor.
    Experience: Blockchain Association, Lydian ICO, Pindify ICO.
  • Tom Budd
    Blockchain Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Advisor.
    Experience: Booz Allen Hamilton, Betrium ICO, e-Chat ICO.
  • Oliver Laurence
    Strategy Expert & Startup Mentor, Advisor.
    Experience: Block 512, Crypto20 ICO.
  • Arthur Zubkoff
    FinTech & Marketing Consultant, Advisor.
    Experience: Banking, Crypto Investor, UTRUST ICO.
  • Tobias Schulz
    Blockchain Investor at High-Tech Gründerfonds, Advisor.
    Experience: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Zalando.
  • Kai Rieke
    TV Tracking and Attribution Expert, Advisor.
    Experience: MD Affinitas (IPO), Director Marketing Project A.
  • Dan Biton
    Co-Founder Gimli, Advisor.
    Experience: Token Economics, ICO Campaigns.

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