TRUSTABIT – Solution Blockchain For Delayed Flight

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TRUSTABIT – Solution Blockchain For Delayed Flight

TrustaBit is a state of the art software solution that will give airlines the opportunity to automatically issue vouchers to passengers when their flights are canceled or delayed. The total passenger rights market is estimated to be $3.3 billion annually. Since 2013, AirHelp has collected $85 million in total compensation from passengers who have had their flights delayed. AirHelp functions as a middleman; the passenger provides information about their flight to AirHelp, who then works directly with the airline to get compensation on the customer’s behalf. To date, a total of 1.3 million passengers have used this service and they have paid AirHelp a fee of 25% of the total amount collected. These numbers show that passengers are willing to pay extra for a trustworthy digital service that will give them what they are owed.

A Current Problem On Flight

Currently, when a passenger’s flight is delayed, there is no seamless way for them to get a voucher. The passenger has to explain what happened to a call center or through a form, wait for the customer service rep to decide whether they will receive a voucher and for what amount, then continue to wait for the voucher to be emailed or mailed to them. Then the passenger has to wait again for the voucher to either be emailed or mailed to them. By the time the voucher reaches the passenger the customer loyalty has already decreased The frustration from this customer’s experience can impact the airline’s reputation and future sales in a number of ways, as disgruntled customers may post negative social media posts, share poor reviews online and offline, and bring their future business to a competitor.

By using our software, we want to nurture back the traveler’s emotional connection to your airline. When you deploy TrustaBit into your environment, users can be compensated immediately based on set business criteria. The vouchers will be sent to their email address immediately when their flights are delayed or canceled without the need for them to call into a call center or to fill out a form. This will allow you to make things right with the passenger the first time to increase brand loyalty.


By using our software, we need to maintain an emotional return passenger to contact the airline. When you deploy TrustaBit with your environment, users can direct compensation in accordance with a set of business criteria. Vouchers will be sent to their email address immediately when their flight is delayed or no longer need to have recourse to a call center or fill out a form to cancel. This will allow you to get something for loyalty first brand enhancement, passenger rights.

Why Would An Airline Want TrustaBit?

Because it could mean the loss of existing customers, and the difference between the new through their recommendations. This may be someone they choose to enroll in another loyalty program or the purpose of their flights with other airlines each other reason. It is also the company more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. TrustaBit doing wrong by airlines to pay passengers immediately provide consistency. It is never seen in the industry and much needed.



Benefits If Join

– Increases your brand perception and loyalty with consumers.
– Reduces customer service direct and indirect costs.
– Lower your churn rate while increasing revenue.
– Generate custom emails based on consumer behavior through marketing automation.
– Use smart contracts and Blockchain technology to automatically email customers vouchers.

Market Share

The number of intermediary companies like AirHelp has been put into the market to help passengers for flight delays or cancellations compensation. The scope of these companies charges a service fee of 25% -29% from the end user to use their services. If your flight is canceled or delayed, you can go to their platform, fill in your flight details and the company receives money from the airline on your behalf only pay for the service. AirHelp and competitors to enter the market in 2013, sales have been collecting millions of $ 83 which is the total weight of the passenger market, which is a small part of an annual value of $ 3.3 billion. We believe that this is a new target market, the airline is able to get into. Because your passengers do not need to go to mediation to get the money owed to them, you can use the coupon our system automatically excluded.

What makes them different?

The biggest difference is allowed to participate in the network, which performs protocol consistency. In blockchain public, anyone can participate in the implementation of coherence protocols, and keep a copy of the ledger. It is blockchain want to reach a solution to their environment, a drawback of large enterprises. Blockchain private network needs to be sent an invitation to all network participants to make business aware of who is doing the coherency protocol, which has a copy of the ledger. The fabric has been sponsored by IBM designed by the Linux Foundation, it is to meet business needs. It builds trust, transparency, accountability and computationally expensive or does not need mining to ensure the transaction. This is why the framework for the deployment and Hyperledger TrustaBit.


Pre-Sale Start Date : February 5th 11:00am PST
Pre-Sale End Date: February 12th 11:00am PST
Pre-Sale Token Price : $0.05 USD (5 cent)
Main Token Sale Date : February 14th 11:00am PST
Main Token Sale : End March 15th 11:00am PST
Main Token Price : $0.10 USD (10 cent)
Early investor Token Price : $0.025 USD
Minimum contribution : 1 ETH

Date Tokens are issued Two weeks after main token sale

Token Symbol : TAB
Standard : ERC-223
Number of TABs available 1 billion
Soft cap : $3 Million USD
Hard Cap : $49 Million USD
Accepted currencies : ETH

Pre-Token Sale Bonus 20%

Week 1 Main Token Sale Bonus 15%
Week 2 Main Token Sale Bonus 10%
Week 3 Main Token Sale Bonus 5%
What happens with unsold tokens Unsold tokens will be burned

By forming strategic partnerships we are hoping to pool our knowledge resources, increase revenue, acquire new customers, expand our geographic reach, extend our product lines, and share resources.

• Legal- A partnership with a firm that specializes in IP matters, international law, cryptocurrency, and securities would greatly benefit our organization by allowing our contracted lawyers to stay up to date on the changing laws regarding our sector.
• Auditing- Our Smart contracts will be audited by a third party company to help verify that no security loopholes exist. We will periodically coordinate with auditing companies to access our vulnerability level. The results of the findings and remediation will be made available to our members to further promote transparency.
• Airline- A partnership with a company in the airline operations industry will allow us to gain valuable insight into their industry and to listen to current issues and possibly find solutions to address their concerns.

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