TRUSTABIT – Designed To Restore The Airline Passengers Emotional Connection

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TRUSTABIT – Designed To Restore The Airline Passengers Emotional Connection

TRUSTABIT – The crypto world has become so fast, has served in various business areas. The growing business opportunities in the world because of the simplicity and transparency. Blockchain will make all transaction records are open to everyone, can not be manipulated at a more affordable price

Blockchain owned by many large companies use this technology to create the future of the business revolution. A very brilliant business idea was born named platform TrustaBit. TrustaBit itself is a business, move to create complete passenger records that are not so or delay the flight schedule for blocking device Lunan. With TrustaBit then the problem will be arranged by record everything and automation is much easier, especially with the support encrypted, they have all become very easy

With TrustaBit owned software will create a new ecosystem in the world of aviation. Where TrustaBit will give coupons passengers, flight delays them and automatically connect from booking the next flight. Not very helpful with this breakthrough TrustaBit

What Is TrustaBit?

TrustaBit is an advanced software solution that enables the system to provide customers with vouchers scheduled flight passengers when flights were canceled or delayed, passengers will be connected automatically.
Total passenger rights market is expected to reach $ 3.3 billion per year. Since 2013, the total air support compensation for all passengers who have a late flight increased from $ 8 million. Air Force pilots to function as an intermediary, and they asked the passengers on flight-specific information about them, they will work directly with the airline for compensation on behalf of clients. In Europe, they have established EU261 which provides that airlines must pay compensation to passengers in the range of $ 261 – depending on flight time and distance of $ 626 in the United States, there is no specific legislation to assist the flight delays, but there is international travel schedule, Montreal Convention applies.

To date, a total of 1.3 million passengers use the service, they have to pay 25% of air support in the amount of cost recovery. These figures indicate that the passengers are willing to pay extra for this service, which will be given what they want. As major airlines, the habit of waiting for a long time, such as poor customer service, excessive administrative procedures which must be accepted by the passenger, TrustaBit vouchers will help everyone. When the solution blockchain user applications can take advantage of this new market segment, increase customer loyalty.

Project Vision

The main problem is that many people do not understand that customer loyalty does not depend on the price, but the quality and service provided by the service. Now, when a passenger plane was delayed, he must go through a long and difficult road to get a voucher to be postponed. In this case, the passenger must fill out a special form to be written or explain what happened to his operator. You will be able to receive your coupon via e-mail, increasing the waiting time for passengers. As a result, at the end of the operation, passenger loyalty is reduced to a minimum, so that competitors enter the field, and put forward ideas to solve the problem.

The solution to this problem is to use a passenger on smartphone software. Operation and delivery of documents principle are as follows: After the flight is canceled or delayed, passengers will not have anything to charge or replace the phone, the coupon will automatically fill in all the necessary information through technology blockchain. This significantly increases the loyalty of passengers.


  1. Confidence
    Your customers will begin to believe that your business will improve things quickly, easily and safely.
  2. Smart Contract
    Smart Contract by using intelligent blockchain cost reducing, if not completely eliminated.
  3. Safety
    Use special blockchain all participants are aware, the auditor can detect and track transactions TrustaBit.


Now, when flights were canceled or delayed, there is no royal road to get back to her identity. Passengers must call the airline call center or fill out a form, making a detailed description of what happened. At this point, passengers often frustrated waiting for a customer service representative to determine if there is a good reason, coupons, and in what amount. In addition, the coupon should be sent or e-mail sent to the customer is not happy.

The Key Issues

  • There is no easy way to ask for credentials of your flight is canceled or delayed after.
  • Complaints about airline service rose 70 percent over the previous year, in April 2017.
  • Negative customer experience will depreciate brand awareness.


Our software is designed to restore the airline passengers emotional connection. When the flight TrustaBit application environment, users can determine the direct compensation of operational standards. When flights are delayed or canceled, eliminating the call center or contact the airline has claimed complete the necessary forms coupon will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address. It will be an opportunity for improvement and in the case of customers, increase brand loyalty, and for the next trip.

Market Opportunities TrustaBit

TrustaBit market opportunities sectoral business higher. Since 2013, there is a delay of A $ 8 million fund to collect delayed because air passengers compensation market and monthly market value of $ 3.3 billion / year are done. This is a fantastic amount and has TrustaBit smart idea, but many companies, so the market is wide open TrustaBit

Until this moment alone, carrying 1.3 million passengers when they are delayed by 25% of the electricity conversion services Montreal. This shows that passengers are willing to pay a higher latency. Padalah delays are sometimes not very good service and a lot of documents need to be addressed. TrustaBit Currently, in order to facilitate their flight delays and provide savings

Token Sales TrustaBit

As already mentioned, TrustaBit will have their applications blockchain smart idea to use cutting-edge technology. Mika is also used as the encryption investors invested a great idea that means of support.

Token sales, ICO TrustaBit fundraising organization, and as the location of the initial sale TrustaBit mark. The use of coded bit too TrustaBit token allocated and a total of 1000000000 bits as well. Investors can buy unlimited tokens bit too if the ICO is now also coming to an end, there are still more than a little bit more signs as well, then the token will be burned

ICO TrustaBit sales will be divided into the following four stages bonus details:

  • 20% bonus for the purchase of pre-Token
  • 15% one week before the sales rankings Token bonus
  • Bonus 2 weeks marks the highest sales 10%
  • In the third week, sales mark a key addition to 5%

The number of tokens available, TrustaBit it will be distributed as follows:

  • Bounty: sign distribution 3% for those who participate in social media marketing campaigns.
  • Pre-Token: Token 4% will be allocated to purchase tokens for the pre-sales and T-bit users at a discounted price.
  • Early investors: 10% will be allocated for the initial investment has the opportunity to sell at a discount before buying a little too prepaid.
  • Team: 17% marks will be committed to our team, will include an exercise program.
  • Advisory Commission: 5% will focus on our advisory board, will include an exercise program.
  • Sales of the major signs: 61% of the total sales of the distribution of tokens available in the Main Event marks us and provided a first come first served basis.

TrustaBit provides brilliant ideas are not taken by other companies. TrustaBit also has a very large market, so he has a great opportunity. Do not miss out, join and support the idea of intelligent owned with TrustaBit

Token Details

  • Token = TAB
  • PreICO Price 1 TAB = 0.05 USD
  • Price 1 TAB = 0.10 USD
  • Ethereal Platform
  • Receive ETH
  • Minimum investment 0.15 ETH
  • Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap 49 million USD
  • United States of America
  • Whitelist / KYC None
  • China’s restricted area

Token Allocation

TrustAbit Token-Allocation2-(1)

Distribution Of Funds

TrustAbit Distribution-of-Funds1-(1)


TrustAbit Roadmap


  • Saritta Hines Founder / Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn
  • Blair White Founder / Chief Sales Officer of LinkedIn
  • Woody Means Chief Technology Officer LinkedIn
  • Jaymes Hines Chief Marketing Officer LinkedIn
  • Kelvin Ndereba Blockchain Developer LinkedIn
  • Analysts Tax Company Sheletha Drew LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Samuel Dare Lead Hyperledger LinkedIn
  • JaMarr Johnson LinkedIn Marketing Director
  • Landon Williams UX / UI Designer
  • Hakar Sulaiman Creative Design Engineer


  • Mahroze Baloch Corporate Transactional Attorney LinkedIn
  • Casey Gardiner Co-founder at DigiWallet LinkedIn

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