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TROY Gold – Gold Products On The Blockchain

TROY Gold – Everyday we are looking for a day to help or we can find and communicate cryptocurrency new environment, conditions more attractive for new solutions. To do this, we assume that every new project, determine the advantages and characteristics, and then we realized if it fits or not. But no matter how we sometimes try to find something new and worthy of the Internet, it is very difficult. Although it is not possible! After all, sometimes to find the truth of something valuable, you need to spend too much time. As you know, “time is money”, which is sometimes very difficult to restore or recover to previous levels.

In addition, many of our projects deliberate loss of profit, since their primary purpose is to build only about their profits. Not only for the participants in this project naturally, but also have a negative impact on the overall cryptocurrency space. As crypto enthusiasts technology in this field is also very important in the general mood of the overall development.
This is why the founders of this project grow their business more reliable and heavy concepts. Among them, the participants will not only be able to encrypt their actual income received from investments, but also to provide customers with their relatives, colleagues and even friends with them. Curious? Then do not read any reviews of switching and end.

About the project and its characteristics

The idea of ​​this project, I decided to present to you today is called – Troy. TROY blockchain is a unique project to consolidate the value of gold coins by the Australian mining company porthole ILT. This partnership allows the Trojan to all holders of gold coins from the real digital assets, gold products is a real change in the world to benefit. I feel very comfortable because the cost and value of gold were at all-time high levels. This is why such a bold step would not only expand the boundaries of the physical world, but also digital cameras.
If we are talking about some other, equally important details. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first sign of the project has been launched after this time in 2017, I managed to find some inaccuracies after the founder improves the structure, the most successful symbol of the most reliable and high performance. The restructuring will allow us to begin to develop new works, to speed up development projects TROY. I think it’s very important! Because many of us have long tired of ending some of the weak, does not work outside blockchain thought. Here, the developer must take care in advance, and in the face of all the technical examination to eliminate errors in the way.

Why Blockchain?

Troy select Blockchain project developed technology provides the following technology like blockchain.

  • Immutability – Troy will not be modified without being tracked and recorded these changes blockchain
  • Accountability – because everything is not recorded in blockchain anything to hide
  • Security – Blockchain provide eco-system responsible for preventing anyone from tampering with the system
  • Redundancy – the same as being together blockchain books one million global system failure is almost impossible
  • Transparency – as blockchain all people around the world to share and access, each record can be used for accurate examination.


Troy mainly over its competitors is perhaps the most important benefit is reliable and safe storage, and users will be able to implement the system Troy availability of their transactions. In addition, the security system is based on involving some security checks, personal way of user data from the statistical parameter creatures. As the founder of the project, said the system will enter TROYwallet digital assets throughout the world, most reliable, most secure system. At the same time, not only the most reliable, secure, but also the most convenient to use! Because the developers have made every effort to ensure the effective use of the technology available in the world, as well as competent to apply all the tools blockchain, mark their gold.
TROY Another remarkable advantage is through regulatory public authorities, as well as full compliance with Islamic law. What makes the user TROY limited projects from around the world.


Digital wallet password to use, personal or security seed. It usually letters and numbers, so that the complex validation and recovery of a combination phone and a big mistake.

With advances in a fingerprint, face and live retina technology, Troy created the world’s most secure, and easy to use digital warehouse. Validation of their own this method is very difficult compromises, but all combined into a single platform – Troy digital asset Vault will be the most secure platform in the world.

Troy part of the security policy, TROY and its never store personal information other than your e-mail address and the address of the public purse. TROY never store your Sirenfangwen key, it can only be accessed on their personal devices.


The level of data protection and digital asset TROY very high. Therefore, before you buy a token Troy, you need to go through the KYC and AML procedures. After verification of this stage will give you access to ERC 20 ERC-223 storage standard mark. Labeling itself will be the basis of the ERC-223 standard on ethereum blockchain, and will be distributed by ITO.

The gold token is assigned the existing economic logic process is highly desirable. Initial supply of coins will be only 27 million gold marks. The largest supplier of coins will not exceed 1.8 million units. The total number of coins mining will depend on escrow. If they sell tokens, the developer did not reach the desired level, the rest of the token will be irrevocably destroyed.


  • Q4 2017
    TROY was originally conceived as Tipbot.
  • Q1 2018
    Tipbot’s token sale launched and soon paused for restructuring after private investment
  • Q2 2018
    Negotiations commence securing gold contracts
    TROY began development of the ‘TROY vault’
    Legal Team selected & core team expanded.
  • Q3 2018
    TROY incorporated in Malta as Tipbot LTD and underwent a full product redevelopment
  • Q4 2018
    Marketing teams employed
    Online team employed
  • Q1 2019
    TROY internal systems test, token sale platform & whitepaper finalized.
    Smart Contract Written to ERC-223 standard
  • Q2 2019
    ‘TROY Vault’ mobile alpha launch contract finalized to acquire 20,000oz of gold, with Bullseye mining being the miner of the Gold
    Smart Contract Audit
  • Q3 2019
    TROY GOLD token sale relaunch
  • Q4 2019
    TROY GOLD token sale Completion
  • Q1 2020
    TROY Vault Alpha Public Release
    TROY Vault Beta public Release
  • Q2 2020
    TROY Vault Beta Security Audit
  • Q3 2020
    TROY Vault v1 launch
  • Q4 2020
    Development of unpublished concepts
  • 2021-2022
    Gold delivery and production of TROY’s gold products. Product sale window open.


Given the situation on the market cryptocurrency now, I am personally delighted to see such a cool project, Troy. Because the rate is the envy of almost every project blockchain. After all, the whole enterprise development strategies are thought out to the smallest detail. Because the developer has prepared all the necessary ground in advance of further growth and development. But also take into account the religious identity of the Muslim population, Islamic law to inspect the project. In addition, they are certified by an independent, or more precisely, through an independent audit, and received Amanie Advisors LLC is a full certificate. This once again confirms the seriousness of the intentions of all and presents bar item to a new, higher level!

Of course, more advanced features and details TROY, or more, I do not have time to talk with every one of his short reviews. But let us not forget, you can learn on their own, using official sources TROY project. In order to make your search and more convenient to learn, I have to prepare in advance all the necessary resources.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Troy Gold team, I just give you the latest ICO info”