Triggmine ICO Review – Best Email Marketing

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Triggmine ICO Review – Best Email Marketing

Triggmine – Rumors about cryptocurrency increase, people have heard it, and more and more people want to find more information about it and find a way to join it. We say that when blockchain technology emerges, things change. Many companies have improved, so many companies started using cryptocurrency in their work. New ideas happen every day.

People want to invest in new projects. We have the largest tool in the world and this is called the Internet. The Internet is a huge information base that we can do anything. The Internet connects the whole world. One of his projects is Triggmine, an email marketing automation system based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Triggmine is the first decentralized platform that provides SMB with previously unprecedented marketing automation services, paying for efficient action, rather than a monthly subscription. It adapts intelligent systems, decentralized protocols, and network consensus through artificial intelligence to adapt to changing business parameters and personality traits from every online store.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and blockchain technology has been widely recognized as the world’s top trend in IT. Both of these technologies seem to promise to revolutionize core business functions. This is of course marketing, and the discipline is currently undergoing tremendous changes when policymakers realize the benefits IT can provide and automate the marketing function.

For business digitization, SaaS automated marketing solutions are highly sought after among entrepreneurs, as are blockchain-based projects, which now add new confidence due to their decentralization. With this, the global automation marketing software market is expected to grow from $ 3.65 billion in 2014 to $ 8.61 billion by 2021.

By 2021, global retail e-commerce sales are estimated at $ 4.5 trillion. Therefore, “globalization” is very important for retailers of all sizes – not just multinational retail giants but also small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

By competing in the global market, SMEs face several challenges. Maintaining a worldwide marketing function requires a high level of expenditure; organizations face a tough competition, not only to retain customers, but also to keep the internal marketing “talent”, and key decision makers often have little expertise in digital, high training costs, time to become operational Barriers to develop major organizational skills.

In the market for marketing automation, email marketing is one of the most powerful channels and is a major driving force for the development of the general industry. By 2025, he believes that only the email marketing industry will reach $ 23.51 billion.

Most existing email marketing solutions cannot meet the unique needs of SME e-commerce. Solutions that SMEs can afford often have limited ability to achieve optimal operational needs. Another solution is too saturated, and the functionality offered only at a price point goes far beyond the usual expenditure of the SME marketing function.

Through honest SME owners, we designed Triggmine, an automated marketing solution that allows entrepreneurs to engage in cost-effective marketing campaigns. The solution is built on the Triggmine blockchain platform, networks and protocols are decentralized with an embedded token economy that ensures customers only pay for verified results and support participation and third parties in the open market Ecosystem. Currently used by thousands of UKM retailers, the alpha version of the product already supports integration with top e-commerce platforms and provides custom templates for specific vertical industries.


Inhibits SMEs from implementing email marketing

Large companies have used extensive email marketing automation

Improve operational efficiency and speed, reduce human resources, and save resources. However, all of these cost a lot and are usually appreciated for small and medium-sized businesses. This can be explained by the following factors:

Service complex. In the early stages of business development, most of the functions provided by integrated marketing software solutions are not required. Small businesses primarily use three marketing channels in e-commerce jobs: email distribution, redirects, and paid advertising.

Crude oil tool. The simple tools available are genuine. They do not provide comprehensive solutions. They make it impossible for companies to realize their full potential.

Not enough time. Small business owners do not have enough time to thoroughly examine the principles of email marketing, trigger event management, and content development. Entrepreneurs play a multi-function role and have to deal with many goals at the same time: inventory management, logistics, customer acquisition, finance, etc.

High cost. High integration costs. SMEs can not spend a lot of money, especially in the early stages. In addition, they do not have the additional budget to hire marketing experts or agents to integrate sophisticated marketing solutions. SMEs require automated solutions to streamline activity management and improve efficiency. An ideal solution for small and medium enterprises the ability to provide start-up activities, and to increase revenue by pressing a button, without having to take the time to integrate, long boring manual adjustments and A / B testing.


The Triggmine team created a truly intelligent system that not only automates email delivery but also adapts to changing business parameters and individual customer characteristics. This is possible because their solution uses technology: AI and blockchain.


Participants on the Triggmine platform interact with each other in a global ecosystem. Triggmine Token (TRG) is a means of creating economic incentives to reward platform members. TRG is a major component of the Triggmine Consensus among the participants. The token purchase as a payment instrument for a particular event occurs before the actual event, and the gift distribution is performed after the result is specifically used for effective action.

Triggmine Ecosystem

We announce that our sales token is funding the development of platforms and networks that will complement our alpha products with fully independent marketing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. And we
blockchain technology based on artificial intelligence will provide intelligent contract structure that allows Triggmine and SME cooperation, sharing risk and performance incentives, to ensure the achievement of SMEs targets.

Artificial intelligence – perhaps the biggest disruptive potential of traditional marketing functions – can reduce many of the barriers to entry into SME marketing automation. With deep expertise in email marketing, Triggmine team expertise and our innovative solutions will be a great success to compete with SME e-commerce in the global marketplace.

Triggmine Token Details

Triggmine Token (TRG) is an internal payment method on platforms that collect platform fees and payments for services and products. All users must purchase tokens to use the Triggmine service and products.

As such, it is a major economic component that enables the implementation of Triggmine consensus and the services of distributed network participants (see Ecosystems section). This is a cryptographically protected digital entity that is used for all payments and value exchanges within the network, defined as transactions in the underlying blockchain.

TRG is distributed and distributed in accordance with the distribution rules described below and sold to early adopters and contributors during the sale of tokens. Contributors can purchase and use tokens in their wallets.

TRG will only be created during the token sale process. Therefore, the TRG offer value will only be determined after the end of the token sale. After the token is sold, unsold tokens will be burned and no additional tokens will be created. The initial allocation of TRG is as follows:

Triggmine Token Distribution

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Triggmine team, I just give you the latest ICO info”