Treon – Bringing The Encryption Revolution To Utility Payments

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Treon – Bringing The Encryption Revolution To Utility Payments

Treon – According to the latest data from GSMA, more than 5 billion people from around the world are mobile users. It has become the most important “lifeline” to connecting, doing business, entertainment, buying and selling, and paying prices in our everyday lives.

Nearly 80% of revenue comes from talk time sales of up to 5.1 billion users, while 20% comes from the Internet and roaming services, and 20% comes from serving the commercial market. Interconnection and roaming revenue is based on agreements signed between telecommunication providers to share revenue among users outside their home network. For Treon, this is a mature market where you can deploy smart Blockchain contracts to automate large market niches in the telecommunications industry.

What is TREON?

Treon is token-based dashboard and mobile wallet solutions for payment of bills Gongyongshiye, designed to use Gongyongshiye blockchain using intelligent bill settlement technology billions of customer designs. Treon is a new type of personal, instant, proven and reliable transaction. Easy to use, Treon is completely transparent and trustworthy, enabling a one-stop service for utility bill payments with just one dashboard. Real-time, traceable and cost-effective, Treon can easily and seamlessly pay bills from anywhere.

The Ethereum Treon’s blockchain platform is designed to enable global consumers to manage and pay monthly electricity bills for telecommunications, power, gas and water networks. As a major digital phone, the mobile with the ever-on tool is one of the pillars of Treon’s business model and multi-billion consumer adoption strategy.

Treon Vision

The goal of Treon is to become a new “utility fund” to handle utility networks. We envision a world bank and consumers have no bank account also enjoy a few minutes voice calls from the number of gigabytes of data, kilowatts of electricity, thermal units of natural gas or gallons of drinking water to understand and pay for what they are used. All of this comes from an integrated and integrated dashboard running on smartphones and paying those uses using their preferred currency – crypto or fiat – in just a few clicks.

Why choose TREON?

Treon is a powerful, modular, decentralized utility blockade gateway and processes wallet applications that consumers can use to pay their utility bills. Treon wants to be the tool and preferred token in a completely fragmented and inexpensive way. The benefits are:

  • Improve consumer life
  • Avoid long lines to pay bills. Pay a bill with a single click using a TXO token.
  • Consolidate usage dashboard. Smart notification of service status.
  • No bank account? No problem … no financial inclusion from a bank account.
  • Use TXO to pay real benefits especially with green energy.
  • Turning the utility into the next step
  • The transaction fee for billing payment is kept at 80%.
  • Cross-protocol to digitize blockchain.
  • Increase operating costs and cost-effective.
  • Provide a faster and efficient check-out tool.

Treon Benefits

For customers without a bank account, you can use a TXO token. Of course, there is a learning curve for customers who are learning to access TXO as a means of completion, so we will continue to offer other means of payment during the transition period we provide. Treon’s core goal is to provide various payment methods to customers worldwide, to alleviate their daily suffering, as we expect the currency will soon become part of the daily routine transaction encryption.

Business model

Treon’s business model is based on multiple sources of revenue from various utility services, mainly from distribution benefits, transaction costs, and platform usage fees. Treon (TXO) will achieve a healthy profit while saving a lot of money for utility providers.

Treon rewards customers with a TXO token, making adoption and using more interest. In addition, savings will be a catalyst for utility companies to transfer their cross contracts to blockchain to effectively manage their business transactions.

Combining these benefits and costs, Treon’s business model is designed to meet the growing global market demand and become a true partner for utility suppliers, bringing real value to consumers and suppliers.


Treon Prototype

  • 1 Token, 1 Screen And 1 Click
    By clicking the button, you can buy a token (TXO) to see how you use it and affect payments for all your utilities anywhere in the world. Easily use one interface with multiple payment options to charge utility companies on a single dashboard.
  • Simple
    A decentralized utility payment gateway and processing wallet application created for all customers worldwide, including customers without bank accounts, and simple and integrated smartphone apps to manage and pay for all expenses for various utility accounts.
  • Security
    Treon will use the intelligent Ethereum blockchain contract to ensure the integrity and security of e-wallets, which function like multi-billed wallets. We offer the best experience for the encryption ecosystem for Treon users (TXO) with some cryptocurrency expert partners.

Team Summary

Treon Team Overview

Tim Treon and consultants are pursuing the desire to “create history”. The team’s vision is to create an innovative platform that leverages the latest encryption and blockchain technologies to lead the global transformation of global utilities. The team aims to create the world’s most important distributed payment wallet application for utilities.

The founder of Treon has an experienced team with extensive industry expertise in telecommunications, energy, blockchain and high technology industries. Team members have a proven track record for starting, expanding, and growing a profitable multi-billion dollar company. Team members work for companies around the world:

  • Fixed and mobile telecommunications operators in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Vodafone, Vimpelcom, Orange, STC, Zain, MTN, Virgin Mobile, Mobily, AT&T
  • High technology and blue chip technology
  • Cisco, Qualcomm, HP
  • Branding, communications, and advertising agencies
  • Leo Burnett, Lippincott, McCann Worldgroup, JWT
  • Management consulting
  • PWC, Strategy &, Accenture, EDS, Logic
  • Energy and green energy
  • Schlumberger, Duke Energy, Powerhive
  • Encryption and blockchain
  • XchangePal, XchangeRate, Kryptonight, Coinason


All team members are cryptographers and high-tech entrepreneurs, and we rarely have the successful technology. Learn about each member at the end of the document. Below are most of our private companies that help start, grow, and work.


43% of the 1 billion total supply will be sold during Presale and the ICO proceeds (less ICO related costs) will be distributed as follows:

  • Technology 60%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Operations 10%
  • Legal & Admin 5%
  • 57% of TXOs will be allocated for future mining, ecosystem, founders and
  • team (over 10 years), as follows:
  • Reserve 84%
  • Founders 9%
  • Ecosystem 5%
  • Team 2%


  • Q1 2017
    Starting from Idea and planning
  • Q4 2017
    Technical architecture and prototyping
  • Q1 2018
    ICO planning & preparation
  • Q4 2018
    Request a Token on the Crypto Stock Exchange
  • Q1 2019
    Onboarding Telecommunication Provider
  • Q4 2019
    Agreement with Telecom top-up distributor
  • Q1 2020
    Agreement with payment gateway
  • Q4 2020
    Onboarding Electrical Company
  • Q1 2021
    Smart Contract for natural gas companies
  • Q4 2021
    Onboarding company Water Utility
  • Q1 2022
    Launch of Telecom reseller agreement
  • Q4 2022
    Close all reseller agreement of utility provider

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Treon team, I just give you the latest ICO info”