TrakInvest – AI Powered Crypto Trading Platform

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TrakInvest – AI Powered Crypto Trading Platform

TrakInvest – The business of money related administrations have experienced an unpleasant misfortune due to the absence of confidence in clients and decreased interest in retail. In this day and age, everything is getting to be virtual, which additionally incorporates platforms of exchanging that are attempting to present an adjustment in the traditional models of speculation administration and retail business.

One such online platform is TrakInvest that has been attempting to change the scene of budgetary administrations all through Asia since past 3 years. Its base camp is arranged in Singapore. TrakInvest has fundamentally centered around crowdsourcing the insight of back.

Trakinvest is a platform for group-based exchanging. It is by and by offering the capacity of sharing the venture learning to its clients and also different individuals having a place with the network. Also, it gives apparatuses to forecast by making utilization of the smart contract advancements. It likewise offers projects of computerized confirmation in virtual exchanging.

Trakinvest is anticipating dispatch its Track tokens in the primary quarter of 2018 to its present clients. It will empower them to procure expenses in return for their exchanging information benefits through its versatile and in addition web platforms.

Trakinvest platform expands on AI and blockchain innovation and it offers a virtual social exchanging platform where clients you can impart venture ability to different individuals from the network for an expense, give gauging and forecast instruments utilizing advancements in smart contracts, machine learning. TrakInvest is upheld by an effective tech stack and the quality of Ethereum’s biological system with improved security and straightforwardness levels.

Before I dive deep down into TrakInvest and how it works, I will rapidly give a clarification of Cryptocurrency and Token for those that don’t comprehend the what and hows of these terms. You can avoid this part in the event that you as of now do.

So What Is Cryptocurrency?

I initially found out about Bitcoin in 2012, however, I didn’t “get it.”

Terms like decentralized dispersed my advantage, yet I did not have the specialized comprehension to truly comprehend what I was taking a gander at.

I began perusing up more in 2015. In any case, simply after a profound jump in the course of the most recent 1 year do I have an inclination that I’ve even started to wrap my head around it.

A cryptographic money is a type of installment which is like the monetary standards regularly utilized, for example, United States Dollar or the British Pound. In any case, not at all like these monetary forms, digital currencies are decentralized. There is no focal government to print a greater amount of them out to cause expansion. Indeed, cryptographic forms of money have been detailed to steadily diminish underway as time passes by. Bitcoin, for example, will never have more than 21 million coins in the spread.

What Is Token?

A token is a portrayal of significant worth, a kind of computerized resource (dAsset). The Ethereum engineers chose to institutionalize this procedure, thus the ERC20 ‘Token Standard’ was made. This templated-contract institutionalization contains a progression of capacities that empowers the issuance, circulation, and control of the advantages in a formalized, institutionalized way.

A token standard takes into consideration the simplicity of interoperability between DApps (decentralized applications based on the Ethereum open chain) and the tokens worked by the software engineers.

TrakInvest Platform And How It Works

TrakInvest innovation joins innovation network, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Digital instruments , Algo exchanging and Smart Contracts. The Social Trading apparatuses engage singular clients to share venture guidance and to pick up from advertise bits of knowledge of the group, Technologies in huge information investigation and foundation will encourage smarter and quicker machines that are equipped for preparing a lot of unstructured information that incorporate constant market occasions and web-based social networking news bolsters. With this, you increase further experiences into particular stocks to relate showcase developments instead of simply considering cost developments of a solitary stock.

In the meantime as the TrakInvest site being free, the benefits are genuine. The clients can win money prizes by method for rivalry, get it together of temporary positions at overall eminent foundations on a month to month premise and over the long haul influence a salary, to breed their genuine portfolios, and dive up an edge in the profession.

The Key Features Of TrakInvest Are

Genuine stock value bolster from 10 worldwide trades of 8 unique nations including US, UK, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

  • 22 hours of exchanging office alongside live portfolio tracker • Real time news encourage
  • Distributed learning
  • Gamified client encounter
  • Key Financial Ratios, stock hunt and cost outlining usefulness
  • Stock Sentiment Score for more than 18,000 worldwide stocks
  • Connecting with and intuitive UI
  • Whenever exchanging with the TrakInvest portable application and Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Nitty gritty customized Trading Reports
  • Client bolster

The social highlights of the TrakInvest firm enable their clients to chop down their figuring out how to bend and enable them to ‘Trak’ or take after different financial specialists where they can duplicate and view their companions or exchanges their given framework. This platform, which has been based on a versatile modified dialect, can be utilized by customers practically in the budgetary instruction and administrations segments as an apparatus for showcase engagement or else as a component of their inward structures

TrakInvest Ico And Token (TRACK)

Trakinvest token (TRACK) will be discharged amid the commitment time frame. Trakinvest will offers ERC-20 good Ethereum-based Track token. The point of the token sale is to give a marked down cooperation to the early adopters of the decentralized platform. To give an utilitarian loaning business sector to such degree, early adopters are required. By buying Track, the early adopters gets a marked down cost for utilizing the decentralized loaning platform. The ICO has been organized to give the best chances to any individual who might want to take an interest from the earliest starting point, giving most extreme adaptability and control to the members.

Trakinvest token (TRACK) will be utilized to buy items and administration on the Trakinvest network . It will likewise be utilized to give motivator to early adopters.


  • Pre Ico starts 16th of Dec 2017 and ends on 19th of Jan 2018
  • ICO starts 19th of Jan 2018 and ends 3rd of February 2018
  • The total amount of Tokens released will be 66,000,000 during the ICO.

Token Distribution

  • 42% of Total Tokens for Presale and ICO Participants
  • 10% will be allocated for Board of Advisors
  • 23% for management team
  • 15% MA expansion and buyback
  • 5% partnership and early adopters
  • 5% for bounties

The Trakinvest organization makes the best utilization of its simple to utilize interface and exchanging aptitudes for furnishing its clients with $100,000 in computerized money and induction to existent value sustain and advertise information from 10 worldwide markets for exchanging values and dealing with their portfolios.

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