Trade Pharma Network Is A Trading Service With Pharmaceutical Products

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Trade Pharma Network Is A Trading Service With Pharmaceutical Products

Trade Pharma Network  The pharmaceutical supply chain is one of the world’s supply chain complexity. In most cases, they are underutilized and inefficient and unable to cope with such products coming down the pipe. To meet the growing market demand for metastases from the patient, the pharmaceutical supply chain in need of radical reform.

The introduction of trade pharmacy network, medicine-oriented network trade market of buyers and sellers daily operation and licensing of pharmaceutical products in the EU and dealing services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Trade Network aims to solve the worldwide problem of drugs, by creating, innovative drugs that can be relied upon as the center of the market, and has been based on cutting-edge technology, such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and different things visually that the future of medicine also.

Trade Pharma Network Mission

Our team strongly believe that innovation and creativity and pharmaceutical drug trade make the difference Accommodation, aims to generate reliable and innovative drugs to Rialto Center for the pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals to trade, and the effective use of our range of accommodation, the best interests of the patient. And more sophisticated predictive techniques such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and tomorrow IOT prepared with different visually.

Our business is cleverly designed for importers and distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, hospitals, dispensing pharmacies, non-profit organizations and profit from our business partners and customers and/or suppliers. We use them to reduce the cost of the trade transaction process Hopewell, identifying all of these activities take place in an environment of trust and artificial intelligent. Our team is always making sure that everything goes well, full parties.

The project offers a solution to the following problems:

Preventing Counterfeiting Of Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare companies to create transparency and trust their own goods and supply chain, creating more predictability manufacturers to more effectively manage their drug supply, to prevent counterfeit drugs and lack of medicines and parallel imports.

Increasing Manufacturing Efficiency
  • The smart device collects operating data and state (maintenance run time, temperature, load, ready for use/ operation/cleaning/down)
  • Adding IOT sensor package using internet data collection devices industry and build the backend platform
  • Data analysis was carried out to predict when the device may be closed
  • Ticket management automation and integrated system trigger event request
  • Analysis of data collected by sensors metadata to identify the cause and to reduce process variability and increase production
  • Visibility through the movement of the entire factory labor and material tracking and monitoring technologies.
Promoting Charity

So that people are more able to reason with their concerns, which are connected by using Blockchain and artificial intelligence. With the help of a cutting-edge platform, the project makes the algorithm to match donors and institutions and decentralized payment system at the lowest cost to choose from, the world.

Additive Manufacturing with the 3D printers

The project will be in 2-3 years to commercialize the printed sheet. The biggest challenge for 3D printing lies not in the technology itself, but rather the regulatory environment. This project has already started, (pharmacists, academics, basic filling some points of the 3D printing customized medicine as a couple sides.

Another short project proposal:

  • Pharmaceuticals Trade & User Experience
    This project will be provided by integrating Blockchain and AI to enter the market with a new multi-service platform and trade-related work experience for consumers to make a practical and efficient navigation of the site, to provide consumers with a more detailed description and visualization
  • Interconnected “Things”
    Small, robust sensors that allow to move the global network and physical objects to wearable devices, vehicles, physical structure and devices connected from the machine, using Blockchain & IOT & IIoT to interact and share data with each other.
  • Scalable Blockchain Payment & Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Users will be free to convert the tokens as they want, including network pharmacy trade mark (TXP), and to eliminate the cost of purchasing services, both in the capacity of a simple and effective way
  • Pharma & Healthcare Staffing
    Candidates build a community of talent and a strong relationship with the market, customers can not find their own projects

The service is described as follows:

  • It pharmaceuticals (IOT)
    By things and sensors, and use the sequence and polymerization of manufacturing and supply chain management.
  • Printed Drugs
    drug additive manufactured using 3D printing techniques.
  • Pharma Staffing
    online outplacement adapted to pharmaceutical and consumer health platform.
  • Charity Causes
    health care related to charitable fundraising.
  • Chatbot and Virtual Assistant
    The most powerful AI management of the entire market in the world is a structure in natural language and then parse and act on it, to get the best possible customer experience.
  • Crypto Exchange
    Payment & cryptocurrency atom scalability exchange swaps with a second outer link layer solutions.

Token system

Pharmaceutical Trade Network (TXP) will hold as the primary method of accessing the Rialto drug trafficking. Tokens will be stored in our personal bag, and then sent to the trading platform for the accommodation, the ability to issue huge cost cards using Bitcoin avoid. Token is to strengthen and build standard ERC20 Blockchain revenge.


During the ICO, the token will be passed directly to the smart investors think the contract will be frozen until the end of the ICO.
Token unsold will burn at the end of the ICO, but in different proportions will remain the same, to keep a good new ecosystem and economic balance.
No new token will expire after the end of the ICO.

The TXP token:

  • Total supply: 1 Billion tokens
  • Token price: $0.07
  • SoftCap: $2.5 Million
  • MiddleCap: $10 Million
  • HardCap: $20 Million

Important dates:

  • Private Sale: 20 August – 28 September
  • Pre TGE: 2 October – 16 October
  • Main TGE: 17 October – 16 November

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