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Top Network – Full-Stack Decentralized Cloud Communication Services

Top Network – This year is a critical juncture in the industry blockchain. How blockchain attract real users, support a real business, real money: Because of the surrounding Bitcoin price and Infection Control Officer sensation fizzles, digital books found that it was faced with a difficult problem?

No project has not broken the code. While the global market is expected to blockchain 2022, a big jump, from $ 411.5 million in 2017 to $ 7.68 billion [1], the user and the current use of sustainable too scarce public blockchains generate real income. In revenge, more than 1,200 different applications (Dapps), especially in transaction code, gaming or gambling, only about less than 20 have more than 100 active users [2].

Top networks in the communications industry, distributed computing, and saboteur of a true believer providing innovative solutions to problems blockchain urgent problem. Under an array of cutting-edge technology through the establishment of an entrepreneurial dream team support global users and developers, our goal is to create a common platform blockchain create the type, size or volume of the real world of business. To create a fully functional application in our blockchain, DAPP developers can easily centralized platform.

TOP does not intend to establish their own blockchain once in the first, but we soon realized that we had to do it.

When we launched the network over the past year, we built a decentralized communication network provides communication services, such as e-mail, VPN, and VoIP and developers to provide full-stack cloud infrastructure. Then we started looking for accounting and settlement transactions clear public on the Internet and we encourage users, developers and service providers token.

About Us

TOP network is a decentralized network provides communications services cloud open communication, such as SMS, telephone, video, VPN, CDN, data sharing things. With 4.0 technology blockchain, TOP network secure, affordable and unstoppable. Our mission is to create a network of TOP network infrastructure for all applications.

top chain based DAG blockchain high-performance platform designed for the real world of business. With the three-Ledger, two fragmentation, real-time trading, zero transaction costs, the chain can handle the amount and the actual business of any size blockchain.

TOP launched the network, our CEO Steve Wei, a serial entrepreneur who has been active in the field of technology for more than twenty years ago, co-founded Dingtone, has developed Dingtone, CoverMe and SkyVPN a technology company – communication applications, attracted 50 million users around the world. Product last year, induction into the nascent digital accounts, when combined with the communications industry, challenging the potential Dingtone in years, Steve decided blockchain and encryption based on well-established market position in the field of entrepreneurship Dingtone this.

In most blockchain when the project does not make money, because they can not find enough customers to use their token era, the top network has gained a large user base. 500,000 users seamless migration Dingtone popular applications for digital books TOP was launched, more than 100,000 transactions per second are produced from scratch in our ecosystem.

Embracing change token economy, we will issue TOP token to motivate participants and to promote the business. When Facebook and Twitter users to create new jobs available, users scattered TOP web application can get their reward token is used by the application. We are ready to destroy the structure of income distribution end users of traditional and benefit-sharing, because we believe that with the dispersion technique and ownership spread, the top network is to create a society that is dynamic and sustainable, all participants, including users, developers, and service providers, to get maximum benefit , We can only be found when all the most gold digging.

We do, but TOP, high-performance, general-purpose public blockchain Starting with blockchain intersection niche and communications industry, in other areas, such as the unlimited potential of the Internet and social, big data, finances, and health. Through technical and competitive, with the support of a solid customer base and large development team and an experienced, top network have the confidence to real-world business to the blockchain.


TOP purpose is to completely change the network communications industry technology blockchain. Before the project, the team has developed a distributed communications network based on three applications: Dingtone VoIP applications, CoverMe, namely the use of end – to – end encryption and self-destruction of messaging technology, and communications applications SkyVPN. These three products have a total of 50 million registered users.

Core Features

Top Network Core Features

  • Three-layer Ledgers
    TOP consists of a backbone chain and a plurality of processor services off the chain. Transaction clearing process only major chain and service chain can be included and customized business logic for each type of process independently. A processor performs preprocessing on the transaction chain off, to reduce the workload of the ledger.
  • Two-layer Sharding
    We use fragmented scale up top, but much of the debris can cause major fragmentation across all transactions, thereby preventing debris on the entire route. In order to improve routing efficiency, the overall system will be placed in the number of regions and each region is divided into a number of dynamic pieces.
  • Two-layer Lattice DAG
    Meanwhile, to avoid the entry of more organized avalanche slows transaction, DAG TOP simplified the structure, using a transaction to arrange blocks of cells and cell debris and account status across regional synchronization. Compared to the other based on DAG-blockchains, TOP is more dispersed, more secure, more efficient.
  • Three-layer Network
    TOP of the edge of the network, routing, network and core network. relay EDGE network trading, routing, and network management audit services debris, as well as the implementation of the consensus mechanism for the core network. The agreement reached core network node perfectly protected from malicious attacks before the network core to the edge of the network and routing through the network.
  • PBFT-DPoS*
    We “Shares” TOP shares on the node, which is called by redefining consensus comprehensive upgrade DPO shares is determined by many factors, such as equity assets, the accumulated credibility, and computing power to determine. Has the highest combined shares node, VRF algorithm randomly selected node to form a block and verify transactions resulting algorithm has PBFT debris. This mechanism ensures that the selected node fairness and protect the safety and integrity of the TOP.

Consensus Mechanism

TOP simplified DAG structure and implement a consensus mechanism safer and faster. consensus mechanism consists of three levels:

  • Edge network
    edge nodes, the nodes on the outermost layer of the network, connecting directly to the client, and relays the transaction. In order to protect the routing nodes and node consensus, top edge of the network nodes is not allowed to make transactions or save a complete book.
  • Routing network
    Core network routing node routing transactions occurred during the consensus. Routing node can also set the synchronization in the rubble and debris account status.
  • Core network
    Mechanism consensus core network to perform. VRF random fragment selection algorithm node. A PBFT consensus algorithm randomly selects a node in the rubble. Each node consists of 21 pieces at least nine common nodes and backup.


Top Network Roadmap


In the network, we create features and functions super easy for developers to build communication, which is required to have almost all applications. We offer full communication stacks of cloud services, including SMS, voice/video, VoIP, VPN, flow / CDN, Internet of Things data sharing and more, from the construction stack of communication protocols, and through the deployment of their own network, significantly shorten the development cycle release headache developer and pulled down 60% of the cost. All the features and functions of the communication structure and SDK API we provide a package, audio, and video signal processing, codecs, special effects and network IO modules in a package, which the developer can be effectively used as. In the near future, we will provide the tools, through internal development and strategic partnerships to promote the development of various Dapps other categories.

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