Tokeneo – Establish A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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Tokeneo – Establish A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Tokeneo – We came up with when Tokeneo project started in 2018, we started to collect funds, Cryptoinvestia idea cryptocurrency purpose open-end funds. The process of investment basket at the point of work, we do not have a choice but a lower risk, to choose the right assets and produces through a high potential. Currently, only a small number of projects can give their investors more than the absolute commitment to the future of heightened exchange.

To protect the interests of those who want their personal funds entrusted to us by way of best possible, we have decided to build up the accumulated funds from certain parts of its trading platform, the shareholders will participate in a share of the profits generated by it.

This is common sense, regardless of current market trends cryptocurrency dominant, growing foreign exchange market they continue to take pride turnover and increased revenues in the sign market. Seeing a gap in the market, we adopted a decision to develop a platform that Tokeneo -, overtime pay dividends regularly exchange cryptocurrency investors, TEO token. For details, the main purpose of the project is to be found in this document.

What Is Tokeneo?

The basic idea behind Tokeneo is to Establish A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, where everyone can be equal participation in its development, affecting the shape and full assistance to its base, so far, has been successful in reality typical of large enterprises.

We decided to adopt the solutions on the market, in order to achieve this goal is too superficial and inadequate, which is why we have developed over by itself will gain great power engaged in a public offering in road construction projects with investors from the model, their period will be longer connected to it, not only for the purpose of speculation.

Tokeneo is building a trading platform that is unique and encrypted, investors are seen as partners and the ecosystem of success in how to develop the share of inputs. The basic idea behind this project is that the solutions currently on the market are not enough, mostly superficial, which means that consumers are willing to have this platform. Tokeneo intention is that the investor can own and have enough power for the sustainable development of the project a good exchange of encryption.


From the start time Tokeneo platform, users will have the lowest chance in the market 25 tokens for funds raised, we can ensure the proper mobility of free trade. Choose this market will be in accordance with the current mood in the industry, will focus on the most interesting of the available technology, the greatest potential for growth and their adoption, taking into account the expected turnover. We are determined to support the long-term strategic planning and development and has the most solid base for the project because it converges with our own investment philosophy. We will also support projects that can complement our offer themselves to a certain extent, and expanding the scope of services provided Tokeneo, and allows us to maintain the competitiveness of other platforms.


Tokeneo is cryptocurrency decentralization platform. The team published by revenge -TEO token. As the team claimed the public will have 90% of the token and the investor will have a gain of 50% (daily wage) to compensate. This platform should provide at least 25 cryptocurrency market. Tokeneo users will have access to three types of orders: market orders to buy and sell, buy and sell limit orders, stop loss and take profit. The team also plans to launch TokeneoCash: encrypt currency exchange office users who can not go through the verification process.

Develop a model in which each user can get a power project development, they will be attached to them for a long time, not only for the purpose of operating and speculation. model of development, the decision will bring profit and profitability, seeking to have the exchange of market dominance is the main task of the platform to be more open and transparent with the wishes of investors, project launches its own sales companies, professional development leadership team project work.

What Tokeneo Community-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Proposes

Right from the launch date, in Tokeneo users will have the opportunity to ensure the liquidity of up to 25 different tokens freely traded market, thanks to the success of the ICO. Selected markets will be the top-performing, and will be based on sentiment and predict the industry today, including a focus on adoption and have a great development potential for the future, an interesting technology updates. Tokeneo has been committed to supporting the long-term development and strategic planning, as well as laying a solid foundation for innovative projects.

Several types are available at the start of sales orders, including market, limit buy and sell and take profit and stop-loss orders buttocks. This initial package is enough to use the platform Tokeneo when he started to most investors. However, there are plans to deal with more options to further customize the platform, and improve the overall user experience.

Also for Tokeneo who wishes to remain anonymous, as they make their clients TokeneoCash trade exchange. This encryption exchange offices will be available online, and anonymous transactions up to certain limits.

Tokeneo Platform

TOKENEO TEO is the payment of dividends for each sign holds cryptocurrency exchange. Trading Platform, so that each user can participate in its development, influence and achieve success together.

Currency Tokeneo encrypted, which has a 90% Revenge community-based exchange -TEO very complex token. 50% of the income of the investor compensation Tokeneo pay every day.

Tokeneo Platform

Tokeneo Source Of Income

Their Tokeneo income investors should be aware that exchange, direct and indirect two main sources of income. a direct source of revenue will cover the cost of all services provided to customers by this exchange. This service includes direct transaction costs, salaries, fees listed on the exchange, currency conversion fees also FIAT. At the same time, the external revenue including trading robots, node, and mining, partnership, paid promotion and other strategic partnerships.

Creating The Cryptocurrency Exchange Market

  • 50/50 distribution of profits
  • Passive income is paid every day
  • The opportunity to “mine” one more cryptocurrency
  • At least about 25 carefully selected launch markets cryptocurrency project at the time, including voting mechanism TEO mark
  • Couple lawful currency market
  • Analysis tools for active traders (trading view library)


  1. Tomasz Rozmus
    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  2. Cyryl Dudek
    CSO (Chief Strategy Officer & Product Manager
  3. Adam Tatarynowicz
    CCO/CLO (Chief Compliance/Legal Officer)
  4. Lukasz Janowski
    CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  5. Nikhil Sethi
    Marketing Director
  6. Jakub Staroń
    PRO (Public Relations Officer)
  7. Bartłomiej Kamionka
    Social Media & Support
  8. Paweł Bylica
    CTO, Back-end Developer
  9. Stanisław Kiciński
    Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer


  • Q2 2018
  • Q3 – Q4 2018
    public ICO
  • Q4 2018
    TOKENEO version beta
  • Q1 2019
    TOKENEO version 1.0
  • Q1 2019
    Fiat integration
    Min. 50 crypto markets
  • Q2 2019
    TOKENEO version 2.0
  • Q3 2019
    TOKENEO mobile
    Margin trading
  • Q4 2019
    TOKENEO PAY payment system
  • 2020

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Tokeneo team, I just give you the latest ICO info”