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Tokeneo – Community Owned Exchange Platform

Tokeneo – High degree of uncertainty in the last decade should be seen in the traditional financial markets. Although it has been 10 years of the crisis in 2008, many indicators are still not able to compensate for the loss at the time. Bond interest rates have declined year revenue, often below the rate of inflation, so they really do not cost effective. This type of investment commitments they would no longer be economically feasible any liability for 10 years or more. Many investors, driven by a bleak earnings outlook is produced in the traditional market, start looking for new investment opportunities. Nature and the fact that the alternative digital currency, that they do not have to stick with the facts that are directly related to other assets that are available, they witnessed the issue of capital markets has contributed to the unprecedented flow. Many commentators tend to believe cryptocurrencies as a safe haven, so you can wait, though a significant delay must have been looming crisis. The prevailing view has changed in recent years, digital currency is now treated less suspicious. They create more and more often thought that we have been able to replace the ailing financial system is an excellent opportunity in many ways.

Tokeneo Token

Tokeneo TEO sold for a token protocol based ERC-20, that is, it will be in accordance with the digital assets of the principles and guidelines produced Revenge network. The contract marks a low substrate operating in the resulting network. TEO sign of the total supply of one hundred million tokens, this number will not change over time.

In the first round of private investors obtain pre-ICO 5000000 Tokeneo sold mark (5 million tokens), representing 5% of the total supply (total number of tokens from the collection partners
8,000,000 tokens, which supplied 8%). Stand pool is open to all interested individuals and institutional investors will provide 80 million tokens (tokens 80 million) in the second round of the public.

After completion of the ICO, the project will support only when the initial bids from their initial purchase to buy back a token. This will free foreign exchange market is possible, for example, among other things, exchange Tokeneo.

How Does The Tokeneo ICO Work?

  • 90% of the total TEO is controlled sign of our investors.
  • Conventional passive income and expenditure, the holder of days per TEO.
  • Guaranteed Income TEO between 50-50 allocation holders and switches.
  • Regularly dropped society, our resources of external support.
  • TEO balance by influencing the development of embedded systems using the voting.
    fixed supply, inflation will not produce 100’000’000 TEO and the number of tokens issued during the ICO. There will be no more ” currency” and a fixed supply. After the ICO TEO will be only in the open market.
  • Legitimate companies to our platform, through the law, listed companies. We have conducted detailed market research cryptocurrency market and government regulatory actions.
  • Liquidity goes easy on the smallest sign 25 and we go all out to market and trade. We have made enough money to ensure proper liquidity. Right from the launch Tokeneo, our customers will have the opportunity to easily with our sign free 25 transactions.
  • Mobile applications to easily access applications on your mobile device Tokeneo our forthcoming, will be generally available on all platforms.
  • High practical ecosystem, we support by providing services such as Cryptoinvestia (investment funds) to create a high practical impact, the greater ecosystem, Tokeneo cash (Fast Encryption FIAT exchange), and Tokeneo payments (payment systems).


investor funds entrusted to us safely in the main priority ICO. Bonus system to minimize the currency risk in TEO market and reduce operational design. The fact that up to 90% of these signs will remain in the hands of investors will also help significantly reduce the risk of this investment will increase the comfort of the participants fundraising. The key is important to consider what the clear transparency and exchange of information between investors and uncontrollable Tokeneo. Carefully selected cooperative partnership of government agencies and the proper jurisdiction and has also been shown to increase investor and security users and tools stable operation of an enterprise. As for this issue, in consultation with the local government to continue on the current basis, and can get the best solution for us. Taken by the technical aspects of the handling of certified network security issues companies concerned – they will monitor all processes occur on the server on a regular basis, they will quickly respond to any attack by hackers in a hacker attack.

Investing In The Quantity Of Money

Facilitate the process of investment funds may be participants ICO should be possible to use a variety of payment methods. The platform has learned that many of their diversified portfolio, they are not exposed to extra risk cost means of distribution to investors, when they exchanged encryptor, they will receive a token has been translated into various forms of funding. It will also allow them to transmit the necessary information market, they are planning to open mobility platform launch time. By taking various kinds of chips, they could protect the funds collected during the harvest, for this could happen after the ICO excessive volatility in the currency and exchange rate immediately. Takes a different form of investment will also enable them to monitor and protect the best way for capital accumulation ICO. This is what they intended as a form of investment Tokeneo foreign exchange currency encryption list. Bitcoin (BTC), Lisk (LSK), star (XLM), this wave (WAVE), Revenge of the military (ETH) and NEO (NEO)

Creating The Cryptocurrency Exchange Market

  • 50/50 distribution of profits
  • Passive income is paid every day
  • The opportunity to “mine” one more cryptocurrency
  • At least about 25 carefully selected launch markets cryptocurrency project at the time, including voting mechanism TEO mark
  • Couple lawful currency market
  • Analysis tools for active traders (trading view library)


  1. Tomasz Rozmus
    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  2. Cyryl Dudek
    CSO (Chief Strategy Officer & Product Manager
  3. Adam Tatarynowicz
    CCO/CLO (Chief Compliance/Legal Officer)
  4. Lukasz Janowski
    CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  5. Nikhil Sethi
    Marketing Director
  6. Jakub Staroń
    PRO (Public Relations Officer)
  7. Bartłomiej Kamionka
    Social Media & Support
  8. Paweł Bylica
    CTO, Back-end Developer
  9. Stanisław Kiciński
    Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer


  • Q2 2018
  • Q3 – Q4 2018
    public ICO
  • Q4 2018
    TOKENEO version beta
  • Q1 2019
    TOKENEO version 1.0
  • Q1 2019
    Fiat integration
    Min. 50 crypto markets
  • Q2 2019
    TOKENEO version 2.0
  • Q3 2019
    TOKENEO mobile
    Margin trading
  • Q4 2019
    TOKENEO PAY payment system
  • 2020


Major changes, through sharing of information, and how communication is happening in the world of digital transformation occurs. Payment of the world, the world of peer-to-peer lending, remittance world, and charity, should try to aspects of everyday digital life. More recently, blockchain more and more popular due to currency speculation encryption. In traction, our goal is to focus on the development environment, the company will be welcoming the public interest. Not wanting to profit where profit organizations and business meet here are all towards the common goal of each other, they both benefit from the world of work.

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BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Tokeneo team, I just give you the latest ICO info”