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With the beginning of the new year, the guessing and interest of people in the role of the character Yuan, Cryptocurrency, and VR (virtual reality) are very good. However, our society becomes more digital, and Covid-19 is still in the process. As a result, everyone needs to continue to live, but it is very different from the previous way, where Ariva Digital plays a role.

About Ariva Wonderland

With the help of VR & Blockchain, Ariva Wonderland, users can enjoy the next generation that is complete and clear unlimited travel experiences and can really be seen everywhere.

The most significant aspect of Ariva Metaverse is that it is the universe of travel. By giving users a second complete life, he distinguishes himself from other meta projects. It has a trip, interaction, business, income, ownership, time trip, etc.

Users who use can access the Eiffel Tower, Liberty Statue, Arc-De-Triomphe, etc. (More than 200 places in the real world). This important landmark is in meta-videos as a repetition of original work, but the design method allows users to experience it from a different angle. This is the universe of the core journey. Each “volcanic entrance” contains an average of four global tourism centers, but not specifically in this country. For example, the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian pyramids are located in the same crater.

Moreover, a special ‘Dubai Only’ crater has been created due to its growing importance in this blockchain and tourism industry.

Understanding Ariva

In short, Ariva can be considered an innovative blockchain platform. This platform intends to solve low tourism efficiency by providing the next generation of blockchain-based ecosystems. This basically hopes to influence the tourism industry by combining the most sophisticated goods, services, and products into its ecosystem.

According to the official white book, this is divided into many important categories, including,, Ariva.Club, and finally Ariva Metaverse. This is interconnected and can increase compatibility, thus giving tourists a unique experience in promoting the use of blockchain technology.

The new Yuanyuan initiative Ariva will provide opportunities for users to enjoy a complete and actual tourism experience, so they can travel almost to the place they need. In addition, the purpose of the Ariva Metaverse project is to combine the VR theme and travel through the cryptocurrency industry to provide a second life that is suitable for expanding tourism.

Therefore, users will be able to enjoy the new era of virtual tourism era and full of various unlimited future travel experiences. For this purpose, land sales must begin at the end of this month, and this project is new to this newly registered with an exchange liquid paired with ARV/USDT, and win the Blue Tick at BSCScan.

Time Travel

One of the most critical problems is traveling in Ariva Wonderland. For example, if the player wants to see the pyramid, then he chooses “time journey” and then goes to the past. He will see the pyramid being built. If he goes to the future, he will see a landscape view that is completely different from the future factions. Users can return or move forward on time to get the appearance of famous places in the future.

Second Life

Ariva Wonderland users have the opportunity to have a second life. Ariva Wonderland’s social aspect is very important for this project. Therefore, this gives a lot of unique experiences to Yuan Verse users. They can interact with other users, watch movies, hold meetings, travel together, watch theater, even get married at Metaverse, and so on.

Ariva Wonderland aims to bring the motivation of life and the peak of entertainment to a unique travel experience. Radio travel costs can allow you to access different galaxies, buy-in games, and transactions that have or make items and items, all of which can use ARV tokens.

Travel2Earn (ex Play2Earn)

Best of all, you can earn yourself a treat with Ariva Wonderland with Travel-to-Earn (T2E) services. Users can earn incentives and tokens by spending time traveling in the metaverse. It features a Travel-2-Earn component that rewards users for participating in the metaverse.

Users also get a return that completes certain activities or promotes the soil to increase their popularity. Ariva Wonderland aims to bring the motivation of life and the peak of entertainment to a unique travel experience. Radio travel costs can allow you to access different galaxies, buy in games, and transactions that have or make items and items, all of which can use ARV tokens.


The team has recently produced an NFT series starring ‘Arivaman’, the main character of Ariva Wonderland. Arivaman shall travel to over 24 different countries, including Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistani, Peru, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, USA, UK, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea, Japan, India, China Old, and China Modern.

Aside from that, there are also 9 different space-themed NFTs, namely ‘Moon’, ‘Earth’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Venus’, ‘Saturn’, ‘Uranus’, ‘Mars’, ‘Neptune’, and ‘Sun’. Additionally, there is also ‘Back To The Wonderland’ along with 2 different Arivaman designs. The Arivaman NFT series is now launched. Visit Binance NFT for more information.

In short, the concept of Arrivan is to create a role that can accurately represent all aspects of our society, such as gender (the character itself is gender), music, animals, and of course traveling. As a result, Arrivan will be new, unique, and interesting to travel differently in new, unique, and interesting adventures. The team hopes that this innovative initiative will also help its Ariva Wonderland project. For more information, be sure to take part in the official website and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Buy Land

Users can have landed in Ariva Wonderland. They can do this by buying land at Metaverse.

To say, it has 7 unique galaxies (Acrux, Regulus, Dynomia, Bellatrix, Garnet, Electra, Zaurak) and 7 meteorites. They have thousands of customized land in more than 49 different space areas and more than 200 landmarks. All of this can be found in the project ecosystem. In addition, this area is connected to land with a total of 160,000 parcels. All land can be adjusted, and new unique areas can be made in accordance with the preferences of the holder.

ERC-721 Ethereum and ERC-721 Ariva can be used for land sales and NFT. Discount prices will be effective for BEP-721 land purchased using ARV.

Your Land & Your Wonderland

Ariva Wonderland gives users a simplified experience that can adjust the land. Ariva Wonderland did not adjust the replacement of land but gave the strength of the land owner to do so. In addition, this project also provides space for “customization”. This provides a great opportunity for the creator to make unique items.

For whatever you want in Ariva Wonderland because you seem to create a second life! Users can design new unique products and personalized unique characters. They can use and sell these objects in meta-video. Users will have hundreds of design areas, and they will also be able to use their own goods to build special areas.

Branding and advertising

Brands and advertisements are undoubtedly playing an important role. Therefore, in addition to various attractions that can be used for marketing purposes, we provide several billboards and brand fields in Yuan videos. Renting a display panel in many places, including outdoors and transportation, most of the traffic on the mainland.

Because more and more people enter the element assessment, advertising has become a bigger market. The billboard needs to be done in all positions around the meta video, displaying panels, including outdoor and transportation.

Companies can promote their products at Ariva Wonderland Metaverse, which consists of millennium and Z generations. Different areas will be used for promotions in meta-video.

Ariva Metaverse Roadmap

Q1 2022

• The recruitment of our great and talented team for Ariva Wonderland will revolutionize the tourism industry.
• Determining the visual style of Ariva Wonderland and its 3D models.
• The emergence of 3D models of the determined style.
• Creating environment design, space, animations and mechanics.
• Presenting the realized works to the community with a promotional video.
• Designing the Main Crater and the lands for sale.
• Crafting, and creating unique craters and areas to be put up for sale.
• Planning the Main Crater with the professional town planning team.
• The 3D design of the Main Crater.
• Creating social areas such as movie theaters, theater halls, parks & city squares.
• Ariva Wonderland’s sense of time is going to be different.
• Designing promotional areas in 3D.
• Watch videos & movies in the movie theater.
• Creating multiple 3D characters with unique technical characteristics.
• Increasing the tourism and realism experience of the users by providing virtual reality support to Ariva Wonderland.
• With virtual reality support, users can interact with certain objects one-on-one. Ariva Wonderland Space Design and Multiplayer.
• 3D design of the “marriage circle” to be located in the Main Crater.
• Creating 3D spacecraft with multiple variations.
• Developing the multiplayer feature so that hundreds of thousands of players can spend time in Ariva Wonderland at the same time.
• Establishing a voice and text chat, assigning unique identities to lands, and preparing for Alpha Version
• Improving the IK system
• Performing various tests on characters and other created objects. Based on the results of these tests, muscle system studies are carried out.
• Inclusion of Mocap library.
• Performing mechanism and animation quality tests.
• Coding software for character customization.
• Designing the user interface (UI) for character selection.
• Designing an interface so that users can customize their own lands.
• The 3D design of the “concert area” is to be located in the Main Crater.
• Alpha Test Release

Q2 2022

• Editor design (UI) realization.
• Determinating the editor functions.
• Ensuring the creation of unique objects with ready-made objects for easy creation of 3D objects in the editor.
• Identifying and designing objects that can be used by users in the editor.
• 3D design of the “museum” to be located in the Main Crater.
• Linking assets of Ariva Wonderland with OpenSea
• Enabling users to create museums in their own lands with Ariva Creator.

Q3 2022

• Coding the crafting system and the unique in-game payment system.
• Performing server and internal structure tests, detecting errors, and correcting the found errors.
• Beginning of pre-optimization work.
• Coding of the “visa system”, which allows users to charge fees according to their preferences from other people who want to visit or perform actions on their land.
• Establishing a popularity system by recording the number of visitors and increasing the incentive to discover new areas.
• Ensuring a quick way to travel by adding the teleport feature to the Tourism Agency.
• Developing special sound sensing systems for theaters, cinemas, and concert venues.
• Creating Powerful VFX (visual effects).

Q4 2022

• Creation of VR usage support for the user interface (UI).
• Development of the control system of vehicles created and specified in Ariva Wonderland.
• Fixing the bugs that have been detected and given feedback by the users.
• Performing the general test (hard test) and stress test.
• Establishing the mobile infrastructure, as we believe that stores such as the App Store and Google Play Store will allow the use cases of blockchain in the future.


Thanks to our team, we especially completed the first quarter of our Meta-line diagram and hoped to start using the Alpha test earlier than the scheduled time.

We hope you will join our ranking and fully change the tourism and tourism industry using cryptocurrency, blockchain, metaverse, and VR technology. Be sure to follow all of our social activities, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and disputes, and maintain the latest countries to maintain our official website to get more information.

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