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TeraWATT – LED Patents Global Renewable Energy Company

TeraWATT – In cryptocurrency quickly and rapidly changing the world, it is in cryptocurrency space owners, investors, analysts and everyone is very important to keep abreast of current trends, innovation, and analysis. absolute control of information is a difficult task, if not almost impossible, demanding world increased risk cryptocurrency user experience, the rapid development of technology, such as blockchain.
Hackers, scammers, who seek to take advantage of naive people in the world of other people, can access the tool, data analysis, and information, in order to maintain the encryption space daily date on current events that occur is very important. Information is power, using the right tools, you are persistent. However, to collect information from various sources, which proved to be a weaker time and effort, time-consuming task. A perfect solution is to provide these tools, everyone from investors cryptocurrency or experts who are venturing into the world a new password major platform, the eco-system, which terawatts come in.

Terawatt is a strong focus on technology-based Blockchain currency and the introduction of LED patents global renewable energy company. The company was founded by revenge, a private global currency to pay DAO a. DAO will provide funding for public utilities, suppliers, organizations, Token holders and consumers of energy on the planet. DAO will exist as a global insurance fund financing of decentralized public service delivery, access, and subsidies.

In addition, terawatt also will make money and Fiat and the like Bitcoin digital alternative competition deflation. After TWh designed to address other areas of renewable energy, to prove that solar, wind, electric vehicle concept and realization L.E.D.s.

What Is TeraWATT?

Terawatt is, patent-pending renewable energy blockchain start, with a strong focus on monetization, and to promote globally.

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be created, in addition to a high level of deflation revenge monetary base, global payments, the token terawatt will also be used as a currency, since Fiat or cryptocurrencies other more because of continued deflation structure coins on fire, this is equivalent to the possibility of increasing profitability.

DAO will serve as a decentralized funds / global insurance, to ensure that the utility (and business) always subsidized funds L.E.D. (Which often runs out) to sell their energy customers (companies or upgrade to L.E.D.s).

Blockchain utilizing technology to help in 2035 was reduced by 50% of global electricity consumption is lighting (about 2000 TWh), while increasing light output by 50%. TWh deflation will also make the digital currency Bitcoin with Fiat and as a substitute for competition. After TWh designed to address other areas of renewable energy, to prove that solar, wind, electric vehicle concept and realization L.E.D.s.

Our Vision

TWh would create a decentralized self-regulatory organization (DAO), and create a global payment Revenge highly deflation of the monetary base. DAO will finance and Gongyongshiye company, L.E.D. Use global seller, business, token holder, energy customers. DAO will serve as a decentralized funds / global insurance, to ensure that the utility (and business) always subsidized funds L.E.D. (Which often runs out) to sell their energy customers (companies or upgrade to L.E.D.s).

This is the company Gongyongshiye big advantage because they want to have 100% of customer advances associated with excess electricity network, forcing power companies to build (maintain) your (billions of dollars) power plants to meet energy-saving lamps. They also through government agencies (ie, the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency) regulations increased L.E.D. in their respective tokens. Companies want L.E.D.s because they reduce electricity bills and increase light output, reduced maintenance costs, and comply with them for tax incentives. the upfront cost is a problem, but TeraWATT will help to overcome this.

In TWh Token will also be used for any commercial enterprise or Gongyongshiye, will accept it as a payment method similar to ETH currency. DAO and business members must receive payment token card TWh because they would increase the voting / DAO stalking strength because it relates to the structure of the combustion coin, which is equal to the potential increase in profitability over from FIAT currency or other cryptocurrencies crunch.

power companies and another proprietary token, we will buy DAO token, we will charge a fee to get in and out, and when they sell their positions, we put a percentage of their profits (such as mutual funds or exchange the same). We will take 50-75% of the profits to buy back and (according to each transaction) burn token of our own every day. With TWh, all individuals and businesses can have cheap/free L.E.D.s significantly reduce procurement costs, electricity, improve the efficiency of global illumination, thereby reducing uninterrupted access to global greenhouse gas emissions.

The (LED) token might or might not be worth exponentially as more and more enterprises of power (buyer and customer/Energy/companies) to raise awareness and use our sign added DAO (Metter Kraft law), so as to increase demand, but also benefit reducing the supply.

(We are actively seeking the cooperation and partnership in the company Gongyongshiye global) using DAO, important partnerships, supply of deflation, in exchange for the token, and the greed of the tokenet, TeraWATT is designed to help all the LED business, industrial (light), government buildings and residential / facilities around the world and the effective increase of inefficient incandescent, metal halide (MH), high-pressure sodium (HPS) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) conversion to 100% of the illumination LED (light emitting diode).

Token Holders will also be able to find and use instant rebate applicable, seek tax credits, and then safely for later use purchase data stored in filing their taxes in the network. Participants can buy, sell, equity and masternodes (when available), voice, donate, or token holders (LED), which will force the TWh ecosystem.

Our Mission

This is because we continue to burn algorithms coins. TeraWATT will be automatically entered from DAO / exit fees, the cost of profit-taking (such as swaps), the cost of the decay time, the fees of data storage of the carbon tax, carbon credits, and even LED get 50% of the company profits of a subsidiary 75% commission on sales, for burn and repurchase (LED) signs. It is similar to BNB truth, but they just burn each quarter, we will burn 24 hours a day.

Gongyongshiye and other companies have to accept our token payment because our rate of deflation is much greater than the legal tender, most, if not all, cryptocurrencies/token while also providing a more personal time with ZK-snarks and masternodes protection. In addition, more tokens, they have entered the DAO fund over the voting rights, benefits and staking their claims, they can receive a gift. This will further enhance the value of network effects due to the token.


We hope to get a lot of support for this project as a renewable energy initiative and sustainable development continues to increase. We will accept Bitcoin, a form of revenge, and the contribution of other potential projects cryptographic signature to the front. This is a “feel-good” projects with a positive mission and selfless, everyone can contribute to help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. We have received a lot of positive interest from another blockchain project. Go green! Our goal is to have the DAO (decentralized self-regulatory organization) as part of our ecosystem will contribute LED signs contain a swimming pool, a community of users they want to see some initiatives for a further signature sound. For example, choose a city can help Mumbai reach 100% of the LEDs, but they need $ 1 million to achieve this goal. DAO if people would choose it over other options, almost like a platform Kickstarter, assigned to the project as a sign of sustainable development projects.

Why do we need blockchain?

  • To make the currency change, decentralized, secure, private (ZK-snarks) Deflation and practical function
  • We need sophisticated intelligence contracts to force D.A.O.
  • We need transparency, progressive invariant verification platform, decentralization, and all transactions automation of the process extremely precise
  • Being easy to work with other cryptocurrencies in an increasingly digital world. Blockchain and other items (product tracking, verification, ecosystem expansion, etc.) integration
  • Reliability and fault tolerance

The Lighting Problem/Solution

Inefficient lamps made both greenhouse gas emissions that are not necessary, which cause climate change, and unnecessarily high electricity bill for the community and the government. TWh will help solve this problem

Driving LED Adoption

LED lighting solutions have never been more accessible or affordable than now. With a variety of rebates and incentive programs, more and more cities are turning to LED street lighting. Why not? We all know that now, LED energy-efficient and durable, which means that the energy bill discounts and lower maintenance costs. But for other benefits? Such as reducing crime, safer communities, and improve the overall perception? It’s all the advantages of LED lighting can provide an orange light in connection with the high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting or most of the streets and our environment.

LED Token Utility

  • LED Incentives
    TWh mark as a reward system for every L.E.D. that’s our patent-pending process verification bulbs to buy. This acts as an incentive to purchase the LED product, business or government use, and verify them through our interface
  • Data Storage
    LED procurement records can be safely stored in the ecosystem TWh. This enables the procuring entity in the tax return, all other LED and Energy Star rated purchases available records. Users pay a small nominal fee to access the records again.
  • Community-Based Governance
    Donated funds can be locked into the pool, and the global community will choose TeraWATT /to decide which projects get funding, how much money will be given or side to these projects.
  • Masternodes
    Our goal is to Masternodes revenge Blockchain time permits. Masternodes will help to better protect and decentralized network TWh.

Benefit Using L.E.D

  • Suddenly the light, such as incandescent lamps
  • They remained calm, even after using the touch
  • Up to five times more than energy saving lamps
  • Cold temperature insensitive
  • Does not contain mercury
  • Some models can be used with a dimmer switch
  • With a soft, warm, bright white color

Token Description

Our project will use the issue of revenge and make a token mainly because it has a fundamental basis, our technology will reach. Blockchain TWh intelligent operating contract. We token there will be some specific modifications ERC20 standard mark. Our algorithm will verify the actual consumers have purchased from sellers add a suitable ball and traded to the blockchain. The smart contract will be executed and the whole process of management.

Token info

  • Token LED
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • PreICO price ** 1 LED = 0.30 USD**
  • Price in ICO 1 LED = 0.40 USD

Investment info

  • Min. investment 0.2 ETH
  • Accepting ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 65%
  • Soft cap 500,000 USD
  • Hard cap 13,500,000 USD

TeraWATT Token Distribution

TeraWAT Token Distribution

TeraWATT Use Of Funds

TeraWATT Use Of Funds


  • 2017
    Project Conception, Whitepaper drafted, Patent Filed
  • December 2017
    Team Building- Acquired CTO, COO, and Advisor
  • January 2018
    Whitepaper/Website, Trademark Granted, Listed on KICKICO
  • February 2018
    Building Presence, Token Presale site under development
  • June 2018
    Private Sale, more development and marketing
  • July 2018
    PreICO, DAO construction
  • August 2018
    ICO, Token launch, wallet release, apply to exchanges
  • October 2018
    DAO testnet, Mobile Wallets, Seek Partnerships
  • December 2018
    DAO mainnet online, Masternode announcement
  • February 2019
    Fully Functional User Interface Released, Mainnet improvements
  • April 2019
    Devcon, Acquire More Partnerships
  • May 2019
    Receipt Verification/Tax Incentive Utility/LED Token Development
  • July 2019
    Expansion of TeraWATT’s LED Ecosystem


TeraWATT Team


LED lighting technology has the potential to fundamentally change the future. They are significantly more energy efficient and have fewer environmental problems. lower energy consumption, longer life, improve physical endurance, smaller size and faster switching some of the advantages of LEDs.

TWh, an outstanding platform, will be reduced to 50% of global electrical lighting consumption by 2035, through a 50 percent increase in light output. It also would make deflation and digital currencies like Bitcoin Fiat and alternative competition.

To know the latest information about the TeraWATT project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://TeraWATTled.com/
Whitepaper: https://TeraWATTled.com/assets/TeraWATT.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/TeraWATT_led
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TeraWATT/about
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtUjNIRzbUQBK95dYinJhQ
Telegram: https://t.me/TeraWATTICO

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the TeraWATT team, I just give you the latest ICO info”