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Storichain – Creative Professional Tool Production

Storichain – It has been the evolution of how to create and distribute multimedia content. Of the fact that technology has changed a lot of things available. One major problem is the assets of the script (source stories, plays, novels, webtoons, scene, etc.), which are the foundation of any media to work in the creation of the world has yet quality and effective tool. Documentation is a major problem, with most of the data does not have the factual information in a central database of all assets of the story. This has led to the loss and theft of valuable materials.

In the early days, the film is very expensive, technically demanding. film production depends on the investors who are willing to spend money like water. Of course, as a filmmaker, so expensive, there is always more than the production of writers looking for investors willing to take a project. This means that the writers and producers of the cost of production are helpless twenty years ago.

Why Do We Need Blockchain

Blockchain is an effective technique to solve until now related data, where information is through what is called special encryption collect and connect the blocks stored in a large distributed book issue. This new technology has solved many of the existing ecosystems we are facing problems. Case Storichain think is more important is to prove that the creator of a systematic attempt to measure the story of who, when, and how they have contributed, how the value of the transfer of ownership is to contribute, each co-creator, how many stories have contributed.

Why Does Storichain Project Choose The Blockchain?

  • To save “Activity indicators”
  • Data Ownership (copyright) transmitting stories that will be saved
  • To save the terms and conditions of payment
  • Stories innovative ideas “between the contract can not be trusted personal (non-relative)
  • Terms of intellectual property, “the story of a contract between a private believable (non-relative)
  • Paying trust writing, according to the monitoring results
  • Measure and monitor the results of the creation story based on the value of assets.


Storichain project aims to explore and develop the “history” as a kind of intellectual property rights. The history of the industry can be identified as industries involved in the work of the creators of stories for a variety of purposes using stories and action. 2014, the company “narrative history” to define, create added value on the basis of research, exploration, history, planning, design, production, promotion and transfer, which is considered to be a source of imagination and creativity of the product and the company helps the industry.

Ask blockchain Storichain not store historical data. This is due to Storichain taking into account the contribution of the creation process and transactions, and the story is not history itself text/image data of the fact that more than a transfer of ownership. In fact, nothing could stop the spread of the contents of the text, because all he had to do – is to put the monitor screen and distributed wherever he wants. Therefore, not only prevent this behavior, Storichain think, more importantly, is proof of the author systematically measure the value of working when and who contributed to the history of how they contribute to the transfer of ownership has been, how much he contributed to every creator stories in case of cooperation.

Storichain followed blockchain technology for participants and expand trust between border regions unexpected. Blockchain provides cross-border trust and ideology, to help simplify their industries face many challenges of the past and offer new solutions. Storichain blockchain trying to implement in the field of industry to create a world in which all participants can feel satisfied, take some responsibility. In order to realize this concept step by step, the company is now accurately determining the current problems in the industry to find new solutions.

Solutions Offered By Storichain For Story Assets

Each story has unique value assets. In order to detect the quality and unique asset, the blockchain used to provide accurate values, with media assets to avoid devaluation and abuse. blockchain public, notary and they will store IP and stories as well as other participants in the contract based on the content of the story.

The storichain Platform

  • Investigation and data readers feel about the scene of the story.
  • That makes the contribution reward users with the process of dropping the project.
  • Many forms of intellectual property, affairs storyboard is the only form in which the growth of the value of each stage can be used to make measurements. When we introduce blockchain, distributed storage and computing technology based on confidence data, each story into a script IP.
  • Name Storichain published on the platform as a ‘story’ or ‘Stori’ inside, if converted into a form of “publishing rights”, which is an original story, make a right derivative work, which is a story in an interactive post called ‘stories IP’ or ‘Stori IP’.

Open Story

  • Space, everyone can publish the protection of personal information under confidentiality in history
  • A refund can not read that part! Reaction sites, exchanges, assessment, recommendation
  • Your contribution is also based on an in-depth reading of your feedback!
  • Cut into the conversation: views between actors
  • If privacy given the circumstances after I take a salary
  • Royalty income distribution is in line with the growth index
  • Readers animation browser. Changing the encryption function actor!

Pro Story

  • Creative professional tool production/distribution of video recordings, webcomic, novel Internet, interactive stories
  • Monetization illustration illustrator download
  • Make a schedule, recent changes in contributions, and charts the story
  • Protocol (translators, illustrators, sound assistant) between partners, intelligent NDA copyright, plagiarism detection
  • Advance the development of intelligent contract – a contract template is based on the level of contribution to the results

Story Competition And Trade

  • Finance video production / distribution
  • With the growth charts IP transaction history, by measuring the contributions of participants
  • Gateway, menu novice writers contest
  • Based on the calculation and allocation of currency coupons encryption

The Main Table And Menu

  • Pro Stori: professional writers menu
  • Open Stori: used in the manufacture of all the people who share their stories of social history menu.
  • Stori rounds of the contest: competitive marketing amateur writer and influential menu
  • Stori transaction: sale of shopping and menu and intellectual property cases
  • Stori funds: fund-raising for the menu, to generate additional work, such as movies, webcomics, and so on.

Token Economy

The project will design and implement a platform storichain revenge on the blockchain. The ticker will be called TORI. TORI is Storichain of DAPP sign utility can be used to provide a variety of services (ie provision to create the template, side reactions, support, etc.). As a “bone of contention” is the story of this platform, the token will be calculated by the number of stories, and also introduced the so-called contribution of qualitative indicators and the growth index is calculated. This will cause an additional increase by markings made by the authors of the quantity and quality of the story.

Allocation & Distribution

  • Initial Supply : 4,000,000,000 TORI
  • 1 TORI = around 0.0034~0.0035USD
  • Initial Sale : 600,000,000 TORI
  • Sale B : 420,000,000 TORI
  • Sale C : 360,000,000 TORI

Meet the Team, Great People

  1. Junes Lee> Co-Founder & CEO
  2. Yoonchul Chung> CCO (Film Director)
  3. Jin Young Choi> CTO
  4. Sang Wook Kim> CSO (Developer)
  5. Sang Hoon Han> Lawyer (Copyright, media & IP)
  6. Mickey Choi> CBO (Business Operator)
  7. James Lee> Chief Engineer (Co-Founder)
  8. Tae Seok Yang> Accountant
  9. Effy Song> Director of Communication
  10. Chang Gyoo Kim> SF Fiction Writer
  11. Kcod Kyung> Developer
  12. Hong Yeop Choi> Developer
  13. Bohun Jeong> Business Strategy
  14. Sang Joon Park> Content Strategy Producer


  1. Jang Ho Lee> Film Director
  2. Myung Sung Lee> Consultant
  3. Sung Jun Park> Doctor of Cryptology, Head of the Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk University
  4. Jong Yoon Ro> Film Producer
  5. Hee Won Jung> CEO of AnySign
  6. Dong Sam Byun> Blockchain Expert
  7. Shakil Muhammad> Blockchain expert


  • 2017 Q3
    Concept IDEA
  • 2017 Q4
    Team Building & Advisory Contact
  • 2018 Q1
    – Establishing a Business Model
    – 1st Draft of Storyboard
    – 1st Draft of Eco-System and Entity Develop
    – MVP Design
    – Web Publishing
  • 2018 Q2
    – Prototyping
    – Concept Demo Video
    – Contribution Architect
    – 1st Core Smart Contract Architect
    – Token Sale
  • 2018 Q3
    – Seed Creator Invitation
    – MVP Closed Open
  • 2018 Q4
    – POC – Creator Eco Experiment
    – Web Application (Centralized Based)
  • 2019 Q1
    – Alpha Service Launching (Using Luniverse)
    – 2nd Core Smart Contract Architect
    – Partnership with Entertainment Production
  • 2019 Q3
    – Stori Contract, GI Contract
    – Creation Contract
  • 2019 Q4
    – Beta Service (Minting/Distribution)
    – Original Contents
  • 2020 Q1
    – Story Contract Kit Launch
    – Plot Template Kit Launch
  • 2020 Q1
    – Crypto Actor Kit Launch
  • 2020 Q3
    – Plain Document Kit


I believe this is the end of the story using the industry blockchain potential happiness. independent films do not need to stand up and die. It does not keep making the same mistakes, predictable and frankly boring. However, the ability to create the future, the future of professional, independent screenplay writer lies in modern technology and storichain provide such innovations.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the StoriChain team, I just give you the latest ICO info”