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STELLERRO – Next Generation Digital Securities

STELLERRO – Encryption of money continues to develop and strengthen the new action. First, create a restore cash reserve encrypted. The alliance is the selection phase STELLERRO modern and universal banks, liquidity decision to transfer times. However, it creates a creative umbrella to carry out its mandate to protect the engine for industrial and building relationships, commitment to do the right thing, and construction zones seem mild.


Capital controls STELLERRO in accordance with the law and conserves resources. It uses lucrative contracts from non-current converter for mobile sources. Began to think creatively fluid, providing automatic protection. The gulf between updates should have standards and blockchain capital markets, innovation and electronic protection of the universe is guaranteed. STELLERRO has adapted to the global economy and its core assets to build a two-feature program. experienced staff to help you with everything you need to investigate this innovative sector. STELLERRO offers an impressive version of the contract, KYC, automated security assessment, information embedded on the motherboard panel budgets, creative corner of the label, and with the appearance of a propeller expert blockchain core models. Everything is more than a standard benchmark test and provide appropriate curriculum, providing resources, the board of directors to ensure that the work is important, is committed to protecting the automatic protection resources. STELLERRO designed to protect the universe beyond the control of any innovative and between the major capital markets blockchain. STELLERRO mixture reaches about the organization and total assets of spiking two features of money.

For assets STRO efforts to introduce private property rights will be in the area, where the idea is to participate in a free expert useful. This partnership will contribute to the creativity of entrepreneurs, private capital development, homeowners and businesses. Researchers should examine the KYC recommendations of STELLERRO structure. STELLERRO certain assumptions Bank can adapt, robots, adapt liquidity transferred to the modern era. It is based on solidarity celebrity social scene, which connects trust and weakened scholastic, open between powerful people, experiencing society’s attitudes to refuse a meeting of creative activity. In conjunction with these efforts, there is an experienced organization, place an absolute shock. I believe you will make tremendous progress, will soon be strengthened.

Stellerro™ is an alternative investment banking platform and digital underwriter. Stellerro™ is built to stand on the threshold between the world of innovation and the traditional capital markets and securities tokenized Blockchain technical support.

Since the company was founded by an experienced capital markets and Blockchain fintech industry veteran group of businessmen in mid-2018, Stellerro™ believe that with the maturity of the ecosystem blockchain, digital regulation of products will become more accessible and easier to invest in.

The technology is always changing, the structure is legally binding, in addition to increasing the value proposition of automated methods and transparent, such as capital investment is reduced and the lock-up period of private barriers to tender for admission, has brought clearing better and trade and attract more industries including players Forbes Nasidake key and empathy.

Stellerro™ has developed a release, the influx of investors and asset management platform in 2018, and intends to arrange the financing round to raise € 5,000,000 from the security token that enables enterprises to more R & D global business development and operations.

Stellerro public offering from 17 Jun to more than a quarter of tokens have been sold through a private round early. This product will be available to the public until August 17th, 2019.

Stellerro exchanged ExMarkets sales increased mobility additional layer initial project. Independent Evaluation Office will be launched on July 8 will continue until August 16. markets users will be able to buy and Revenge, Bitcoin, Euro and labeled STRO beam marks.

An important point about Stellerro

Security. art Stellerro token issuer as ERC 20 ERC-1400 protocol for digital security label. Revenge blockchain provides training today the most famous of the digital assets of the three most important areas: security, functionality, and efficiency.

Innovation. With liquid assets of more than $ 500 billion dollars, the lack of liquidity is a sore point, private investors worldwide. This causes severe fluctuations in value and significant losses. Stellerro™ aims to bridge the liquidity gap in the digital era at all levels.

Compatible. legal restrictions and strict regulations for companies seeking to raise capital in the private struggle. legal and audit of the world’s leading partners Stellerro customers with innovative solutions to ensure that the underwriters the right to organize many jurisdictions, compliance and allocation process is fully completed.

Check the pager company, deck, and 24/7 LightPaper Telegraph group, and see the full details crowdsale.

Uniqueness Stellerro

Stellerro alternative investment banking platform of innovative, first to issue securities industry innovation emerging digital umbrella to ensure the right of the company to meet the underwriting process many jurisdictions regulatory compliance situations. Stellerro ™ is an alternative investment banking platform, automation, in terms of scale, determined to flow into the digital era.

Stellerro mark illiquid assets іntо printing platform uѕіngBlockchain ownership technology. Stellero capital remains frоm private investors іn accordance wіth EU, USA, and Asia.

Stellerrouѕеѕ intelligent digital distribution contract with tо innovative asset-backed securities.

Stellerowаѕmаdе with representatives tо а fills іnаnd bridge thе gap bеtwееnthе innovations in world mark оf securities аnd оnthеblockchain major capital markets.

Wіllbе granted sole ownership of the revenue share оf tо аlоngwіth investor company projects, investment projects fоrіnthеSTRO mark.

Startups Thе company wіll help, personal private equity funds, real estate owners and innovation of business fоrthеіr tо raise funds bу issuing work thаtіѕ support physical assets іn bу digital ownership bуthе people in full compliance with asset-backed digital security, оr those entities.

All potential investors are tоgоthrоughKYC wіllhаvе and AML Program іn to get a digital tоStellerro stock.

Token Details


Participate now in a fully ESMA regulated STO, with associates of the highest category.

  • Private sale: 1 June – 14 June
  • Main sale: June 15 – August 15 (Settled under ESMA-Spanish securities laws)
  • The investors receive 12.5% ​​Ownership & Dividends in the company.

Financial tokenization and digital assets will reform the future of the capital markets.


Use of Funds

The company is currently bootstrapped by the founders, The funds will be used to accelerate the roll-out plan through the increased velocity of deployment.









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