Squid World – Will Allow Us To Build The Netflix Tv Series Phenomenon

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Hello, this time I will introduce Squid World. Our plan is to give you a one-stop portal for you (our valuable investors). This portal is full of the latest small tools, such as exchange with betting and LP agriculture tokens, NFT casting, betting, and markets. We live here! The purpose of the Squid World team is to be one of the factors related to the squid game. This will combine all standard plus products related to encryption! Mini P2E Squid World and Squid World Metaverse games will allow you (as an investor) to compete for various prizes, and finally the smallest Squid World Metaverse island prize (in the Squid Netflix series near season 2)!

Are you tired of seeing investment and cheated? We also! This is why the Squid World team decided to build this portal to restore trust and trust in this encrypted space, and at the same time spread things. To join our attractive trip, we promise you not to see websites or other causes of squid!

First of all, we need to thank us for considering us! As a team, we are committed to restoring the trust and transparency of this encrypted space, and at the same time providing a reliable and trusted portal for investors and loyal followers. Can. The right plan and a wise project are the basis of a successful company. We understand this. Our core team members have experienced business professionals and IT. They have more than 50 years of logistics and change management, information technology, and practical business system experience. We will go to you with an unwavering determination and good motivation, and raise Squid World token to a new level!

More About Squid World

Blockchain technology (more specifically, factor marker space) has required time in terms of the most advanced public effort and decentralization of power. However, this is a difficult path, full of regulatory backgrounds, fraud, pulling carpets, and opportunists. As our own investors, we understand this. We want to change this!

The problems we see in this field are not only the ability of the team to and/or the distribution of smart contracts and/or public businesses in this field, the design, development, and sales skills needed. This is what we do every day! With the help of core SquidWorld.io, you can be sure that your investment is safe. We will try our best to promote this generation to get exposure!

Marketing Strategy

SquidWorld.io is a vehicle. It’s designed for you – our Squid Game fans! Now, starting the Squid World Token (SQW) will allow us to build the Netflix TV series phenomenon currently Squid Game 2. With your help and support, we are expected to be a meme portal, all of which are related to squid. We are an investor like you. No matter what they have done before, we have seen many times, an endless team, starting a project, making a big promise to only be a victim of the greed of individuals and/or destroyed by tension and dynamic internal team.

We don’t want to be another squid model! We will be your Squid game token. Your support and trust is a key element that makes this project successful and well -know! We are discussing with many well-known marketing companies to reach the exposure we are looking for, but like other startups, the cost and value of money are usually part of the pain of sustainable growth. This is why many personal funds have been injected to make things behind the scenes.

Why Squid World?

We have learned that this encryption mold is transparent because of space, and is very difficult to believe and confident. Make sure your funds are related to our team. However, even though we cannot control our daily market emotions, we can give you a safe and safe platform, and have a team with skills, experiences, and commitments to continue to flat strata! You -communities are the main driving force for our success and the key to our success. We need your help! Let’s reach the market value of one million US dollars!

Rewards And Partnerships

Gifts and partnerships are the two main components for creating successful tokens. We understand this. The token is considering this design, and at the same time ensures that we attract the best and most intelligent people to increase tokens to a new level. Successful collaboration with the Netflix Squid game series is one of our goals. Our roadmap was added to this series. The purpose of Squid World is to become the first partner of this series, and you must decide to enter the Cryptocurrency room!


– For those of you who are interested in the technicality and wish to delve deeper into the smart contract design, please read on, otherwise please skip to the next section.

– The base Smart Contract is not Renounced: This is because we have so many plans for SquidWorld.io. Renouncing the smart contract at the onset would be counterproductive and restricts our ability as a Core Team to realize our goals and bring value to your investments. The contract has a “Renounced” function to allow us to do this down the road if/when it is warranted.

– 10% Buy and Sell Tax will be our standard Tax for Squid World: For the sake of transparency, there is an inbuilt function that will allow the Team to vary this percentage up to 10% for Buy and 20% for Sell (or combined Total of 30% Max Tax). The justification behind this function is to enable the management of the market if it is necessary in terms of bots and day traders whose interests are in quick gains. For example, the Team can reduce the Buy Tax to minimal to encourage Buys pressure OR increase the Sell Tax (max 20%) to deter bots and/or whales from crashing the chart. We do not have any other ulterior motives behind this setup. The Community will be advised before any changes take place.

– Max Wallet is set at 3% and Max Transaction is at 0.5%: This function also allows the Team to vary the percentage in order to manage market conditions and bring benefits to our loyal investors. It acts as a deterrent and reward in an ever-changing market condition.

– Internal Tax is set to 0% but has the Max option up to 10%: The reasoning behind this function is to allow the Core Team to reward or penalize those who support or abuse the system respectively.

– Airdrops Function: Provides the Core Team with the ability for promoting and reward holders and investors with free tokens that are going to be allocated to the Marketing Wallet.

Token Allocation

  • 17% allocated to Staking Contract/Wallet. Rewards will be in SQW Tokens
  • 16.3% allocated to Liquidity Pool (lock for 183 days)
  • 4.4% allocated to Private Sale (inclusive of 10% bonus)
  • 2.3% allocated to Partnerships (these will be vested)
  • 30% allocated to Pinksale Presale
  • 10% allocated to future CEX Listing Funds (we need tokens for listings)
  • 5% allocated to Marketing (community giveaways, airdrops, social media hypes)
  • 0.5% allocated to Prize Wallet (with 3% for Squid World Island Grand Finale Prize & the balance of 2% plus 1% on reflection for lottery and games)
  • 6% allocate to Team Wallet (this will be vested for 3 months)
  • 4% allocated to Development Wallet as an incentive to onboard future talents



Squid World is one of the best projects I have ever seen so far. This project is in front of another project. Because everything in this project is very clear, it can be said that the future of the project is very bright. It is hoped that investors will benefit from investing in projects. Because this project is on the regular route so far, I think this project will be much better. Because yes, but most of these large investors have invested in the project. I think the future of this project is bright.

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