Solarex – Make A Complete Solar Ecosystem Across Africa

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Solarex – Make A Complete Solar Ecosystem Across Africa

Solarex – Today, despite the growth of the technology is very great that we experienced almost every day, there is still a great community, and a very high number of people in the world who do not even have electricity supply, which is a developed country and underdeveloped see it as a basic service in our lives.

About 1.5 billion people worldwide do not realize the power supply and more than 3 billion fed by the primary biofuel. This amount does not take into account the other one billion people who find themselves with no choice but to use a system of fossil fuel power plants. Among the 10 African countries with little access to electricity, more than 90 percent of the population stand out and more than 90 percent of African countries using biomass for cooking food or electricity generators that consume fossil fuels. Carbon monoxide in the combustion is the primary cause of adult and child deaths in developing countries, and this figure is far above that malaria and tuberculosis combined. In fact, in Nigeria, the supply of energy has led to more than 60 million Nigerians to buy fossil fuel generators of their own, with an annual expenditure of more than $ 3.5 billion. There are also millions of people in remote places, far from the reach of the network. The lack of significant power, because it inhibits economic growth and damaged investor confidence.

The Purpose Of Solarex

Solarex project’s main objective is to be the biggest supplier of the most efficient and sustainable solar energy in Africa, with cheap prices and affordable for everyone, the new standard in energy consumption and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction every time. Powering Africa project is a solar energy initiative intrusive, decentralization and democratic aims to build an ecosystem clean and affordable solar energy for all.

Solarex is futuristic, innovative businesses are empowered and secured global framework solar tomorrow with tremendous exposure in Africa, Asia, and South America. Blockchain innovation tailored to the absolutely necessary security around the exchange and metering of solar power in a decentralized fashion. Meanwhile, subsidies arranged through the launch of Solarex sign utility to create financing for the hire of Solar PV. Along these lines, the individual can approach the power clean and reasonable for the majority of open model and pay only part of the unit, they are issued. Global energy demand has made a huge market that has seen countries that require more energy to control them and make infrastructure improvements to empower monetary developments in the course of the last few decades. solar power innovations that have improved the global hospitality has finally turned into the main driver in the energy market, with countries creating a send potential in increasing the renewable target.

Formation blockchain innovation has also been accelerated infiltration of solar energy in the energy market. Talking about innovation blockchain and solar together to resemble a refreshment is necessary for human beings. Programming itself involves us to direct business transactions proficient and safe, open and fair framework fabricate energy administration, build a strong business minion system and accelerate prosperity across Africa, morbidly has one of the poorest records the age of global power. Cryptocurrency in space, the basic innovation has been transformed into an agent of empowerment is remarkable for several indigenous businesses and energy is one of the space. In any case, there is not yet a human factor, which may be human reason came up short blockchain transformation. Extortion, theft, phishing and even incaution individual is a danger to the emergence of this new mechanical progress. Throughout the years, there have been major changes in the security section blockchain space. When a client is guaranteed by the arrangement of terrifically important innovation.

While solar power business into an expression popular at this time crosswise on top of the real countries on this planet, not too much to understand the issues of individual centers. There are two key issues that the past is a different issue facing the country. This financing and reach. Individuals need control to everyday life, but they are hardly able to manage the cost of enormous interest without a stable matrix control. Another problem is to extend its reach remote areas in an organized way that can be effective, but the basis for the client and the business owner. For any business, it is Solarex (SRX) – blockchain new age innovation powered Solar Power Solutions speculative basis and revenue transactions to be protected from abuse. This is where the innovative arrangements that are considered within the business model Solarex.

Solarex responds to the power to be the biggest emitter of the most efficient and sustainable solar energy in Africa, imparts energy at reasonable prices and the economy for all and put a new general for the relentless energy intake and specialized in pride clients all the time. Turning Africa Project is a solar energy company interrupt, decentralization and democratization with the aim of building a solar power environment easy and economical for all.

Solarex environment is a revolutionary machine, disturbing and democratization sincerely improve the housing situation of African people and billions of lives around the world. Solarex is a provider of new-generation hybrid electric to solar ultra sessions supported by modern technology and transaction system is enabled with money crypto external Blockchain.

Solarex Ecosystem

Solarex plans to develop a stable system based on technology Blockchain. As the environment is a new system, disrupt and democratization which will undoubtedly improve the living conditions of African people and billions of people around the world. Solarex will work as a solar power supply company next-generation hybrid, working hand in hand with technology and transaction Blockchain latest system that allows encryption currency.

We are committed to using the power solution unique digital interfere to improve the lives of Africans, most of whom have lost access to a consistent supply of electricity for decades.

The purpose of the business model is the installation of solar farms are isolated in urban, semi-urban and rural areas, and in the cluster are selected to optimize, develop and improve the energy efficiency in selected areas. Solarex has the possibility of using solar Package complete solution, which can be sold directly, while the other options available to the consumer is leasing Solar Package, which includes adjustable support with financing.

The basis for the supply and distribution of management and control will be based on contracts smart, smart metering and applications supported by technology Blockchain Solarex. For purchasing power operations and the payment of fees, utility Solarex token will be issued to make a complete solar ecosystem across Africa.

What Problems Need To Be Solved?

About 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and over 3 billion depend primarily on biomass for cooking. And African countries rank in the top 10 of the lowest access to electricity and world health records show that indoor air pollution from the carbon monoxide from the stove cooking is the leading cause of death in developing countries, in front of malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Given Nigeria one of the largest African countries, for example, foraging supply of energy has led to over 60million Nigerians to have a small and medium-powered generator with more than 3.5billion is spent each year on maintenance of plants.

A current problem so it can be broken down as follows:

  1. The very high cost of electricity exploitative.
  2. Erratic due to the instability of the power supply network
  3. Corruption across the power value chain
  4. Losses from generation to distribution companies
  5. Alternative Power selection causes excessive CO emissions that pose serious health and environmental problems
  6. Very low installed capacity
  7. Ineffective distribution capacity is already low
  8. Poor capacity utilization
  9. High deposit, setup, and equipment fees.
  10. The absence of electricity networks in remote locations
  11. Lack of transparency and security in the transaction of power
  12. Sabotage/destruction facilities electrical installation by vandals
  13. Lack of competition (high entry barriers to the complexity of regulation and the entry fee into two main reasons for the monopoly that operates in all the major power markets in Africa)
  14. Lack of energy is significantly curbed economic growth and hurt investor confidence.

Meet The Solution

Energy Africa profiles showed lower production and great potential, it is characterized by high levels of demand. The African continent has one of the highest levels of solar radiation annual average, 95% of global daily sunshine is above 6.5kWh / m2 fell in Africa during the winter.

This being the case, Solarex ICO project tagged ‘Solarex Powering Africa Project’ is blockchain powered solar energy solutions. Innovative, disrupt, decentralization and democratization ecosystem will release avalanches solution to all problems listed above.

Innovative and disruptive “Powering Africa” project is set to create a clean and inexpensive solution to the problem of large energy demand in Africa. Solarex renewable energy solution is solar energy solutions and will deliver the value of the unmet energy demand across Africa. The end products will see something that is technologically advanced, financially independent and guaranteed value generation for long-term investment. The project will be driven by two areas of the value chain are strong and compelling: blockchain and renewable energy. Solarex energy solutions will utilize a variety of sources including smart meters, inverters and solar PV panels. The measured output tokenized in blockchain to make Solarex Utilities Token. The Solarex Utilities will sign for transactions for the purchase of energy and ecosystem services. The company, which is already at the stage of pre-ICO, aims to raise $ 102million which will help realize “Powering Africa” Project.

Solarex Token

All tokens SRX Utilities will be the only driver of all transactions in the ecosystem Solarex. Thus, over time, Solarex ecosystem will become a household name. With our business strategy, Solarex Utilities Token (SRX) eventually will position itself as a crypto-sustainable eye that will only grow in value. It is planned to launch Solarex Tokens (SRX) in three different bags. Tokens will be traded on this exchange as with other cryptographic currency.

Token Specifications

  • Token name: SRX.
  • Token type: Standard ERC20.
  • Maximum of 2,400 million tokens, of which 1,800 million tokens will go on sale.
  • Soft-cap of only 5 million dollars, which seems achievable given the nature of the product.
  • Hard cap: 120 million dollars.

Token Distribution


Funds Usage



  • Oti Edema – Founder, CEO
  • Sameep S – Experienced web developer and Blockchain expert
  • Ranit Saha – Masters of Technology
  • Himani A – HIMANI A PMP Certified Project Manager
  • Sadjere Clement – A certified expert in SPPA-T3000 control systems
  • Kanti Sangma – Web developer/designer
  • Dattatray N – Chief Engineer
  • Jin C – Software/Hardware Engineer
  • Krunal B – Senior Automation and Instrumentation Design Engineer
  • Damilola Shagaya – Brand Ambassador
  • Azmat Ali – Accounting and Finance Manager


  • Hasnat K – Advisor
  • Masoud Hakimi – Director, Micrologic Design, United Kingdom. Professor Anglia Ruskin University the United Kingdom
  • Tim Reynolds – Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist
  • Adrian Edema – Editor in Chief of NGR News
  • Bill Healey – Journalist and Software Specialist
  • Valeriya Minaeva – Public Relations Manager


  • Q1 2017
    Concept Formulated.
    Market Feasibility Assessment.
  • Q2 2017
    Research and Evaluation.
    Data Analysis.
  • Q3 2017
    Business Model Initiated.
    Team Building Initiated.
  • Q4 2017
    Website Development.
    Technical Feasibility Assesment.
    Marketing and HR.
  • Q1 2018
    Solarex ICO Platform Launched.
    Marketing Campaign.
  • Q2-Q3 2017
    Solarex Pre -ICO.
    Solarex ICO Public Events.
    Team Inauguration Meeting.
  • Q3 2018
    Solarex Farmland Acquisition Initiated.
    Design And Manufacture of Products Commenced.
    Solarex Application Development.
    Solarex Blockchain Development.
    Listing Of SRX Token In Exchange.
    Wallet Development.
  • Q4 2018
    First Batch of Solar Farm Equipment Arrives Nigeria.
    The launch of Solarex Lease PV.
    The launch of Solarex Outright Sale PV.
    Solar farm Installation.
  • Q1 2019
    Solar Farm Testing.
    Smart Meter Testing.
    Blockchain Integration With Solar Farm Testing.
    Mobile App Testing.
  • Q2 2019
    Solar Farm Launched.
    Full Solarex Ecosystem on Pilot Testing in Nigeria.
    Scaling of Solarex Operations.
    Operation Licenses in Place.
    Expand the Product Marketing Team.
  • Q3 2019
    2nd Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystem.
  • Q4 2019
    More Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystems in Nigeria.
  • 2020 – 2025 Q1 – Q4
    Rapid Deployment/Expansion Across Africa, as Decided in the Operational Growth Management Plan.

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