SocialX – A Decentralized Social Network Based Blockchain

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SocialX – A Decentralized Social Network Based Blockchain

SocialX – Today we might want to converse with you in the standard of informal organizations. To be specific, the issues and arrangements related to them. The primary issue, as I would like to think, is the absence of pay. All things considered, organizations get a huge number of dollars from our movement, and we don’t have a penny. Wouldn’t you say this isn’t reasonable? So I surmise this is so.

The following issue that I might want to note is the nearness of oversight and limitations that are innate in the present informal organizations. That is, whether you didn’t care for the mediators, they will securely expel your substance and you will be fortunate. Concur, a little wonderful inclination.

Right now, there is a lot of informal communities. I even think that its hard to tally, and I won’t do it since it doesn’t bode well. Numerous clients gather many likes and appreciate it. Furthermore, if these many preferences will be, for instance, a hundred dollars? In my chic viewpoint. In the meantime, you will now say that these are all children’s stories and this won’t occur. Also, here I contend with you. Furthermore, I will just say a certain something: this must be! I present to you such a magnificent task as SocialX! Presently I’ll let you know in more detail that this venture is of itself and you will see that nothing is conceivable!

It is a blockchain database that backings the development of the group and social association with digital money rewards. SocialX consolidates ideas from interpersonal organizations with the lessons gained from the development of cryptographic forms of money and their groups.

It is the principal decentralized photograph and video application that will safely store your MOMENTS OF LIFE in a solitary application. With SocialX there will be no compelling reason to distribute your photographs and recordings on concentrated stages, for example, Facebook or Instagram.

Prominent informal communities neglect to keep up the prefect of the flexibility of articulation. We trust that the incorporated design of famous informal communities places them in a circumstance in which conforming to the laws and directions of restriction is a need to remain in business. That is the reason SocialX is unique.

SocialX is, in its direction, a decentralized informal organization worked with the assistance of blocking innovation. The standard is basic, on account of this innovation your information is put away in a blockchain, and nobody can change or erase them. Likewise, in the event that you all of a sudden need to expel all the substance from this informal organization, at that point, you have an uncommon code, by entering which, every one of your materials will be crushed. With respect to your substance, the restriction will positively be, yet not as intense as all over the place, furthermore, as I specified prior, there will be a look at such a mind-bending concept as adapting your work. You ought to comprehend, on the off chance that you post revolting or pointless substance, at that point, it essentially won’t intrigue anybody and there will be no sense from it. So you should attempt to satisfy the general population. There will be imposing, yet not simply imposing, and crypto libs.

That will enable you to get a digital money for your prosperity. In the meantime, you can spend this cash anyplace, films, eateries, discos et cetera. I think now, many have burst into flames, they say, cheers, I will acquire. And after that you are correct, now nobody will prevent you from doing what you extremely like! You can likewise make gatherings and transfer your substance to it while gathering swarms around your inventiveness, which will bring you similarly as a lovely wage. For this situation, the income will be gotten through promoting, which will be given on the stage and, as needs are, it will trickle client rewards, for his endeavors. presently nobody will prevent you from doing what you extremely like! You can likewise make gatherings and transfer your substance to it while gathering swarms around your innovativeness, which will bring you similarly as charming salary. For this situation, the income will be acquired through publicizing, which will be given on the stage and, as needs are, it will trickle client rewards, for his endeavors.

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Presently nobody will prevent you from doing what you extremely like! You can likewise make gatherings and transfer your substance to it while gathering swarms around your innovativeness, which will bring you similarly as charming salary. For this situation, the income will be acquired through promoting, which will be given on the stage and, in like manner, it will dribble client rewards, for his endeavors.

Likewise, I can not state, about an exceptionally chic UI. It has an extremely charming and decent search for the client. Notwithstanding the wonderful interface, this informal organization has such a mind-bending concept as its own particular socialX token. It has the name SIO. On account of this token, you can lead unhindered operations in the interpersonal organization itself. You can likewise make and send savvy contracts specifically in the visit. As for the cost of the socialX token or abridged SIO, it will develop in the extent to the members of this society. arrange, that is, truth be told, on the off chance that you enroll, you get a reward on the double with few SIO tokens. For this situation, you should have a sum of $ 10 in your wallet. At first, tokens will be solidified, which will confine their accessibility.

In any case, all things considered, clients can make counterfeit cash and drive cash there. Here, as well, not all things are so basic, the SocialX group considered this minute, and that to reject misrepresentation. This thing is compulsory. At that point there is 1 client will have the capacity to have just a single record.

I additionally suggest that you do this. So to state its pluses:

  1. You will have the capacity to trade SocialX tokens with your companions or SIO for short. In the meantime utilizing the implicit flag-bearer. Everything is straightforward and advantageous, as you can get it.
  2. When you get rewards, these exchanges will be recorded in the piece-chain Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Also, you can purchase licenses for content. For this situation, while paying you will utilize the tote Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, this incredibly rearranges and accelerates operations.
  4. What’s more, I think this is one of the fundamental angles, clients will have the capacity to trade digital money for a pediatric or another sepulcher, right in the application itself, which makes it only 100 percent easy to use.

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Token Sale ICO:

  • Total Coin Supply: 90,000,000 SOCX
  • MIN CAP 3,750,000 SOCX (300 ETH)
  • MAX CAP 42,000,000 SOCX (3600 ETH)
  • 1 SOCX = 0.00008 ETH.
  • Available Supply for ZEN: 3,000,000 SOCX
  • MIN CAP 500,000 SOCX (600 ZEN)
  • MAX CAP 3,000,000 SOCX (3600 ZEN)
  • 1 SOCX = 0.0012 ZEN (min. 10 ZEN)

There will be no bonus applied to ZEN contributions.

Our Team

SocialX is worked with the group. Together, we’re molding the fate of SocialX and making another kind of informal organization, represented by its own clients.

Philip Hendry as Co-Founder & CFO:
Having worked in a few MNCs and start-up businesses, Philip has extensive financial and commercial experience. He has filled in as an expert, controller, and executive in differing enterprises. Together with Marcel and Christian, he is anticipating building up effective wander in the blockchain business.

Theodor Diaconu as Co-Founder & CTO:
He started coding at 9 years old, now people say that Theo is a highly-skilled senior and CTO with the React, JS, Meteor and Scalable web apps. He generally wanted to code. Inside SocialX he is in charge of the long haul achievement of SocialX and the direction of the total advancement group.

Christian Josephs as Co-founder & CMO:
During his Master of Business Administration, Christian gained his first experience as CMO of Rabbit Finance in Thailand. In the wake of leaving the organization, he counseled for more than 50 organizations in Marketing and IT around the globe. He established No Limit with Marcel in 2016. Christian has put resources into crypto since 2014 after the market closes. SocialX will be his next section on the Blockchain.

Marcel Füssinger as Co-founder & CEO:
An Austrian Entrepreneur currently residing in Southeast Asia. He jumps at the chance to call himself a GlobalCitizen as there is nothing superior to venture to the far corners of the planet and investigate new open doors with respect to tech endeavors and abilities. At No Limit, he is working since 2015 on various Tech Startups and Ventures. In late 2016 he chose to investigate Blockchain and his group found the open door in Crypto and Blockchain which promptly begin our reward-based decentralized informal organization (socialX) where counterfeit devotees won’t have a shot.

Other Teams Are :

  1. Cihan Topal as Community Manager
  2. Oliver Nedved as Head of Design
  3. Dennis Henke asManagement Assistant
  4. Alberto Gareppe as Designer
  5. Rosary Muana as Finance
  6. Robin Salot as Software Developer
  7. Roman Vinogradov as Exchange Developer
  8. Ciprian Tanana as Developer
  9. Robert Corolea asDeveloper
  10. Mircea Badragan as Developer
  11. Maxim Bureac as Senior Developer
  12. Claudiu Roman as Lead Developer
  13. Catalin Mirza as Developer
  14. Andrei Ciocan as Developer
  15. Bogdan Fiedur as Architecture Lead Blockchain

Bogdan is a blockchain and a full-stack programming designer. He has taken a shot at different blockchain related ventures for the most recent eighteen months. He has more than 20 years encounter as programming engineer using social databases and customer server design.

Bogdan represents considerable authority in a decentralized arrangement utilizing Ethereum stage and web3 advancements to interface blockchain to this present reality. He has a profound comprehension of blockchain conventions and its common sense in connection to business applications.

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SocialX Roadmap

Token Distribution

SocialX Token distribution

During ICO SocialX will launch a 5 level bonus structure that will look like this:

  • Level 1: 1 hour: Bonus 50%
  • Level 2: 24 hours: 25% bonus
  • Level 3: 48 hours: Bonus 10%
  • Level 4: 3 days: Bonus 5%
  • Level 5: 7 days: 0% bonus

You can take advantage of this favorable investment structure by investing in SocialX ICO.

To know the latest information about SocialX project you can visit the link below:

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