SocialMedia.Market – The First Decentralized Ecosystem for Influencer Marketing

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SocialMedia.Market – The First Decentralized Ecosystem for Influencer Marketing

SocialMedia.Market – As the quantity of individuals approaching web increment and as the measure of time used to get to the web by every individual relentlessly take after a similar pattern, numerous businesses are discovered changing in accordance with the new world in front of them. This can be seen from the continuous change from conventional idea to a more digitalized idea. One industry that takes after the dynamic of this advanced time that we have now is unmistakably the advertising business.

Once upon a time, the conventional way to deal with advertising was viewed as adequate. Conventional showcasing devices used to spread the publicists’ crusade and administration or item, for example, printed promotion, television plugs, jingles, and numerous more were sufficient. However, with the association of web and the consistently expanding computerized utilization, another way to deal with pull in the goal of their imminent clients is required. An ideal approach to do it is, without a doubt, by fusing web to their promoting exertion.

The fast development of online networking stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube made a bunch of advertising chances to exhibit an item. Insights demonstrate that there are more than 3.5 billion individuals getting to their web-based social networking accounts each day. The noteworthy number demonstrates a potential for a business to pick up mark permeability and change over activity into deals. As more than a half of the gathering of people is utilizing promotion blockers, the ascent of online networking gives an unmatched chance to pick up perceivability and brand introduction – influencer advertising.

In 2016-2017 the technique made an immense passage, with brands seeing the capability of working with influencers on different web-based social networking channels. Toward the start of 2017 over 82% of brands wanted to execute no less than one influencer advertising effort. In any case, the procedure isn’t without its drawbacks. Organizations are regularly looked with misrepresentation, questionable evaluating, and confused exchanges. The organizations with influencers are typically very intricate, expending an enormous sum time and assets.

That is the place blockchain tech and keen contracts come to spare the day. The innovation can offer control and arrange the confusion of influencer relations. SocialMedia.Market has declared a blockchain-based biological system that will guarantee security and straightforwardness in the business. The commercial center will be accessible for built up and developing influencers, and brands with different spending plans. The stage will empower making, arranging, propelling, and executing influencer advertising efforts in a most helpful manner.

All operations on the stage will be performed with the SocialMedia.Market token – SMT. The token will offer the accompanying points of interest:

  • 100% safe escrow exchanges in light of Blockchain innovation
  • Rearranged and quick worldwide installments
  • Gifts strategy for bloggers and streamers
  • Specialist commission inside the stage
  • Ease exchanges with less operation expenses
  • Prizes earned by taking part in Decentralized question arrangement framework
  • Utility devise for gaining exceptional showcasing administrations, premium examination and improvement instruments

By conveying a direct and staggeringly solid communication between the entrepreneurs and distributors or influencers, SocialMedia.Market shields the two gatherings from conceivable dangers and misrepresentation. The venture will run a Token Sale on November 16. It will last until November 20, 2017. The presale of the SMT token has just begun: one can apply for the presale at

SocialMediaMarket Team


Dmitry Shyshov, CEO, Founder
Aleksandra Morozova, Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Maksym Churkin, Tech Lead
Viktor Perekhod, Business Development Manager


Alex Yastremskiy, General counsel at Bitfury Group Ltd , Fintech counsel Bingham McCutchen LLP
Slavik Nenaydokh, Head of M&A Emerging Markets, Exigen Capital Principal, Delphi Software International

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