SOAR – Secure, Trustless And Distributed Blockchain Community

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SOAR – Secure, Trustless And Distributed Blockchain Community

SOAR – Within ten years of the power take-off potential users of geospatial technology platform of nearly driven by the core objective of democratization of development. During this time, SOAR behind team has launched a development platform to analyze tens of thousands of authorized users from over 80 countries gather, visualization and geospatial data from multiple commercial mapping application that was very successful.

In the take-off platform that has evolved from a military pedigree, in 2015, Sagitar by the US Department of Defense needed to cover the application of a geospatial increasing number of US Marines and Army troops delivered after the tactical situation alternative mapping techniques. The US military said that further development of this application so it can run on tablets as mobile devices soldier, and improve real-time tactical unit in the field of geospatial between cognitive interests radically.

Followed by tactical functions related to the update, a security clearance, a strong review process for the further development of sensor technology in strict codes and encryption coding. In 2017, the technology behind SOAR smoothly through military teaching process, and the introduction of a closed application platform, only the United States is the military personnel there.

Meanwhile, the US military occupation on the existing technology is through game design, combined with the workflow of social media, industrial psychology, and some additional classification technology enhancements. Many enhancements designed to help the army in a unique tactical scenario, but the end result is responsible for the multilateral application of geospatial data standardization and technology complex.

What Is SOAR?

Soar is a decentralized platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed blockchain community.

The first stage of the implementation of the lesson will be the creation of a marketplace for drones content including still images, videos, aerial maps, and other specialist drone content. The soar the marketplace will allow drone operators to upload and sell content to other Soar users anywhere in the world. The Soar marketplace has the potential to allow an exponential increase in the value of mapping data and drone content by realizing the untapped financial potential of existing drone content. Furthermore, by securing the integrity of drone content metadata via smart contracts, automatically and transparently publishes the location, time and equipment typically used to capture content onto the blockchain. The use of blockchain technology validates the authenticity of the footage to ensure the integrity of drone content and fight the problems such as ‘fake news’.

However, this is not the end-game. Progressively, by aggregating the content collected from thousands of drone operators, Soar will in due course create a dynamic database for the world’s first super-map or the exact level of detail. All connected using blockchain technology to share data.

Why Does Soar Use A Blockchain?

To SAOR decided to use Blockchain be able to verify the authenticity and upload content surged blockchain drones supplied by the utility to summarize. By improving the integrity of the content metadata drone contracts intelligent, automatic and transparent to SOAR to a series of published data including blockchain of:

  • The file’s hash
  • Location, date, altitude, type of drone used to collect the content
  • Title, description, keywords and other information associated with the content
  • Content storage address
  • The wallet address of the drone operator
  • The wallet address of the SkySponsor
  • Sales transactions

When the Model blockchain SkySponsor technology combined with SOAR (see section 2.6), takeoff gives the creation and distribution of content and supports a permanent record for the uploaded content. When recording using metadata blockchain UAV UAV will prevent such problems be content with “fake news”, the problem part of the problem is found.

The SOAR Solution

SOAR is a global market decentralization, actually will change the meaning of value, applications and almost all of the content UAV. SOAR Platform will open the contents of UAVs, an unlimited number of commercial applications that can represent a single data upload, which is conducive to the hum of the content owners there is a chance tremendous advantages previously unreleased, unused and basically cannot enter the commercial value , It will change to the terms of the contract or commission basis, the current industry paradigm for the level of truly multilateral.

The Soar Opportunity

The Soar Platform enters a new market opportunity to become market leaders in UAV open content, including photos and video content. Currently, the UAV operator uses only one channel to sell their content: from the customer’s trust.

Moreover, in most instances, the content is limited to the local market. This is a one-way procurement, content restrictions UAV UAV operator for resale to other interested parties or organizations that do not have a chance to fly again. This platform will enable practice flying drone UAV operator can become a potential value on a global scale and opening underutilized UAV lens sales and content monetization. With a unique approach, content verification UAV, the buyer knows when and where to collect drone blockchain content and technology to ensure the integrity of this information is very easy to verify.

Value creation potential by UAV camera market is a significant lack of standardization of the content file formats and high-quality screen size UAV challenge. Since flying UAV is compatible with various types of content files, which will remove the formatting and standardization issues cloud-based content storage method, the elimination of local storage and delivery, as well as issues of long download time.

In addition, many of the current UAV images and data stored valuable geographic knowledge is still not recognized and not the majority of the content creator UAV. The position coordinates of hardware and metadata from images, and other geospatial data time component when shooting drones could potentially be used for a variety of industrial and consumer applications remains a significant value. As an example, a family beach holiday photo taken by an amateur UAV can have scientists seeking to study coastal erosion, pollution and significantly reduce vegetation commercial or research value.

Market applications for drone content are broad and include industries such as:
  • Infrastructure & asset management;
  • Mining;
  • Insurance;
  • Environmental;
  • Agriculture, forestry & fisheries;
  • Oil & gas;
  • News, tourism & entertainment;
  • Property and real estate;
  • Power & utility management;
  • Emergency services;
  • Security & law enforcement; and
  • Scientific research.

SkyBounty System

SOAR SkyBounty system platform is used as a mechanism to create incentives for market features drone of images taken from the desired position. SkyBounties major role in the take-off platform is the token holder to drive and capture part of the world image upload, allowing them interested. The SkyBounty is a signal that demands a specific area of local issuers SkyBounty content related to the UAV operator. To prevent such SkyBounties empty or low quality data mining, only entitled to receive sponsored SkyBounties content.

A SkyBounty provide immediate reward UAV operators and content SkySponsors taken in the area SkyBounty upload them. SOAR intends to use part of the fund of funds, creating SkyBounties easy to remove the content available on the platform the rapid growth in many areas.

For example SkyBounties possible opportunity:

A farmer may SkyBounties small periodical in its plants, building swimming pools content during the growing season. It’s part of a strategy for how to evaluate the effect of fertilizer for the harvest process.

News agency may SkyBounites particular news event area to build a variety of materials in multiple channels of distribution.

SkyBounties can be placed in an appropriate location (ie, single mesh), but they are often placed in the quad-tree zoom levels high, allowing it to cover a larger area. When this happens between SkyBounty is the same grid cell enclosed. This is what SkyBounty filing covers most of the total SkyBounty according to their content, if the content does not cover the entire area pay Skybounty region.

SkyBounty job SKYM token delivered to a specific area by the Bank, which makes the value in the grid, and provide immediate results that uploaded the video to the creators of content.

Released from SkyBounty to cover part of the content creator is the first 50% of the total marks SKYM grace, by prorated. Reduced from other areas of content submitted by users of follow-up in half the previous capture any area of pay SkyBounty. How SkyBounty work as shown below

SOAR SkyBounty System

SkySponsor Model

For high-function platform blockchain, but also to create friction can enter a number of significant barriers to entry in the process. The most direct, cost barriers for the entry fee and write blockchain and online file-related storage. Given the importance of quickly generated content, Suya designed to overcome barriers to uptake mechanism by introducing the Model SkySponsor SOAR potential.

SOAR SkySponsor Model

SkySponsors remove the complexity and cost of a fragmented market interactions, while at the same time give them credibility to the production of content, and review the best interest of consumers, high-quality content. SkySponsor be the only requirement is to maintain the number of tokens SKYM, which ensures the continued value of shares in the market. The award is sponsored content, SkySponsors share purchase any of the content of their sponsors, including revenue generated SkyBounty part reward. Figure 14 outlines a method for using the token as part of the utility SkySponsor SKYM process.

SKYM Token Crowdsale

There will always be only 130 million which will generate 350 million SKYM mark in private and public crowdsale improve the distribution of hard salary cap similar to the US dollar of $ 19.5M. Table 1 summarizes the details of TGE altogether. Please note that the following structure imposed TGE due to changes in demand, and can be changed at the end of the pre-sales period.

SOAR SKYM Token Crowdsale

SOAR SKYM Token Crowdsale2


Before take-off will be conducted in accordance with sustainable development and TGE. This development will focus on the launch platform and developed additional functionality to be followed by the initial take-off stage of the value creation opportunities soar. In the second stage the SOAR platform that will be released over -MAP deal with the global roll-out and the roadmap together with the key partners. The following table summarizes the more detailed this time an important milestone.

SOAR Roadmap



  • Amir Farhand – CEO & Geospatial Expert
  • Charlie Caruso – Head of Partnerships
  • Chris Lowe – Lead Blockchain Scientist
  • Neil Prentice – Blockchain & Commercialisation
  • Marek Tlacbaba – Blockchain Developer
  • Alasdair Penman – Blockchain Developer
  • Dan Anderson – UX & Graphics Designer
  • Willem Swanepoel – Lead Mobile Developer

Advisor Board

SOAR Advisor

  • Phil Carulli – Non-Executive Director – Optima Partners Accountants
  • Colonel James Rhetta – Retired US Army, Signals Processing Expert
  • Guy Perkins – Non-Executive Director – Spookfish Aerial Imagery
  • Craig Baldner – Retired US Army – Communications Expert
  • Rick Revelins – Investment Advisor – Chairman Peregrine Corporate
  • Alex Maier– ICO Advisor – Director Fidem
  • Nizam Ismali – Legal Advisor – Partner Taylor Wessing
  • Todd Burgess – Blockchain Advisor – Director Digital Capital Managment
  • Tommy Shin – ICO Advisor – Chairman Lateral Capital Ventures
  • Jim Jin – Blockchain Investment Advisor – Co-Founder MasterNode Ventures

SOAR Partners

SOAR Partners

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